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13 13 The Trip Home

 The teacher read the note, "Suzuki-san you are excused to go to the Principal's office."

"Thank you, Sensei." Amelia got up and picked up her bag in the process and went into the hallway. "Gabriel, why did the principal send you to get me?"

"That is a story for in a moment. Are you feeling okay? You look flushed." Gabriel was staring at her intently and wanted to help but stood there before thinking of something. "I can carry your bag for you."

"Okay. I wouldn't normally say no but the fever is causing me some grief. Thank you for your assistance. Let's go and see what the principal says." Amelia handed her bag over to him.

Once he took the bag her hand grazed his. 'It is as I thought. Her fever is too high. I wonder if she will be okay with me offering to give her a ride back home. It would not be wise for her to walk.' He knocked on the door and then held the door open for her to enter.

"Amelia, I have great news. You got the scholarship. It was due to Gabriel running the paperwork over during lunch the lunch break that we got the hear back so soon. Are you feeling alright?" The principal looked at Amelia with concern.

"Thank you, Gabriel. Now I know why the Principal asked you to grab me. I am going to be forever grateful to you. I would like permission to go home. I am not feeling all that well." Amelia was looking at the Principal and then glanced at Gabriel who was still standing beside her.

"Yes, please go home and rest but since you look unwell. I will ask that you allow Gabriel to bring you home. It would be tragic if you fell on your way there." The principal looked at Gabriel.

"I have no issues with this. I am already excused from my classes. Amelia, I will get my driver and I will make sure that you have a safe ride home." Gabriel looked down at her and saw that she was turning redder in the face. 'Did I embarrass her?'

"Thank you, Gabriel. I will be in your care." She slightly bowed and then slowly stood back up.

Gabriel went and held open the door for her. As he watched her walk he started to worry that it was more than a fever but not wanting to test what she had said he did not say anything about it. "I am sorry. I heard a bit about your situation from the Principal when I went there this morning. I didn't mean to pry but my family is the only family that could offer you the scholarship. I want you to be able to finish your studies. It is rare for a female to enter medicine after all."

"That is a little embarrassing. I am grateful for what you did. I did not think that you would do that for me. I am merely a girl that you met at the omiai place. I am however very grateful to you. I think that you will find your perfect match someday." Amelia sat down and slowly changed her shoes as the room started to spin.

"I will be right back." Gabriel changed his shoes quickly and went and got the carriage. He came back and Amelia was looking a little worse. He offered her his arm. "Let me help you to the carriage. I do not want you to struggle. You can use my arm for support."

Amelia reached up and grabbed onto his arm and unsteadily walked to the carriage. He supported her as she got in. "Thank you, Gabriel. I really appreciate this."

Gabriel got in and sat next to her. "It is quite alright, Amelia. Can you tell me what your favorite color is? I want to buy you a small gift, that is if you will allow me to?" He watched her as she was struggling to keep her eyes open.

"My favorite color? Hmmmmm. Maybe a pale purple color or blue. You do not have to buy me a gift. The tea you already gave me is very important." Amelia stopped talking she had leaned against his shoulder.

"Amelia, I don't mind. It is not something tha.." He felt her head on his shoulder so he stopped what he was going to say. He let her rest and once they reached her house, he tried to wake her up but she would not wake up. He picked her up princess style, brought her to the front door, and knocked on the door.

"Coming!~" Irene rushed to the door and saw that there was a boy who was wearing the same uniform as her daughter and he was carrying her.

"I am sorry but she was not doing well and I was asked to bring her home but she would not wake up in the carriage." Gabriel was holding her steady.

"Amelia!! My poor baby. Please come in. I am not worried. Thank you for bringing her back to the house." She reached her hand over and felt Amelia's forehead. "It is at this time that I wish that I got some of that tea."

Gabriel took off his shoes and slipped on the slippers that were at the entrance. "Where can I bring her to?" He was still holding her comfortably in his arms.

"I am so sorry please follow me. My daughter must be heavy to hold." Irene started to lead him up to Amelia's bedroom. She opened the door.

Gabriel entered Amelia's room and placed her down on the bed and opened Amelia's bag and handed Irene the tea leaves. "I gave these to her this morning at school. I do hope that it will help even just a little bit." He turned and went to leave the room and Amelia's hand reaches out and grabbed the hem of his coat.

"Please stay for a glass of tea. It seems like she does not want you to leave yet. I will return momentarily." Irene looked at the tea and felt like crying. 'This is the tea I have been working so hard on getting and she got some gifted to her today what luck.'