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3 3 Getting to Know Each Other

 "Thank you, My name is Gabriel." He takes a seat next to her and sees a flower petal in her hair. He reaches over and grabs the petal, "please pardon my reach but you had a petal in your hair. As you can deduce I am here for an arranged marriage interview but it is not something I really want. You might laugh but I would rather find my own partner and fall in love. My family, on the other hand, wants me to settle down right away. Sorry, I'm rambling." He blushes slightly and looks up at the sky.

She giggles at him, "It's a pleasure to meet you, Gabriel. I am Amelia and I really do not mind. I am also here for an arranged marriage interview but it is something my family could not turn down. My family wishes nothing more than my happiness. If it wasn't for the fact that my father works in the company that offered the meeting then he could've turned it down right away. I turned them down and thought sitting in the yard would be nice since I am already here. Isn't the scenery just lovely?"

"Amelia, are you the one whom has been at the top of the first year charts on every test? At least your family understands you. I wish mine would understand this." Gabriel lets out a long sigh, "I made a mess of my marriage interview. I would be surprised if my family is able to find someone willing to meet with me after what I pulled. It is very relaxing out here and I do agree with the scenery statement."

"Ah, yes. I am at the top of the charts in school. Are you going to the same academy? I do not attend every day but I study when I can. I am usually in the infirmary. It can not be as bad as you believe it to be. I also doubt that your parents will give up." She looks at the petals falling around them. 'How romantic the petals are slowly falling and he looks rather handsome. I wonder if I missed him at the academy?' There was a blush that was creeping into her cheeks the more she thought about him.

Gabriel looks around the scenery, "I'm a third-year at the academy. We have the same scores on the board every time. I had heard in passing that you were a very gentle soul. That explains why I haven't run into you much but why the infirmary? Are you unwell?"

"No, it is not that. My body can't handle hard activities and doesn't absorb the proper nutrients it needs." Amelia's blush deepens as she looks down at the ground. "So I spend a lot of time there. The nurse is really friendly and understands my condition. With the proper vitamins, I am right as rain. When I go to the infirmary I take vitamins and drink fresh fruit juice. The nurse has it ready for me when I get there. A third-year at the top of the chart. I am sorry but I have not looked at the charts. One of my friends in the class tells me all about the charts but I don't really pay that much attention. If you are the third year I am thinking of then you are also the student body president?"

"I understand, so if I wanted to find you at school I would be able to find you at the infirmary. I actually am the student body president. Did you not attend the assembly on the first day? I am sure it was mandatory." Gabriel watches her out of the corner of his eye. 'She is slender and her brown hair looks like it would be straight and long when it is down. I wonder if I can find out more about her if I look hard enough?'

Amelia looks up at him sadly, "I had to miss the assembly for an appointment with the doctor to get my vitamin dose adjusted. I was feeling quite a bit weaker and when that happens the doctor absolutely has to see me. I was feeling unwell that day but I am much better today. Will it be alright for you to be away from your arranged marriage interview for so long? Mine is over so I am just relaxing before I head back."

'I could see a vitamin dose needing to be updated because we are still growing. I wish I could stay and get to know her more. She is fascinating to me.' Gabriel sighs once then gets up, "it would not be very gentlemanly to let you walk back alone. Please at least let me escort you back to your driver and see you off. I may not want to part with you right now but I now know where I can find you. Since your grades are so good you have to be in class 1-A. As for my marriage interview, I do not wish to return but after I see you off I will formally go and turn it down." He holds out his hand out to her. 'And then I will bow my heads at my parents while begging them to set up an arranged marriage interview with you. I feel that hard for you at first sight. Although I am sure I have seen you around the school before. I will be able to be sure once I see you in your uniform. Even if you need to take vitamins it is not the end of the world. You have brought out my I must protect you vibes and that is something that I have never experienced before.'

Amelia takes his hand, "thank you, do end your meeting properly." She stands up and slowly walks to the entrance. 'What an interesting individual. I wonder if this is what it is like to find someone as equally like-minded as one's self? Either way, I will have many opportunities to chat with him in the future. This will be his last year in school. I am curious if he will be taking over his father's company? I will not ask as this is not the time nor is it my place to be asking such questions.' She absentmindedly stumbles over a rock in the ground.

Gabriel walks beside her and catches her around the waist before she falls. "Please excuse my touch but I could not let you fall when you are dressed so well." Once he notices that she is alright, he lets her go but notices her cheeks streaked in a deep red blush.

"It's quite alright. I should be watching where I am going." Amelia can feel the heat rising in her cheeks. They reach the entrance and he sees her that she gets to the carriage. He helps her inside and kisses the back of her hand before she climbs in. "Rest well and I will see you around." He turns around and goes back to the interview room, little did he know that his mother Edna was watching him since he met the girl in the back garden.