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11 11 Cunning Father

 "I will get changed. I have already been excused for the day but I do want to go back before the school day is over. Honestly, if I knew that you would be okay I would go back now but there is just so much that has to get done on the side. I want her to know that she got the scholarship and can stay in school." Gabriel got up and went to the door.

"Son why don't you let us set up a marriage interview for this weekend. I will see Suzuki today at some point in time so I might be able to set something up." Clarence watched as his son got up and was about to leave.

"Father, if you can I think that would be great but do not threaten the guy as he already has been through a lot." Gabriel left the room and went to the change room and unlocked his locker. He changed into the hospital outfit and went towards the gift shop on his way there. He saw a gentleman at the front desk asking if the director was in."Excuse me, I would like to talk to the director please." Edward bowed his head to the lady.

"Do you have an appointment, Sir? The director does not normally see anyone that does not have an appointment." She looked at the man and saw that he was obviously having a rough day.

"Is there anything that I could help with?" Gabriel stepped up and looked at the gentleman.

"My name is Suzuki, Edward and I was hoping that I could speak to the director sometime today. I forgot that you needed an appointment to speak to him." He bowed his head to the younger man. 'He looks to be not that much older than my daughter.'

"One moment. Please wait here Suzuki-san." Gabriel bowed and went back to his father's office. He knocked on the door. "Come in." was heard and he opened the door. "Father before you say anything Suzuki-san is in the lobby and the receptionist didn't know that you were waiting for him. I will get back to work now."

Clarence got up and followed his son. "Thank you for grabbing me. I would be most upset if I missed him. I want you to show him what to do. Thank goodness you are here to show him. I will get him to start right away." The two made it to the desk and Suzuki bowed.

"I am sorry for coming here unannounced." Edward was still bowing.

"Tell me Suzuki-san what brings you here today and come with me to my office." Clarence started to walk with Gabriel in tow. "Do not mind my son. It is his job to shadow me. After all, this will be his once school is all done."

"Thank you for taking the time to see me. Due to an unfortunate event, I have lost my job and now this is the only place that I could go to try and get a job, Director." Edward was looking down at the ground while talking.

"I see if I remember you worked in the other hospital am I correct?" Clarence opened his office door and went inside.

Gabriel held the door open and went in after Suzuki-san entered.

"Thank you, young man. You are a very considerate young man. Why could it not be you that my daughter had that meeting with?" Quickly Edward covered his mouth. "Sorry, that is not why I am here. I did work at the other hospital but I was not a doctor. I only really stocked shelves and did cleaning that had to be done."

"You are jobless due to an arranged marriage meeting that went wrong. That is heartless and you have a daughter that you need to take care of. I am sorry that this happened to you Suzuki-san." Gabriel acted shocked. "I bet that your daughter is very beautiful."

"Gabriel that is enough. Do excuse my son. I have been setting him up with so many arranged marriage interviews but no one has caught his eye. Suzuki, with your experience I can hire you as that is actually a position that needs to be filled. Gabriel will show you where everything is. As a measure of good faith here is some of the fever tea that sells out relatively fast. We give it out sometimes to the staff. I hope that you accept it. We can discuss pay and such after I see how hard you work. Gabriel please show Suzuki-san where everything is." Clarence placed a bag of tea on the table and looked at the two.

"Thank you so very much, Director. This tea is something that my wife was trying to get for our daughter. When the seasons change she sometimes gets fevers due to the fact that her body lacks the proper vitamins. That is why I am worried about marrying her off but your son is someone I could see her with." Edward smiled.

"That is something that could be arranged. I know that you lost your job so I will buy you the yukata for your daughter to wear. That way you do not need to worry about money. I will also give you more tea. Gabriel makes the tea himself so that is why it is limited. He has to go to school. He prepares it the night before. We could set an arranged marriage interview. There will be no strings attached. Your job is not on the line. I will not force this on you. So give it some thought and I will hand you the folder." Clarence added the folder under the tea.

"Thank you so very much." Edward picked up both items. Before looking at Gabriel. "I am ready for you to show me the ropes."

"Father I will lend my keys to Suzuki-san. I will keep the laboratory key though. So do not ask for him to get anything from there. Follow me." Gabriel walked out and started to give Edward the grand tour.