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53 Part II

 "I heard he embarked on a journey to the Fox territory. Your father is aware right?"

Vincent nodded, running his hand through the hair of his favourite slave.

"Are you sure we should have this sort of conversation in the presence of a slave? Why not dismiss her?"

"Don't worry, uncle. Felicia is an obedient girl, she wouldn't talk against her master?" He traced his hand to her jaw, and she purred, "Isn't that right Felicia?"

The girl smiled, and leaned in to kiss Vincent's chin, "Yes, Master."

"See, she's a loyal pet of mine" He sounded so calm at first, but once he grabbed her neck, she knew his innocent expressions hid the threatening Wolfman she'd know ever since she was offered to the Livingstons.

"she knows best to not betray me, or else..." She gasped for air as his grip tightened.

"I'll never betray you," she said, but Vincent wasn't convinced. He let go of her neck, and forced her mouth open, "If this mouth ever speaks the truth to my father, I'll reap your tongue out."

Her eyes extended as his finger whirled around her tongue, "You don't want to know what else would come after that."

She gulped as he let go. He tossed his gloves away because it was nothing but filth. She slithered back to her position, a human stool, and he put his feet on her back.

"Apologies for the interruption, Sir Klaus."

"It's fine." He waved off the formalities.

"So what do we do now," Vincent asked, "Should we hire the assassins now that he's away?"

"But, if we do will be obvious we have a hand in it."

Vincent tapped his seat rapidly and bit his lip, "At this moment. All I want is his head. I will use it as a trophy and use his blood to paint my room."

"Just be patient. I have another plan."

"What is it?" Vincent was interested.

"We will kill your father first."

Vincent burst into laughter, his corner of eyes wrinkled as he wiped a lone tear "That was funny Uncle. Kill Demigod Marcellus? Who? You? Me?" That was impossible.

"Uncle, I hope you're not drunk?"

"I'm sober, young Vincent. You should've let me finish explaining the plan before you barged into my statement with your annoying laughter."

He raised his hands, "Okay, Okay. I'll listen to what you have to say."

"I see my brother as a threat, he's planning something diabolical, and I believe it will cost a love of lives and havoc the peace of our lands."

Vincent intruded again, "I don't understand how that has to do with my cravings to kill my brother." He slammed his heel on Felicia's head, and his eyes shifted to meet the human who was tired of the uncomfortable position she was in "Do objects move?"

"No, master..."

"Move again and I'll kill you!" He turned his attention back to Klaus "Apologies. I promise there'll be no more interruptions from now on" His smile was cunning and Klaus knew best that someone like himself wasn't good at making and keeping promises.

"It seems like you don't want to listen to the backstory of this plan. Thus, I will move to the critical parts."

"Uncle, why do you think I have interest in killing my father? The one I hate is Darren, not my beloved father. I just want to eliminate a weak person from our household."

Klaus murmured, "It's strange how you still love the man that has no regards for you, and you disrespect the one that cares for you. I treat you like a son because I wish you were mine. You might not agree to this, but I will drop a few reasons before I leave."

"I'm listening," He said as he picked up his cup from the table beside him.

"If we execute your father, it would be easier to kill your brother. The elders don't care about Darren, so with him dead, and your father dead as well, no elder will point fingers at us."

"Hmm" Vincent stroked his chin "That makes sense, but killing my father is close to impossible. Do you not know how strong he is?"

"That's why I have a plan! Your pack is the top ten in the academy. With your stats and theirs, it's possible to plan a successful ambush. We lure him far away from the guards, and attack when he least expects it."

Vincent shook his head, "We are two wolfmen that are bound by the sick desires of killing our older brothers, but it favours us with bad luck. Your plan is risky. The punishment for treason is one which I can not bear."

"Very well then," Klaus stood up. "Think it thoroughly. That is the only way. The elders are on your side."

The door closed and Vincent turned his attention to Felicia, a wide grin spread across his face "I feel aroused." He got up and pulled down his trousers, "Suck it!"


"The magnificent walls of the fox territory," Darren said as they approached the black iron gates guarded by swordsmen. They arrived at the estimated time. Darren's accurate estimation surprised Artemis. She didn't praise him too much because it felt like he didn't deserve it, and nothing he'd ever do would make her say something pleasant to him.

"Sir Darren, what brings you here?"

"I'm here to see Lunar"

Artemis didn't know who that was or what he had in mind, but she remained calm. Soon, the guards opened up the gates and Meg moved forward.

"What now? How are we going to find the Remes' manor and how will Lunar be of help?"

"Lunar is the clan leader's daughter. She will assist us."


"Darren!" Once the fox saw him, she ran to embrace him. Darren forced a smile. He didn't like the contact, but he had to endure until he gets the book he came for. She held his hand and pulled him into her mansion to announce his arrival to her parents.

"Mother will be happy!"

"Wait where can my slave stay?"

"Who cares about your slave? I'm more worried about you."

That evening, he was forced to have dinner with Lunar's family, and they focused their discussion on the marriage that was fast approaching. He pulled a face the whole time, and he wondered why they couldn't tell the topic was making him depressed. He excused himself when he couldn't bear any more of the questions about honeymoon, children, and other plans he didn't want to think about.

He found out from the head slave where Artemis was, and he snuck in his leftovers. As expected, there was no thank you. She took the plate and commanded him to leave. He rolled his eyes and said, "I hope you have a wonderful night."

"Son of a bitch!" Artemis cursed as he left.

He was expecting the head slave to lead him to a private room, but he ended up in Lunar's. At that point, he'd have preferred to stay in a cold store room instead of Lunar's.

The moment she started undressing, he claimed he wanted to sleep. She was disappointed, however she acted like everything was all right.

"You can sleep with ease tonight my dear, but tomorrow. There will be no escape from me," She whispered into his ears "This is my territory. You'll leave if I allow you to."