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10 10 Gabriel Talks With His Father

 "I smell romance. You are blushing like a radish Amelia. Who are you thinking about now?" Ami pretended to pull out a notepad and pen.

Sachi noticed it as well. "I think that it was stupid that you had to go. That must be why you had to go to the office this morning."

"Sachi, father lost his job and is going to go looking for a new one today. We do not know when he will get one again but hopefully soon. AMI!! Stop please, you're embarrassing me." Amelia looked over at Ami and started laughing.

Ami was wiggling her eyebrows waiting to hear about why she was blushing. "Not until you tell us alllllllll the details."

Sachi picked up a meatball and shoved it into Ami's mouth as she finished talking. "Maybe if you shut your mouth she would be able to answer."

All three girls start giggling. Amelia ate another egg roll before finally giving in. "I think I found my Prince Charming but there is one slight problem." Amelia let out a sigh.

"You know you could just tell him but then again he might not want to be with you anymore." Ami sighed along with her.

"I don't think that it will happen, Amelia, you are fretting over something that is beyond your control. I think that you shouldn't keep it from your loved one. Maybe don't tell his parents right away but you will need to come clean one day. I mean there really isn't anything wrong with taking the vitamins." Sachi ate some hotdogs in the shape of an octopus from Amelia's lunch.

"Yes, I know that is a fact but that other thing is his family runs the hospital." Amelia grabbed a piece of broccoli from Sachi's lunch. "I swear my mother makes my lunch big enough so that I can share with you two."

"Wait a second... Are you saying that the one you fell for was the school hottie that turns down all girls and only really thinks about school?" Ami leaned forward and was about to say more when Sachi shoved rice into her mouth using chopsticks.

"Thank your mother for us. I know that money will be tight so why don't you let her know that we will bring extra lunch for you so that she does not have to worry at least until this settles down." Sachi continues to feed Ami to keep her quiet.

Amelia started laughing at the two. "You guys are so funny but you are right. I will let her know when I get home. I am sure that she will be a bit relieved that I have such great friends. As for your Question Ami. Yes, it was Gabriel. We sat on a bench together talking. He even pulled a flower petal from my hair. He walked me to the door when I decided that it was time to leave." She felt her face heating up.

Ami clapped her hands. "Anything else?"

Sachi giggled and continued to eat while still feeding Ami.

"Oh, Um, I tripped and almost fell. Gabriel caught me and walked me to my carriage. He kissed my hand when I left and that is everything that happened yesterday. I am so embarrassed now." She covered her face, still blushing.

"No way!! That is really amazing! I never thought that Gabriel would be that open and help someone." Ami was shocked but extremely happy for her friend. "Maybe you will be the one to win his heart."

Amelia smiled and thought about the tea that she put in her bag before coming outside with them.

"I think that you will have to see how things go. It is too bad that you discovered him late or else you could've given him chocolates on Valentine's day. There is always next year." Sachi ate some fruit next.

Gabriel was jogging to the hospital and made it in about fifteen minutes. He walked through the entrance and went straight to his father's office. He knocked on the door and heard from within "come in." So he opened it up. "Good afternoon, Father."

"Gabriel, I thought that I told you to work on your studies and not to worry about what is going on here?" Clarence didn't look up from the paperwork he was going through as he signed files.

"I am well aware of that but yesterday Father, you told me you let you know if there was anything that you could do to help out the girl that mother saw me with." Gabriel tossed the folder down on the table.

Clarence stopped what he was doing and opened the folder. "A scholarship? At this time of the year is a bit odd. So what is going on? Do you care to explain?"

"From what the Principal told me, Amelia, the girl Mother saw me with yesterday. She had to apply for a scholarship as her father was fired from his job. I think the family she turned down yesterday was upset that she did not want to date their son. Now, that last part is only a speculation as to why her father was fired." Gabriel was sitting down in the chair now relaxing.

"If that is the case then I take back my words." He started to skim through the file. "She has excellent grades. She is on par with you my son. I am proud that you found someone that could actually match you. Amelia, that is a beautiful name. I will give you to go ahead to court her. I will look and see if Suzuki had stopped by and if he did then I will pay his house a visit. I can always hire someone to do small things and train him to help." Clarence pulled out a pen and signed on the dotted line. He closed the file and handed it back to his son.

"Thank you, Father. I will head back to school unless you need me for something since I am already here?" Gabriel picked up the file and placed it in his school bag.

"You can stay for an hour helping me restock the gift shop. They have been too busy to get it done but please get changed. I do not want you in your gym clothes working here." Clarence gave into Gabriel and sighed as he shook his head.