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29 Chapter 7 Dead end

 Orion woke up to soft sheets, and the morning light that trickled in through the blinds. Anna was still sleeping soundly, hair a cloud, and her bare body wrapped with the thick blanket. He looked over at his sleeping beauty before moving to the living room to find a quill pen.

He composed his last words on a parchment, before heading out that early morning to ask Ma Lari for the name of their area.

"Good day" He greeted, and the old lady's attention was caught.

She put down the bucket she was holding to attend to his needs "Hello dear"

"Does this place have a name?"

Ma Lari tilted her head,"why do you ask?

"My companion would need to locate this place."

The woman didn't respond for a while. "This place isn't known to all, and it's for a reason."

"Please, I don't know how else she'd locate this community without knowing the name. I'm not so sure if that will be enough, but..."

"This community was named after the first person that settled here. Sirsis is the name."

After her words, silence briefly followed before she decided to speak up again.

"You're right about the name not being enough to locate this place. Different routes could be either long or short and it all depends on luck."

"You're not Sirsis, are you?"

"I am his great-granddaughter" Orion calculated how fourteen cottages were all that was available for the generations that once lived in the hidden area.

"If you're wondering why we're so little. It's because everyone else left to start their private lives elsewhere."

"That makes sense" Orion turned back. that was all he needed to know. "Thank you for your hospitality. Goodbye."


Anna yawned with eyes still glued by the remains of sleep while her hands searched for Orion's body, but all it could feel was vacant sheets and the parchment that was left behind.

She jolted as she grabbed the parchment, lips quivering with widened eyes scanning the note it contained.

: Anna, I'm sorry. While writing this, I didn't want to think about how you would feel, but it was inevitable. I was fighting to put the quill down, and race to your side again, but I considered how unsafe that would be. I'm sorry that I didn't tell you face to face that i'm leaving.

My presence here in the community could bring immense grief. So, that's why I decided to leave without you knowing because your tears would've held me back, and I'd keep stalling my responsibilities.

I don't want Vikckson looking for me again. I don't want you, and everyone else in the area to be harmed. Believe me when I say it, I've never thought of having a wife and a family before. You changed my view of things, you were the bright hues my eyes longed.

For the past  thirty years of my life, I've never known what happiness feels like. I had no idea of what it meant to love and be loved until you ventured into my life. For me to protect you, penances must be made, and I'm prepared to risk my life. I will consistently adore you, Anna. I'm sorry once again.


"I did mention that Orion isn't coming to get this imp!" Vikckson pointed at the girl who was chained before turning his attention to the Wolfman whose plan was to use Artemis to bait Orion in.

"Be patient. You'll get the opportunity to see him soon." That was all the Wolfman had to say before walking out on Vikckson because he was tired of his toddler tantrums.

It was a fifty-fifty possibility that Orion was going to come, and they were ready for him.

"Sir! He's here..."


Orion was welcomed by guards pointing swords at his neck. Any false move would send his head flying, and the portal guards were given permission to strike if he tried to attack.

The foxman lifted his hands, gesturing his surrender before he was cuffed with manacles that were used to cease magic.

He walked along the heavy armored guards without resisting, and it wasn't too long before he could spot the large council house.

Artemis was carelessly dragged to the podium where Orion was going to join her shortly. Her hands were tied with ropes, and her mouth was gagged with a napkin.

She hadn't eaten for almost a month, and she didn't have the energy to keep struggling with the tight ropes that limited her movements.

Once she saw Orion, she was marked with joy and relief. The gag in her mouth hindered her from talking the way she wanted to.

During the preliminaries, she wasn't expected to state a word. The chamber only needed Orion to deal with the talking.

When he got up the platform, he was constrained on his knees. He looked up to see the mocking faces of the seated senates, and those coming in late.

There was a strong aura eclipsing those of the Elite beastmen in the hall, and Artemis got to see who the turbulent radiation was emitting from.

Something about the present Demigod horrified the only human amidst Beastmen. Apart from the marks along his sunken red eyes and cheek, the long brown beard that was tied at the end, there was a feature definitely unique about him in a wrong way.

"Orion Remes of the fox clan. You've been rumored to know about Melissa's where about. Since you were her aide, the suspicions must be true. You're also needed to explain what you were doing on earth after losing your position in the council. Your relationship with a human woman also needs to be clarified. As for the child who's been proven to be Contestant 99, further explanation is needed for everyone here to understand why you were travelling with her. Reveal to us how a human formed an Olth, and why we shouldn't kill her like we ought to."

"I don't understand my lord. Is there any need to actually kill her? Her father has paid the price for her misdeeds. Sentencing is more appropriate once the life exchange is done in favor of a person awaiting death. Her father sacrificed his life for her, thus, I totally disagree with a death sentence decision.."

"And what makes you think we're liable for her father's death, and he died because of a life exchange?"

Orion sweat dropped at the possibility he never thought of while Artemis had a hard time believing the words of the demigod.

"You should know her father was killed by the same humans she's fighting for."