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57 Part VI

 Although they made an agreement, Artemis couldn't wait. She stared at the book the whole time, fighting the urge to read it, but a few minutes later, she opened it.

"I believe your actual name is Artemis Rivera" She was perusing the first chapter of the book when she stumbled across a blank page that could interact with whoever held the book.

"You must be wondering how I know a lot about you. That's because you placed your two thumbs on my cover, so I belong to you and only you now."

"Too bad for Darren." She shrugged as she read the new statement the book formed "I will state what I know about you." The words reshaped again.

"Artemis Rivera, presently a male, 17 years of age. From the village, Morbon. Banished at a young age. You have powers which is unlikely of your kind. The reason? The previous demigod."

"Can you hear me?" She wanted to ask a few questions.

The codes formed a large "Yes!!!"

"What else do you know? You seem to know a lot..."

"That's because of the first gem. The sphere of limited Knowledge."

"Limited? Why?"

"I base my insight on whoever possesses the book."

"Oh..." She squeazed her lips into a thin line.

"Any more questions? Or I should proceed with assessing you."

"Sure go ahead." Soon, a lengthy list showed stats she hadn't seen for years.

"These are your stats. I will keep a record of it with all the successful tasks you complete."

HP: 167/200

Enchantment: 100

Strength: 400


Fishing S+

Hunting A

Crafting B

Intellect B

Willpower A+

Affinity C

Endurance C

Athletics C

Etiquette D

Swimming S+

Survival S+

Dexterity B

Cooking E

"Not so bad for a human." The jewel commended.

She noticed her affinity went down a grade and she guessed the reason was her relationship with Darren, but she didn't care. That was an expertise she thought so minimal about. There was no chance she'd be pleasant to Darren to get back her B. She was fine with how it was and wouldn't mind if it dropped.

She snapped out of her thoughts and focused her attention on the book.

"You mentioned something about tasks?" She tilted her head with a raised brow.

"You think you can jump into Zuru tower, or other locations without training? Don't be silly."

"How do the tasks work?"

"All you have to do is practice and prepare your body for the journey ahead. You might not know this, but you're heading to five different locations in the respective clan territories."

Another list showed up, and she saw the names of the gems and where they're hidden.

Diamond of Aurora - Zuru tower in the Dark elf's domain.

Amethyst - pearl mines in the orc territory.

Opal - Fountain of the lustrous in the Feline areas

Sapphire - Skull crossing in the land of the lizards.


Obsidian - Goblin caverns, south-east Orc village.

"It won't be possible for you to find all the gems, but you will grow stronger with the various tasks each stone will give you, and you will learn a lot from it."

"Did Remes write anything in this book?" Artemis wanted to know, because it seemed like the actual authors of the book were the gems.

"He did not. The only gem he found was me, Zircon."

"How many people know of this?"

"The Legion of Alchemy, but most of them are dead, including Christopher Remes."

"What was their aim?"

"Power of good and Evil."

"So if I get all those gems... I'll be unstoppable?" Her face beamed as she imagined sitting on her throne as the demigod of Atela.

"No, you won't be unstoppable."

She pulled a face, "So what's the point?"

"Do you want to be stronger or not?"

"I do!"

"Then, do you accept this mission? Even if you don't complete it, you'll be able to see a difference in your skills until it reaches its limit because of your body."

"So what's next, Zircon?"

"Your next stop is the Fountain of Lustrous. The feline clan is the last of the fay tribe, and it is close to this place. By tomorrow, I'll start listing your daily mission. So rest now. You need it."

The book closed, and the light from it ceased. She squealed as she folded her arms over it before tumbling to her side. Her eyes shimmered, and the corner of her lips nearly toucjed her ears. Becoming Demigod could happen as long as she had the guidance of Reme's book. "Tomorrow, is the start of a new journey in my life, and this time I will conquer."


At the break of dawn, Artemis and Darren met outside Lunar's mansion. The fox princess met with them with all Darren asked for. Money and weapons. He'd sworn to pay up whenever he returns from his journey.

Artemis saw the pretty young lady was down, and she knew Darren had something to do with it.

"That butt face. He made such a beautiful creature cry." She clenched her fist.  "I don't know why I care so much, but beautiful people deserve to be happy, and not sad. Don't worry princess" Once Artemis turned, Lunar's eyes met with her's.

"I'll kill Darren for breaking your heart. But that doesn't mean i like you." Lunar couldn't make out what the slave was saying, but she had a lot of things bothering her, and she didn't want to add the statements of the slave.

To make the journey comfortable, they had separated horses to ride. Darren hoped Artemis wouldn't run away with his horse, Meg. For some reason, the stallion refused to have his owner on its back, and Artemis derkded his sad situation.

What unfolded between himself and Lunar left him sad. He didn't say goodbye to her before galloping out of the city gates, he'd done so the second she disclosed to him how much her heart longed for Vincent and the desires of her mom hungered for him.

He wished her nothing but good luck with a beastman that cared so little and had no respect for women. He would've given her the world, but she didn't want him and he was finally at peace.

"Hey, you made that pretty girl sad. A revolting beastman like you should be happy you had someone that pretty to fall in love with you."

"Revolting you say?" He sounded so calm, and there was a slight trace of bitterness in his tone. "Since you're the attractive one, why don't you have a pretty girl gushing over you?" His horse hastened away from Artemis and she hissed. She commanded Meg to a stop, and she pulled out Reme's book from her Satchel.

"Morning Artemis" The usual codes formed into words she could interpret.

"Morning Zircon" She returned the greeting. Darren stopped once he heard Artemis conversing with an unidentified individual, and he thought she'd finally lost her mind. "Talking to thin air? How pathetic."

"Today's mission is to build your endurance."


"I require you to travel to the feline territory."

She already knew that. She wondered why the gem was repeating itself.

"How long will that take?"

"Three days on a horse."

"Okay then." She thought that was all, and she was about to shift her gaze to the path ahead when the codes rearranged itself. She gulped as her eyes widened.

"I require you to travel to the Feline territory, on foot."

"A-and how long will that take?"

"A week and four days. You will carry your load. The horses will not do it for you."

"I might cope, but that dimwit will definitely not."