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44 Part IV

 "Let the trials begin!"

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The guard who caught Artemis stepped forward, "My Lord, a day ago, someone used the portal Linking Area C to earth without permission. The watch team responsible was tortured and killed after they confessed. We learnt from the man involved that a blonde human boy with a sword had some untold business here. This kid appears to fit the depiction since he has no ID, and he isn't a slave yet."

The barrister didn't flip a coin for this situation because they didn't need her to say anything in her defense.

"We also discovered he has magical essences, and despite his looks, he is stronger than an average human."

"Hmm" The mythical being was certain he'd seen the face from somewhere, however from his memories, it belonged to a female.  A female that was supposed to be dead.

His aide moved close to whisper, "Do you think he's a taboo?" His assistant couldn't wrap his finger around the truth of the trespasser's race. Whatever or whoever he is wouldn't matter for long, he'd be dead soon.

"What is your name?"

The watchman removed the muffle from her mouth so she could reply, but she stayed quiet.

The demigod raised a brow at the guts of the human. It was a pity he didn't know what befell people who made him ask the same question twice.

"You twat!" The chain-mail gauntlet of the guard beside her came in contact with her cheek. She tumbled to her side, and her body trembled as a result of the agony.  "Our Lord asked you a question!!!"

Artemis scoffed at his words 'our lord?' Whoever made him her lord. She bit her lip, writhing in suppressed fury as the guard continued to rain curses at her defenseless self.


The same guard quickly went on a knee, and lowered his head "Apologies my Lord, my bad temper unfortunately governed my actions. I cannot sit back and watch a filthy human disrespect your prevalence."

His colleague rolled their eyes at his poetic use of words. They knew he sought favour, and half of what he said was possibly a lie. The demigod forgave the armored guard, but for the assumed male, he was bound to be punished.

"My name is Amin-"

"QUIET!!!" The diving being roared, and it made everybody in the corridor shudder at the unforeseen thunder. He sat back on his throne and crossed a leg, "Your name is no longer needed. I will punish you for not answering the simplest of a question."

Artemis gulped. She realised her mistake too late. The guards close to her unsheathed their swords and set in alongside her neck, ready to scissor it off her body.


The odd command stunned the guards, "Sir?"

What discipline other than death was suitable for the presumed taboo child?

Artemis wasn't looking forward to what she thought he had in mind.

"I have more questions to ask!"

'Oh God!!!' She uttered her words in her head. Similarly as she suspected, he wanted to ask more questions, and answering or not answering them would still lead to the same outcome. She was doomed.

"Tell us who or what you are!" He commanded, and it forced her to comply.

"I'm a human with magical abilities. I don't know how I got them but I think the raindrop god favoured me!!!" She prayed he'd believe her, but to her rue, his face remained stern.

"Raindrop God?" He disdained people that mentioned those divinities. He never believed in the mythology crafted by humans, and he didn't believe in the raindrop's existence, the start and blah blah blah. He saw himself as God.

"Do I look like a joke to you?" Artemis shook her head. She could feel uneasiness and fear creep on her skin.

He didn't believe her, what else could she say or do. She envisioned herself as a sheep in front of a brick wall. There was no moving forward or back. She was trapped in the middle as a pack of wolves closed In. She was already dead before her trials started.

If she says the truth, they'd see her as a threat and execute her mercilessly. She pondered on what she could say to save her, but everything prompted various ways they could kill her.

She dropped her shoulders in defeat, "My second night in Sol, and my last moments in this world. I've failed."

He was about to order for the 'boys' head when something he hadn't thought of came to his mind. The boy claimed to be human. He would be a perfect masterpiece to his plan. "I might as well keep this human for an important mission in a few years to come." He had finalized a decision.

"Let him go!" The demigod's words brought a shock of surprise to the faces of everyone in the hall. Although still perplexed by the strange command, the guards withdrew their swords and stepped back.

Artemis too was shocked. She wondered if her mouth said something when she wasn't aware. The demigod didn't look like the forgiving type, so why did he order for her release?

"From now onwards, he will be my household's slave."

His aide turned to him in questioning, but he thought twice before saying something that might trigger his Lord, and get himself killed. Everyone else had something to say, a question to ask, a protest to start, but the Demigod wouldn't listen. He never listened to anyone's suggestion but his aide's (occasionally)

Artemis didn't like the idea of being a slave, but wasn't it better than dying?

She was certain there'd be a way to escape the chains, no matter how long it takes. For now, she had to pretend as if she's satisfied with the judgement passed on her, and build a pleasant image as a good and loyal slave.

From the look on the demigod's face, she could tell the beastman was plotting an evil plan, and he wanted to use her to achieve it.