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5 5 Are You Okay?

 "Yes, Amelia. You go ahead and rest there is nothing that you have to do tomorrow and don't forget to take your vitamins." Clarence looked at his daughter and smiled, "I am blessed to have such an amazing girl like you."

Amelia let go of the table and walked over to her father and gave him a small hug, "It will be okay Father. I know that I am a bit weak but I will do all that I can to keep thinking positive." She turned away and went up the stairs. She reached her room and pulled out the package of medicine. She poured the contents out in her mouth and tossed the paper in the trash before letting her hair down.

Gabriel left the library and decided that the night air would feel nice. He walked around for an hour before seeing Amelia through a window. He watched her take the powder that looked like medicine but it could've been a mixture of vitamins as well. As he watched her, he observed Amelia made a face while taking them. 'She honestly looked well and didn't show any signs of an abnormality this afternoon. It also looks like a custom made powder. I wonder if I even have the right to pry? She is not technically mine.' He stepped away from her house and walked towards his home. Once he reached his home he saw that his mother and father racing about the house. "Nothing is set in stone you two. I will not let you guys ruin this for me." He shook his head.

Edna looked at Gabriel, "I am glad that you are home. If you can, please find out something that we could use to win her over. I want you to have the best. I worry as she is so beautiful and would match you well."

"I am going to bed now. I will see what I can find out but don't expect much from me." Gabriel waved and went up the stairs and laid down on his bed. As he laid there all he could think about was the fact that she had taken some sort of powder. He drifted off to sleep.

Amelia sat in her chair and slowly brushed her hair. 'I will leave a little earlier than normal so that I can talk to the principal. There has to be something that I can do.' She placed the brush down and got up from the chair then went to lay down on the bed. Her head hit the pillow and as her eye's closed while her mind was full of worry.

Amelia woke up the next day feeling tired still, she got out of bed and her head felt fuzzy. 'No, no, no, not now. I have to go to school. She dragged her body to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. 'You can do this.' While she got dressed in her uniform she gave herself a pep talk and added a sweater then sat down to brushed her hair. She took three packs of the vitamins and placed them in her bag and went downstairs. "Good morning, Mother." She puts on a cheery front as to not alert her mother that she was feeling unwell. She placed one package of vitamins on the table and then started to munch on breakfast. "Thank you for cooking so much breakfast. You really do not need to make so much for me every morning." Amelia sat down as she was already munching on some toast.

Irene turned and looked at her daughter, "are you feeling alright? Your color is a little off this morning."

"It's just from not getting the vitamins, Mother. There is no cause for concern. We have gone over this before, besides if I start to feel unwell I will go to the nurse's office and rest." Amelia picked up the vitamin package, poured the contents in her mouth, swallowed, and then drank some water. She picked up a muffin and her lunch. "I will see you after classes are done for the day."

"Please do go to the nurses and if you are too unwell come home. Your father got up early to hunt for a new job. If I am not home when you get back please rest until I come home and I promise that I will cook you something very nutritious." Irene watched her daughter take a muffin and head to the door so she followed her.

"Have a good day and I will see you soon." Amelia walked out the door and headed to the school.

Gabriel was in the carriage and asked the driver to stop. He got out and walked up to Amelia. "You do not look well. Come and sit in the carriage I will take you to the school with me or maybe I should bring you home?"

Amelia looked up at him and smiled, "we are merely acquaintances but thank you for allowing me in the carriage. I didn't want my mother to worry any more than she has to. Please let me come to school." She sat across from him.

"Are you okay?" Gabriel was watching her with deep concern.

"Ah, yes. This tends to happen a lot when I go out for extended periods of time. I usually stay inside as I catch a fever a lot due to the lack of vitamins in my diet." Amelia smiled sweetly at him.

The carriage arrives and he steps out and offers his hand to her "Thank you for not turning me down. If you need a ride home I will offer you my assistance." He kissed her hand and then went to his classroom.

Amelia stood there in a daze and then walked into the building. She went to the office and knocked on the door. She heard the voice of the principal say come in. "Good morning, Madam." Amelia bowed after she closed the door.

"Amelia, it good to see one of my top students. What do I owe the pleasure of the visit today?" The Principal was sitting at her desk looking at some documents. She placed them down and looked at the girl in front of her.

"I was wondering if it was possible to sign up for one of the scholarships? There is an issue with my Father's job and if I can not acquire funding I will need to drop out." Amelia looked down and some tears started to fall down her cheeks.