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28 Part III . 3

 "You've been of great help Anna" Ma Lari's daughter-in-law praised Anna's efforts, and everyone else in the large dinning hall agreed to the remark.

"I should be thanking all of you for your hospitality despite my partners attitude since his arrival" She put a few plates around the table, and started by serving the children while Ma lari would handle for the grownups.

"Excuse me" She went out through the back door to use the privy while the others blessed their food before eating it.

Orion made his entrance via the doorway, and he could feel the piercing gaze of everyone present in the hall.

"Good evening" it hurt to greet humans, but it had to be done no matter the pain it caused to his ego.

"I'm here to apologize for my rudeness and not coming to help out during the day." He lifted his shirt to show them deep wounds that were supposed to have completely healed, but the poison in him was prevailing.

The gasp that swept the room faded once his shirt was dropped to cover the unpleasing site. He figured out it was best to show them when Anna wasn't around, but she was peeping from a concealed corner.

He couldn't bring himself to bow, but he'd chosen to verbalize his apology "I'm sorry for my attitude. I'm sorry if I caused any one harm. Despite my injuries, I will still work. I'm not telling you all this to evoke your pitiful side, and I'm not expecting myself to be let off the hook. I didn't contribute to anything today, therefore I won't eat. Tomorrow, I will do any task assigned to me. You have my words. Excuse me" He closed the door shut as he left, and silence was dominant in the atmosphere for a while.

Anna couldn't eat. Knowing that Orion would sleep on an unfilled stomach made her lose appetite. She had to plead further on his behalf.

"Come dear" Ma Lari called, and she quickly went to answer "yes ma'am" The old lady handed her a bowl full of fried fish and veggie stew "Take it to him."

Anna looked around, and it seemed like Orion had finally accepted. Her eyes brimmed with tears as her grin went rosy "Thank you so much."


"You saw didn't you?" Anna wasn't going to deny it.

"I'm sorry" She was apologizing for everything "please eat something tonight."

"Did you beg them for my sake?"

Anna shook her head No. I surmise we're all on acceptable footing now."

She sat beside him on the bed "Ma Lari recommended I use body wraps and ointment mixtures for you."

He shunned her suggestion completely "flimsy human remedies don't work for me."

"Can we please try?" Orion sighed in defeat. He didn't want cracking sobs that night.

She wrapped him with straps soaked in organic salves, and a sense of satisfaction overwhelmed her as she did so.

Once she was done wrapping his arms and chest, he put his shirt on and laid back on the bed almost forgetting about his food that was going cold.

He ate like she wanted him to, and the moment he was done, she crowned his efforts with an unexpected kiss. Their lips locked for a while, and soon he had his hands all over her body.

"I'm sorry for my words" If there was something she was glad about, it was the fact that his relationship with humans had increase, and he'd learned how to be tolerant as well as comfortable around them.

"It's alright. All that matters is that we're happy". She pecked his lips before she laid next to him "Goodnight my love" She blew out the candle, and the whole room went dark.


Puffy clouds move in the morning sky, kissed into splendid white by the sun. The winged artists started to sing songs from the treetops of the woodland that extended before Orion like a blanket of green. The slopes rose and fell like mammoth waves on a gentle sea.

Orion stood to admire his freshly cleaved pile of kindling wood. With both hands on the small of his back he straightened up, and turned his face to the sun. The fact that he was doing better than the humans was self satisfactory. He was sure they were envious of his strength. They were bound to praise him for his efforts in felling the trees they were hoarding for winter.

Work was divided between the males, and they were paired up for hunting, woodcutting, weeding, fishing, and cultivation.

"You're doing well sir" Orion looked down at the male he didn't want to be paired with. The same person that was talking to Anna the other day.

The foxman pretended as id he didn't hear the youngster, and went to wash his sweat-soaked face.

The boy was following behind him with a lot of questions to ask. Some mostly about the scars he assumed was from battle experience.

"Sir, do you by chance have any battle experience?"

"Yes why?" Orion drew water water from the stream and poured it on his face before whipping his hands to aid a faster drying process.

"I want to have muscles just like you, but I'm too weak and thin."

"How is that my problem?" He said before walking back to his stockpile with the persistent boy following behind him.

"Why did they give you a task like this. You might as well join the women in the kitchen. Do something your little arms were made for" Orion was taunting, and motivating him to surprise everyone and himself at the same time.

The boy was moved to assure Orion he'd get muscles like him some day.

"I'll show you just how strong I am!!!" He hauled the lumber instead of getting it pulled by the oxens that were available just like Orion did.

It wasn't long before the boy gave up. On a normal day, he would've crushed the little high spirit he had left, but he surprised himself and the boy by giving him a pat on the back "You did well."


Orion and the boy that was named Yves went back to meet a large table loaded with delicacies.

The kids had already finished the omelette they were served, and seated around the table was the adults that hadn't eaten.

The moment the loggers slid into their chairs,  they were served a platter of roasted beef slices, and sweet sauce.

The other pairs were shocked to see Yves on the table with them. Other days he wouldn't be able to complete his task by himself. They were shocked by the unexpected change. They weren't so sure of whom to give the appropriate praises, the young boy or Orion.

Since Orion was done for the day, he thanked the women then went back to the cottage. He hadn't seen Anna ever since he left to venture the woods. He was eager to see her again.

