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10 Part II

 "Well, You and Melissa are at fault for the change of rules. Sol was displeased with what she'd done, and a bill was passed to forestall women and children, regardless of their enchantment levels from taking part in the games. Both your mistakes were generalized and now it's for adult males only."

The fox sat on the ground then crossed his legs. . He bolstered his chin on his hand and his honey colored eyes stared intensely at her.

"You're the only human I know that has some sort of magical ability and it's all because of pity. All things considered, that is from my own perspective. Melissa handed you a certain percentage of her powers because it was needed for you to survive. Believe me, I kicked against it, but she was too interested in you and someone called Mario. A human she fell in love with."

"A beastman...fell in love with a Human?" Artemis didn't think that actually existed. She thought it was a complete myth because of its rarity and how much the two worlds abhorred one another.

"It's strange I know. It's a concept I despise."

"Why exactly?"

"It's not important. Now back to your powers. I made a promise to her before she went into hiding because right now, the Sol government is looking everywhere for her."

"Where did she go?"

"You don't need to know that!"

Artemis laid her back on the grass covered ground "Since I'm not allowed to compete anymore, can you please stab me?"

Orion face palmed himself "I wish I was given permission to do so but I promised to watch over you. Don't think I care about your wellbeing, All I'm doing is according to the wishes of Melissa. Honestly, your kind disgusts me and I don't like you humans one bit!"

"We don't like your kind as well" She stuck her tongue out and it irritated the foxman for a split second.

"Now that you've both made it clear that you don't like each other. I have to examine both your stats" The Olth popped out of nowhere and was grabbed by Orion who gave it a squeeze that seized its lungs.

"Permission to kill it?"

Artemis shook her head "Tell me what it is first."

"This here is an Olth. An androgynous parasite that forms once magic is awakened. It is tradition for you to reap its head off because they're completely useless. All they do is eat your food and cling to your body all day."

"I don't mind" Artemis shrugged,"I think I'll name it...hmm...Ryu!!!" The tiny creature was let go and it floated to give Artemis's finger a hug.

"Thank you, Artemis" It then turned to the fox and held up its middle finger feeling fulfilled as a blaze of annoyance showed on the fox's face.

Orion was trying his best to be Friendly, and it wasn't easy for him to conceal his disgust. He didn't like talking to humans because of the natural sense of superiority. The sight of Artemis made him sick from the ends of his hair to the nails on his toes. Everything about her was filthy and it made his stomach turn in reaction to how someone could be so comfortable looking like coal.

Growing up, Artemis learned about love only, but this girl covered in ash was colored with hate.

Behind the calm expression of hers, she was holding down fury welling in her heart because there was no one or anything to pour her frustration on.

Orion telling her about the powers she inherited from the previous demigod made her feel like what was happening was something like a redemption call.

Orion could judge by the looks on her face that whatever she had in mind made her more alive than her previous appearance.

She pulled out her Father's necklace from the little pocket of her dress. She was going to have revenge on all of them, and she'd start with the foxman, the closest beastman in range.

She promised herself to become stronger one way or another, and she wouldn't rest until they're all beaten. It won't just end with a few broken bones, no, she wouldn't stop until the blood of beastmen on her hands are many.

Artemis didn't have a clue how, but she was sure, she'd destroy everyone single one of them. She'd erase all the beastmen from the universe and taste sweet victory.

For the time being, she just had to tolerate the fox until she's sufficiently able to kill him and carry on with her mission.

"I WANT TO EXAMINE YOUR STATS!!!" Their attention was called by the cranky Olth that was prepared to peruse their skill levels.

"Orion, Age 46?!"

Ryu and Artemis were stunned. They didn't expect him to be that old. They thought he was still a teen, or maybe in his early twenties. He was even older than Noah by ten years but he didn't look it.

The shock registered on their face made Orion stifle a small laugh, "We fox are quite beautiful beings aren't we?" He winked proudly and his two foes jealously rolled their eyes.

