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8 8 Budding Romance

 "Sorry, I spaced out for a moment. I can make it to the infirmary on my own and get cleaned up. This is really not as bad as it looks." He brushed aside the helping hands and wrapped a cloth around his knee. He limps to the infirmary and knocks on the door when no one answered, he opened the door before limping to the chair. "How could I be so foolish?" he started to mumble to himself.

Amelia woke up from the knock at the door and stuck her head out to see that it was Gabriel that was mumbling to himself, "you know that it is one's foolishness that will lead him down the path of righteousness." She climbed out of bed and went to him.

Gabriel heard her voice and jumped as soon as he heard her voice. "I am sorry did I disturb your rest." He looked back and saw that it was Amelia and froze up a little bit while blushing a little bit.

"No, it is quite alright. I napped enough. Can I help tend to your wound? The nurse will be back momentarily." Amelia started to pull out the antiseptic wipe and gauze wrap. She started to clean his knee.

At first, he watched but as soon as the wipe touched his knee he cringed. Gabriel hissed but didn't stop her. He watched as she tenderly cleaned the wound. After it was clean she blew on it and wrapped it up. "Thank you, Amelia. You didn't have you go out of your way to do that."

Amelia put the supplies away and pulled out a package. "It's really alright I need to take my vitamins anyway. I told you that my body is weak. There isn't much that I can do other than take the vitamins and hope for the best." She placed the small package down on the table.

Amiritsu Sensei came through the door and looked at the two that were up. "Amelia, I am surprised that you are up already. I thought that you would sleep a little bit longer. I told you that you do not need to help out the people that come here." She placed the teapot down and handed Amelia the juice.

"And as I have told you before so long as it is not a major injury I do not mind giving a hand. It was almost time for me to wake up and I am starting to feel a bit better." Amelia looked up at the teacher that walked in and sat down in the chair. She opened the package and took the contents. Afterward placed the paper on the table and gulped down the juice.

Gabriel watched her and felt bad as he saw the frown on her face that she was trying to cover up. He patted her back gently and looked at her softly but didn't comment on it.

Amiritsu Sensei looked to the two and smirked. 'This is an interesting match up.' She smiled and turned to Gabriel, "so what did you do that forced you to come to the infirmary?"

"Oh, I tripped and fell. Since my knee started to bleed I was told that I should come there. I hobbled here on my own. Amelia and I met over the weekend. I even ran into her this morning. It is like fate that we keep running into each other here." Gabriel watched Amiritsu Sensei while smiling.

"It has been interesting that we keep meeting. I have yet to drink the tea that you gave to me but I am sure that I will enjoy it. Thank you for giving it to me this morning." Amelia went to pick up the teapot to pour herself some tea.

Gabriel grabbed the teapot before she could and poured some tea for her. "I really did not mind waiting for you Amiritsu Sensei but Amelia was the one that decided to treat my wound. I am grateful that she did it for me. It is really nothing. I can get more tea tomorrow."

"Oh, I see. Amelia after you finish the tea you should head back to class. Lunch will be starting soon and I know that you want to try and catch up in your class during the break. Your complexion is starting to look better after resting." Amiritsu Sensei placed her wrist on Amelia's forehead. "You have a slight fever so do take it easy today and if you need to go home I suggest that you do so."

Amelia looked at Gabriel and smiled before saying, "I am sorry that you have to see me like this." She picked up the empty package and sighed. "I had the dose adjusted only a few days ago and now I am suffering for it. I assure you that my fever will go down but it will take a few days."

Gabriel was listening and fretting at the words but didn't show his emotions. "A spring cold is not going to be pleasant." Gabriel pointed to the package. "I am glad that you have been able to get the right vitamins for yourself but at the same time, I worry that you are doing too much. Maybe you should take the day off school tomorrow. It would be unwise to overstress your body.... What am I saying. I am not your doctor but here I am treating you like a patient. I am sorry Amelia. My studies tend to take over and I don't think before I speak."

Amiritsu Sensei looks at the two. 'Budding romance is very sweet but this is not a couple I ever thought about.' She looked at Gabriel and then at Amelia. "I am glad that you are looking better. Since you two know each other Gabriel could I trouble you to walk Amelia back to her classroom? I do not want her to go alone."

"I do not mind. Amelia, come and I will walk to class." He got up and pushed the chair back in. "Thank you for bringing the tea. I am glad that you are such a great teacher!" Gabriel waited for Amelia.

Amelia finished the tea and got up. "Thank you again for today. I am sorry I touched your supplies without permission. I will be more careful in the future." Amelia bowed and walked up to Gabriel.