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14 14 This is Bitter

 Gabriel sat down on the floor and moved the hair out of her eyes. "You really want me to stay? I do not mind. You are the reason that I came here anyway." He looked around the room and saw the Yukata that she wore the meeting was hung up and the room was very neat and tidy.

Amelia let go of him and rolled over in her sleep staying asleep. Her breathing evened out.

Chuckling Gabriel got up and saw the powders that were on her desk. He looked at them and pulled one out and looked at the fold.

"It is specially ordered for me. I told you that it was vitamins." Amelia woke up sort of and looked at Gabriel that was standing at her desk.

"Sorry for touching it without your permission. I was just looking and it made me curious as I make medicines myself. I can tell that it comes from out of town." Gabriel brought the package over to her and placed it on the little table. "Even sick, you know that you are stunning. There are no words that can describe your beauty." He brushed the strand of hair that had moved back into her eyes again.

Amelia looked at him, "it does come from out of town. If you guys could make it we would ask but there is a rare herb that is only found in other areas. I believe that your father was the one that helped find the medicine man that we needed to see. Or maybe it was a doctor for another town. I have been taking the vitamins almost all my life."

Irene knocked on the door then entered. "Sweetie you are awake. I am glad that you are awake. I finished brewing the tea that you brought home. Gabriel, I made you a normal green tea I hope that you do not mind?" She placed the tray down and then left the room.

"Thank you, I am good with any tea." He looked at the tray and smelled the tea that was for the fever. He poured it and added a little honey to taste. He brought the teacup over to her.

Amelia nodded to her mother and took the teacup from Gabriel. When the door closed she took a sip of the tea and loved the flavour. "This is really good. I like that it is not bitter. Whomever made this is an expert and I commend them." She finished the cup and handed it back to Gabriel.

"Would you like another cup?" Gabriel was blushing from the compliment. "I am grateful that you enjoyed the tea." He placed the cup down and waited to hear if she wanted more.

"Yes, please. I normally can only have one cup but I would love a second one of this tea." She smiled at him and didn't notice the red as her vision was a little off focus.

Gabriel mixed the tea and added some honey and grabbed something from his bag and added it to her tea. "This is something special that I will add to your tea. It will help you sleep. It does not have a flavour."

She watched him add only a little bit but took the cup from him. As she drank the tea she didn't notice a change in flavour. "It is still amazing. How do you have these on you?"

Gabriel sat down and had a cup of green tea. "I made them. I am always trying to make more and something that all ages would enjoy. No one likes the bitter flavour of normal tea nor do the like bitter medication."

"Oh! So when I complimented the tea maker I was really complimenting you. Does that mean you made this tea just for me today?" Amelia was blushing but not from the fever and finished off the second cup before handing him the cup.

"Yes, that is true. I made that for you when I got a moment. I was supposed to be making a medicine but I completed that task and whipped up the tea just for you. The teacher did give me permission." After placing the teacups down he sat on the edge of her bed. "Amelia, I hope that you get better soon." He leaned over and kissed her forehead.

Amelia blushed deeply and then touched where he kissed her. "Gabriel, what does this kiss mean to you?"

Gabriel looked into her eyes, "it is a get better charm and maybe we can see each other on the weekend." She touched her cheek with the palm of his hand.

"I would really like that." Amelia rubbed her cheek on his hand and then her eyes closed and she fell into a peaceful slumber.

"Goodnight and goodbye sweet angel that has come into my life." He placed the sleeping powder by her bed and picked up the package of her vitamin. "I will see you once you are better." He placed the package in his pocket and then grabbed the tea tray. He brought it down to the kitchen.

"All done already?" Irene took the tray from the boy.

"Yes, I think that she should rest up. I left a sleeping powder in case she is struggling to sleep. I will make more tea and bring it here for her as well. I will be off now. It was a pleasure to meet you Suzuki-san." He bowed and went to the front of the house and put on his shoes.

"Thank you. I am grateful that you gifted her that tea. If she starts to have nightmares, I will make sure that she uses that sleeping medicine. Be safe in getting back to where you need to be." Irene bowed until he left the house. 'If only that was my son in law.'

Gabriel went outside and went to the carriage. "Take me to the market. There are some things that I need to pick up. I am sure that school can wait. I will definitely not be missing anything that I do not know about." He sat back and looked at the pocket watch that was the gift his father gave him when he entered at the top of the class for medical studies. After fiddling with that he pulled out the vitamin package and carefully opened it up. He dipped his pinky finger in the mixture and tasted it. He flinched and wrapped it back up. 'That is horrible tasting. I wish I could blend it for her. I would make it less bitter. I think I recognize some of the herbs used. It is interesting. I will need to figure out what each of these herbs are and what they are used for.'