"Your health is currently an S+, that is twenty-four thousand health points. Your magic meter reads thirty thousand, your strength is twenty thousand, your skills and achievement, are six S+, six A's and one F"



Name: Orion - "I am the beautiful being of the fox clan, disrespect Melissa and you die."

Age: 46

Race: Beastman

Tribe: Fay

Clan: Fox

HP: 24k

MM: 30k

S: 20k

# Skills #


















"Now for Artemis..." Ryu turned towards the girl and read out the little she had.

"Your health is one out of ten, your magic is a minor point, your strength is five, your skills are a few and some are graded C."

Artemis puffed her cheeks as she folded her arms "Well, that sucks." She knew it wasn't going to be easy, but at least she thought she'd have a decent head start

"Your willpower is an A that's a gold thing!" Ryu's main job was to motivate the girl and prove Orion wrong about Olths being useless.


Name: Artemis Rivera - "I'm on a path to redeem myself!'

Race: Currently unknown

Age: 12

Tribe: Morbon

HP: 1/10

Magic: 0.5


Craft D

Willpower A

Athletics D

Rapport B

Intellect C

Endurance E

"Artemis the reason you survived the fire was because of your endurance ability which contains heat resistance, the only one you've unlocked so far" The Olth back flipped and landed on Artemis right shoulder.

"Why is my race unknown? I'm human...I can't be anything else!"

"Calm down Artemis you're still human. The system is only for beastmen of ages 1-6 who just awakened their powers. My system recognizes powers, but not the human race."

Artemis' stomach growled shortly after the Olths words.

"Artemis please find something to eat" Ryu suggested then swiftly pointed its tiny fingers towards the Fox "Hey! Help Artemis out. Isn't that why you're here?"

"I'm not getting paid for this now, am I?"

"Are you just going to let her starve?!"

"Likely," He said with a smirk "But if she begs me maybe I can consider."

"Never!" She charged away from the proud fox and followed the course of a stream. Ryu struggled to catch up with Artemis, and the two of them headed into the woods.

Artemis waded into an olive colored river at the core of the forest. A place she could see the prospering underwater wildlife.

She was willing to do things by herself if Orion keeps insisting she begs.

Her attitude was just to make it clear to the fox and any other beastman that might come by. She wasn't under anyone, and would fight to avoid any oppression even if it costs her life.

"I'll go help you find worms" Ryu floated to search around for what Artemis could use as bait.

Yeah , you do that," Artemis replied.

She was close to blacking out, but she had to do this simple task to prove to Orion how much she could endure.

She moved her hand In the river hoping a fish would fall for the fake bait method. When the fish moves forward to bite, She'd grab it and hurl it to the river bank.

Ryu returned with a dismal face "I'm sorry Artemis, I was unable to lift up the stones and I'm actually terrified of bugs" Thoughts about the slimy, appalling small insects made Ryu shiver.

Artemis didn't say Anything, her attention was fixed at the flowing water as she patiently waited for a fish to come by.

What she learnt from her father was that she had to wait for at least fifteen minutes before her hand would be at the same temperature with the surrounding. By then any close fish would have difficulties differentiating her fingers from other objects in the river.

It was her first time noodling, and she was a bit sure she'd get it right.

"You can do it Artemis. And please don't get hypothermia!!!" Ryu was doing what she could do best, support.

Once a fish gripped at her finger, she bit her lip at the sting. She let her hand stay put in the fishes mouth then gradually pulled it towards her.

She acted fast as she held it by the gills where she could get an easier grip and made her way out of the river.

"Artemis you did it and your survival skill went up a point" From reading her stats, Ryu could tell Artemis skills had increased but her health declined significantly.

Nausea crept in Artemis stomach. Her legs were tired of carrying her weight around all day.

"Artemis?!" Ryu watched the girl stumble after taking her last step. She laid on the damp ground, as still as a corpse, barely breathing at all.