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9 9 About the Arranged Marriage Meeting

 "It is alright both of you. Now back to class you go." She shooed them from the infirmary. Once the two left she started to clean up everything from the tea. 'She will need to be careful. I know that she is a smart girl and will do what is right.'

Gabriel held open the door and walked her back to class. "Are you sure that you don't want to go home? I am sure that since you already have a fever your teachers will not mind."

"I normally would but there is something that I am waiting for. Until I hear back I do not want to go home. Sorry, that is something a bit personal so I am not comfortable mentioning everything. I do thank you for your kindness, Gabriel." Amelia looked over at him blushing. 'I kind of do not want this moment to end.'

"There really is no need to thank me. I haven't done anything for you to be thanking me. It is proper for a male to worry about a female that is weaker. I wanted to say this earlier but I do hope that you will allow me to get closer to you." Gabriel took her classroom door and waved goodbye. "I will see you later." Gabriel walked off to the principal's office. He knocked on the door.

"Come in." The Principal looked up and saw that it was Gabriel. "I just finished everything so I will give you the package. The sooner you get it back to me the better."

Gabriel took the package and bowed. "Thank you for getting this prepared. I will be back as soon as I can." Gabriel turned and left. He was still in his track outfit but went to the classroom and left a note for Nathaniel to hand in his workbook and grabbed his bag. Gabriel ran out of the classroom and got to his shoe locker and traded his indoor shoes for outdoor shoes. 'Normally I could ask for my carriage but the hospital is on a short jog away. Hopefully, my father is not in surgery at this time.'

Amelia walked to her desk blushing. She sat down and pulled out the tea. 'I did not think that he would remember what I said and then he somehow managed to get me this tea. I will drink it tonight with dinner. I am sure that Mother will be pleased. She has wanted me to drink this for a while now but the hospital sold out fast every time she went.'

Ami and Sachi rush into the classroom smiling. "You're up and about again!" Ami rushed up to Amelia. "Our team won the battle today!"

Sachi placed a hand on Amelia's forehead. "Hmmmm, you're warm. I would say go home but you are waiting to hear back some good news about the scholarship. I want you to relax so I will take over the classroom duties today for you."

"What did you guys win today?" Amelia placed the tea in her bag and looked at Sachi. "Thank you for that. I will leave that up to you."

"We get to have lunch outside by the garden!" Ami jumped up and down happily.

"That is a wonderful prize. I will join you outside as some fresh air will do me good." Amelia had her sweater on and looked warm and toasty. She pulled out her lunch box smiling.

Sachi went to her desk and grabbed her lunch and took Amelia's lunch box from her. "I will carry this for you."

"Enjoy your school life while you still can Amelia. I will get my way. Just wait and see." Ken looked over at her smirking.

Ami had grabbed her lunch and glared at him while the three exited the room. Once they were out of earshot she started freaking out. "If it was not for the fact that you guys would not let me call my father into this I would've already had him dealt with."

Amelia walked beside the girls smiling. "Thank you, Ami. I think that your thoughts are plenty enough for me. Besides. You try to play off that you are a mafia's Daughter and people think that you are joking but your family is really big. I want to hear more about the arranged marriage meeting you didn't tell us about."

Sachi looks at Ami, "Yes, I want to hear about this as well. You made a comment that poor Amelia would be all alone. Did you finally get forced to pick one?"

"Ugh. I guess I walked myself into that one." All three girls changed their shoes as they went out to the area. Ami laid down the blanket. "There is a newer guy that joined but I was not told that he was from a different clan. He's a real hunk of a man. I talked to my father and he said that if I wanted him as my partner I would have to unite the two clans. He used the guy to literally trap me. It is already said and done now. I can not fight back and the guy is a wonderful guy that is now hopelessly in love with me but that's enough about me. I want to hear more about the arranged marriage meeting you had to go to Amelia."

"There is not a lot about it. I went to the meeting with every intention of turning him down. I guess the parts you want to hear is what happened." Amelia opened her lunch box and ate a piece of egg roll. "They kept trying to convince me that Ken was a great match. I might have gone a little overboard but they said that he is near the top of the class. I nearly lost I did. I said if I wanted someone that was in the middle of the pack then I would have my choice. I also said that I was number one on our whole grade." Amelia sighed and then thought about how she met Gabriel in the garden later and she started blushing.