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12 12 The Fever Increases

 "Thank you for looking after this old man. I know that you probably had something that you needed to do. " Edward was in the change room changing into the uniform after the tour around.

"It is all part of my job. I am glad that I came when I did. I hope that you will be okay on your own. I have to head back to the school after I show you the stockroom." Gabriel was changing back into his school uniform.

"I will give my daughter your profile when I get home. I can not say that she will want to go but your family is being so good to me and I think my wife will be happy." Edward closed the locker and looked at the young man.

"Thank you. I am sorry that you feel like you must give it to her. Here are the keys. I will pull what you need for the laboratory. So that you can stock up those items." Gabriel led Edward to the storage room.

"Gabriel! It is good to see you, my friend." The man running the gift shop looked at the two.

"Hey, Aki! This is Suzuki-san he is going to be stocking you up today. So I hope that you will help him in my absence I am going to head back to school. I have classes that I want to attend this afternoon."

"It is good to meet you, Suzuki-san. I am Toshiro, Aki. I run the gift shop but we do hold some medicines that do not need the doctor to regulate here. Gabriel makes most of them. I need at least ten of everything today before you take off." Aki looked at Gabriel.

"Okay got it. I will get you everything that you need. I will be quick but if you run out that will be it until I get out of school. My key for that room will be on me." Gabriel unlocked his door and grabbed ten of everything as requested. "Suzuki-san here is ten of everything and the storage room is the door next to the laboratory. If you are in need of help ask Aki. He will not bite and is really good at this. I will be back later."

"You got it, boss." Aki started chuckling, "have a good day at school. I will make sure he learns the ropes here."

"Your studies are very important. I hope that you have a good day at school and I will see you later." Suzuki-san was already placing the packages of powders on the shelf where they belonged.

"Thank you, Suzuki-san. I hope that you enjoy your time here." Gabriel turned and left the building. He fast-walked back to the school. He thought about Amelia and sighed as he made it to the gates. He went straight to the office.

"You girls... Stop, please. You are embarrassing me. I do not even know if he is just being nice to me or if he likes me. I do not want the two of you jumping to conclusions." Amelia ate another piece of egg roll.

"Amelia, you aren't eating much and with the fever you have I would rather you go home but I understand why you are staying here. Once you get news please go home. I worry that you will get even worse. I am however glad that you decided that you needed the scholarship. Worse comes to worst I will ask for an advancement on my allowance and hopefully, we can pool enough to keep you in school." Sachi felt Amelia's forehead again.

"Your wrist feels good on my forehead. That must mean the fever is rising. I will only stay until the director contacts me." Amelia ate a few more bites and then just sat there.

Ami continued to eat and watched the two. She picked up an octopus hotdog and shoved it in Sachi's mouth. "There now I have fed you as well. I know that you are worried but worrying will not change anything."

Giggling Amelia coughs a little bit. She looked at the two and looked at her hand. She sighed as there was nothing on her hand. "I might have caught a cold. I will only stay for one or maybe two more classes. I hope that there is news by then. It is time to go back to the classroom."

Ami and Sachi had emptied Amelia's lunch box. Sachi got up and then helped Amelia up. Ami got up and carried the three lunch boxes and the blanket that they used. The three girls went inside and changed their shoes.

Sachi helped Amelia before changing her shoes and they went back to the classroom. Sachi looked at Amelia in deep concern. "I am concerned that you really are catching a cold and I know that you do not want to hear this from me but we are worried about you. As soon as you hear I want you to go home."

"I understand Sachi. I will go home after I find out. I will probably not be here tomorrow. Will you please bring me all the notes from class today and tomorrow? I can not afford to fall behind." Amelia sat down at her desk and looked at the board.

"You can count on me. I know that you are not faking this you just need to hold on a little longer." Sachi sat behind Amelia worried.

Ami placed the lunch boxes on the desks and handed the blanket back to Sachi. "Amelia, I will be at my seat but if you need anything I will come and help you. I may not be as smart as you two but I am still above average." She went back to her desk.

Ken looked at the girls and was going to yell something but then saw the teacher and made a tch sound.

Amelia stood up, "kiritsu," everyone stood up, "rei," Everyone bowed, and then everyone sat down. She was careful so that she did fall over from the fever. As she is trying to focus on the class her vision went a little blurry from the fever. There was a knock on the door and it was Gabriel with a message from the Principal.