"Orion" She ran into his arms, and she placed a light kiss on his lips "Thank You for your efforts so far" She was happy he was changing gradually.

"Have you eaten?" she nodded with a smile on her face, and he kissed her again.

"Do you want to drink tonight? The merchant coming today trades wine to Ma Lari, and she wants us to taste it."

Orion shrugged "I don't mind as long as its good booze."


"Have you seen those two love birds anywhere?" Ma lari noticed how long Anna and Orion were taking to join those that were eligible to drink.

"They're by the river. They want to drink there and enjoy their evening together" Someone that had seen them together decided to speak up about their whereabouts.


"You're drunk already?" The lady placed her head on his laps, while his feet kicked the river slowly.

"You win again!" She huffed, and the foxman smiled as she turned to see his face from her point of view "You're so gorgeous" she chuckled afterwards.

"You're beautiful"

She grimaced "if you were totally drunk you'd be telling the truth by now."

"Drunk or not drunk I'll tell you how beautiful you are to me, over and over again."

Ma Lari walked in on them when they were about to kiss for the millionth time that day.

"It's getting late don't you think?" She smiled as Orion got up almost stumbling with Anna. He thought that it was best to actually go inside before he gets completely drunk, and does what he didn't want to imagine.

"Thank you for the wine" He appreciated her before lifting Anna into his arms. From the cottage door he was struggling to open, Ma Lari could see his ears that popped out before he closed the door behind him.

"My ears" He didn't know when they popped out, but he didn't really mind it. There was no way he couldn've been seen.

"Orion, I wish our life can be like this forever!!!"

"Calm down" She shook her head "I don't want to. I want to he excited forever" she pulled Orion to the room they both shared then pushed him to the bed.

"Anna..." He guessed what she wanted, but he couldn't consent to it. "Don't do this to yourself."

Tears began to stream from her eyes, and Orion pulled the drunk lady into his arms "I was careful not to get too carried away with the beer because I was afraid this will happen."

"But we're free from anything. Free from the rules. We have a good place to stay Orion. I don't mind any of this. I don't mind a relationship with you. I want to know what it's like to do this with someone I love. Don't refuse me Orion. This is all I ask."

He wasn't perfectly sober. Truth be told, he wanted it too. He wanted her under him, but he was fighting the urge to. He couldn't risk getting her pregnant, and now his body was in heat, it was inevitable.

"What if I get you pregnant?"

"I'd love you and our child until the end of time.. I'm not afraid. We're not in your planet. There are no cases of hybrids on earth, most happen in Sol."

She was actually right.

"I know you're going to bring that little girl back, and I'm sure you're going to come back home to me. I'll be waiting for you. Our baby will be waiting for you as well."

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In the room that is twilight and shadow, Orion stood close enough for Anna to breathe in his scent. His arms were folded over her back, closing the distance between them.

He felt her hands in his white hair, how she loves the softness, watching it tumble as she released it from the band it was packed with.

Anna grabbed the back of Orion's neck, before slamming her lips into his. His lips felt so gentle, so warm, she felt her hands begin to slide up his chest as the kiss began to grow heavy, more intense, and fiery.

Within a second they're on the bed again, looking into each other's deep eyes. The side of his thighs are pressed against hers, and he showered her body with kisses that left warmth behind after every touch. She surrendered completely to the foxman, sinking into the bliss of the heat from his brawny body.

She'd wanted it for so long, craved his flesh, his tongue tasting her breath. Her toes curled from her thoughts, and she didn't notice what he was about to do until he unexpectedly lunged inside her.

"Are you okay?"

"Mhm" She was concentrating again. Concentrating on him, aching for him to proceed.

As Orion's hands moved over her skin, her body had a transitory paralysis, unable to process the pleasure which passed so swiftly over her, and with his sharp fangs, his teeth sank into her fleshiest parts.

With every move he made, Anna could tell he was holding back.

"Orion...what's the matter?"

"I don't want to get you hurt"

"Can you ever hurt me?" Her hand stroked his cheek as he paused.

"You say you're used to everything. You're not used to a beastman. Are you?"

She shook her head, but her smile was still kept in place "I'll get used to this over time."

There was no 'over time', no 'next time' It was their last night together.

The foxman started moving again, faster, branding the blaze of pleasure deeper into her. She whimpered at the intensity of his speed. Having sex with him was different, she'd never anticipated a man's touch before, but she wanted every single thing her lover had to offer.

She wondered what made it so unique, and euphoric. Was it because she loved him? The fact he was a beastman? The fact he was good in bed? She couldn't wrap her fingers around what really made their contact amazing. All she was sure about was that she wanted him every second of the day.

She was snapped out of her thoughts the moment she was flipped over. She raised her hip, and he rammed into her, making her fall weakly on her elbows. Her mouth parted to release a moan she tried to lower because of how quiet the environment was. But the squeaking of the bed wasn't making things better for them.

His grip around her waist was firm. His head was angled back as the overwhelming sensation continued to send electric sparks to every inch of his tensed body.

The sheets wrinkled in her hands, as she buried her face into the feathery pillow, muffling the loud moans that were about to pour out because of the rapid thrusts that were setting her insides on fire.

Anna knew he wasn't stopping anytime soon, and she was free to release her honeyed flow whenever she couldn't deal with the sensation of the pain mingled with ecstasy.

However, things were just getting and Orion's animal self was now on the loose.