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7 7 Is there Nothing You Can do?

 "It is already said and done. I only accepted to go to the meeting and then declined after I got there but that resulted in Father losing his job. I applied for a scholarship so I will hopefully get one but that family is trying to get me kicked out. I will not be able to continue if that is the case." Amelia turned away from Ami looking sadly.

"No way! If it comes to that I will talk to my father. I do not want you to have to leave. You are at the top of the school ranking and if you leave then the school will lose funding. So I can not see them doing that. You absolutely need to keep me informed." Ami grabbed Amelia's hands and stared at her.

Sachi walked into the room and rushed over to the two. "Amelia, what's wrong? You do not look all that happy today, my goddess." Sachi placed her hands on Ami's hands. "Good morning, Ami."

"This is all Ken's fault. I do not get what he wants other than to make Amelia's life more difficult. How dare he use his family's connections to do this to her. I swear I want to skin that boy alive than cut out his heart." Ami stands up and wiggles her fingers looking evil.

Sachi pulls Ami down and forces her to sit back down. "You need to be careful." Sachi hisses at Ami. "Do you really want people to know that you really are the daughter of the mafia? I know that you really don't care but think about us. My parents would no longer allow me to hang out with you and Amelia would be told that she shouldn't hang out with you either."

"Ami, Sachi has a point. Please don't give that secret away. I will let you know how the financial situation goes. I am going to lie down during the second period and I will be back for lunch. I woke up earlier than normal to get here today." Amelia let out a small yawn.

"Are you really sure that you are okay? You do look a little pale. So don't push yourself too hard." Sachi reaches over and touches Amelia's forehead, "at least you do not have a fever. I will make sure that I have all the notes from the second period for you and since the third period you can't participate in it is a good thing that you will already be resting."

"Saaaachi, can you share with me your notes too?" Ami looks up at her with pleading eyes.

"Ami, I will lend you my notes for prior classes but you really should learn to do these on your own. I thought that you promised that you would pay more attention in class?" Amelia lifted one eyebrow while looking at her friend finally easing into a much happier state.

"I was going to but then I was called into my father's office and I had to do some other things to help out within the household." Ami pouted and placed her head on the side of Amelia's desk.

"Oh I forgot to tell you two. I went to an Omiai* on Sunday. My family is selling me off but I liked the person that I was set up with. I will be meeting him again next Sunday in the afternoon." Sachi looked at the two girls and smiled sadly.

"Nooooooo, not you too. That means that only poor Amelia will be stuck single." Ami looked at Amelia and sighed. "I was told that after I finish school I will be married off. I am not the brightest of the three of us but I am happy to have gotten to know the two of you. Amelia, I do hope that you do not get forced as we have and that you fall in love."

Amelia thinks back to the garden and blushes, "I may have found my prince charming but I do not think that he will fall for me. I am too weak to deal with everything and he would be much better off with someone else." The bell rings and everyone scrambles to their seats. "Kiritsu," she waits and then says, "Rei." all the students sit down and listen to the lecture. Amelia takes notes as the teacher starts to explain the pronunciation of different English verbs.

"One thing that you will need to be careful with the English language is that there are words that sound the same but have different meanings. For instance their, they're, and there. It was their coffee. They're going to meet us. There's a cat over there." The teacher went on and on in English and before they knew it the bell rang. "That will be all for the day."

"Kiritsu," Amelia hears the chairs, "Rei." She bows and the teacher leaves the classroom. She lets out a sigh, looks back at Sachi and nods. She places her books in the desk and leaves the classroom before heads to the infirmary. She knocks on the door and the nurse looks at her.

"Amelia, you are a little early today, are you feeling that weak today?" The nurse gets up and checks her over.

"Amarisu Sensei. I will be fine after some rest. I was at the school early to deal with some personal issues. May I use the bed?" Amelia smiles at her and waits for permission.

"Amelia, I have told you that you do not need to ask. You go right ahead. I will make you some tea for when you wake up at lunchtime to take with your vitamins. Also, I will bring you fresh apple Juice" Amarisu Sensei sits down at her desk and starts on the paperwork that is there.

"Thank you very much." Amelia bows and climbs into the bed to sleep. Once her head hits the pillow she falls asleep soundly.

Gabriel was running through the field during the third period and noticed that Amelia's class was outside as well but he didn't see her and he stumbled scraping his knee. He got up and dusted off his clothes but his knee started to bleed.

The gym teacher rushed over, "Are you alright?"