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6 6 Do Not Say Anything About This

 "Oh dear, I am sorry to hear that. I will look into what scholarships are available and see which ones are still open and get back to you by tomorrow. In the meantime attend classes as you normally would." She held a handkerchief to the Amelia. "Here dry your eyes. There is no reason to worry. I will do my best to help you out."

"Thank you." Amelia dabbed her eyes with the handkerchief and then placed it in her pocket. "I will return this to you after it gets cleaned."

"No worries you can keep it. If I have good news for you before classes are let out I will seek you out." The principal stood up and led Amelia out of the room.

When the door was opened Gabriel was at the door about to knock. "We meet again... are you okay?" He used his thumb and wiped away the tears in her eyes.

"Sorry for causing you concern. There was a spec of dust that got in my eyes. I am fine. I need to head to class now." Amelia was about to take off when Gabriel grabbed onto her arm.

"Here, I bought this tea. It is really good at helping deal with fevers. Good luck with your classes today." He smiled and entered the office. Once the door was closed he looked at the principal sharply. "So what really happened?"

"It is good that you came here. Amelia the girl that you acquainted with is dealing with some financial issues. Her father got fired and one of the scholarships is through Yukimura's. I was told that if she agreed to marry their son, they would give the scholarship to her but I do not think that is right. I was wondering If I should tell her that or ask you what you wanted to do. I did not know that you were already acquainted."

"We were not but I ran into her as I destroyed another arranged marriage meeting you know how much I hate those things. My mother and father are now going to try and hook me up with Amelia. I do not know what she will feel about that but I think that she is so innocent. With her scores she should be able to qualify for the scholarship from my family, should she not?" Gabriel looked at the Principal.

"Under normal circumstances yes...but there is a slight issue. Due to health reasons she is not able to do the gym classes. Her body is a bit on the weak side so she is always taking vitamins to make up for what her body lacks." The Principal looked at Gabriel and waited. "I shouldn't even be telling you that. I hope you know."

"I understand. I will not say anything. You can give it to her. I will get my father to sign off on it. I do not think my Father will say no. Draft the paperwork and I will take it to him at the lunch break. I will be late for my afternoon classes but this is a higher priority in my books." Gabriel turned to leave the room, "just do not tell her about this. I do not want her to think that I am pitying her."

"I will get that done and you will be excused from classes. I will get the paperwork done right away." The principal bowed to Gabriel as he left the room and then got to drafting the paperwork.

Gabriel went to class and got there five minutes before class started.

"Where were you, young Master?" Nathaniel asked in a teasing tone.

"You know that joke got old a long time ago? You and I both know that I will have to take over the hospital. I was settling something in the office. I will not be here for some of the afternoon classes so if you didn't do your homework I pity you. I will be handing in mine before I go. I am leaving as soon as lunch starts." Gabriel pulled out his notebook.

"You are my life savour I will copy fast!" Nathaniel took the book back to his desk and quickly started to copy.

Amelia made it to class early and sat down. She hides her sadness and pulled out her notebook and started to read over what she had written when she was at the library on Friday. Slowly she looked over what she had written as the tears started to fall down her cheeks without the sound of her crying. She was in the far back seat by the window and Amelia turned her head to look out the window. She saw the sports teams playing. 'It must be nice.' She thought bitterly.

"A-mel-iaaaaaaaa~" A female voice could be heard from the entranceway and slowly the girl walked up to Amelia's desk and sat on top of the notebook that was laid on top. "Your beauty is going to get ruined if you cry so early in the morning." The girl pulled out a handkerchief and dabbed Amelia's eyes.

"Ami, you are the one that is beautiful." Amelia lets Ami dab her eyes. "I didn't realize that the tears were even falling. I see that you modified your uniform again. One day I feel like they will kick you out for that."

"Amelia, my dear. You should know that by now they wouldn't dare do that to me. So tell me what has brought my dear sweet friend to tears and I will see if I can help you out." Ami finished wiping the tears away and stood up. She slowly spun for Amelia to see what changes she made this time.

"Your talent is amazing. If I didn't know your background I would assume that you are a mafia's daughter. Didn't your father freak out or has he finally given up?" Amelia smiled sweetly at Ami and waited for the typical answer.

"You know what today all he did was sigh and shake his head, it makes a great cover and no one wants to date someone like me. I have odd tastes. I like that I did not have to worry about the marriage proposals... you did not have to go through one... did you? Is that why you are upset?" Ami hit the nail on the head and looked at her friend as she saw the sad smile. "Which one was it?"