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7 Chapter 2 Promises

 In the preparation room of Hall B, Artemis was told she was the first to fight, but they kept who she was battling a secret.

The girl had a hard time getting along with the human contestants. Whenever she tried talking to them, they'd walk away without hearing what she had to say. Even when some of them listened, they'd reply with a brief chuckle at her ideas.

She only wanted them to team up and support one another but the poor girl didn't understand the God game concept. Humans will kill humans as well, and if she ever gets to that point (which is 99.9% impossible), She'll have human blood on her hands.

The gate was opened and once Artemis's number was called by the commentator, she advanced towards the field where she would either succeed or fail.

The commentators welcomed her as well as the Orc coming out from hall A.

Artemis could tell the sallow monster was angry for a reason she didn't know. It was her first time seeing what the beastmen called an abnormal. A malevolent race that was constantly looked down on. The Orc stared back at her with its big black eyes set within its socket.

She observed him and he returned the favour by examining her as well. The orc was an eyesore for the child to look at. He was very similar to the star actors of the nightmares she's had in the past.

The twenty-year-old orc was named Grazob, someone who was known as the weakest in his clan. Some say he's as weak as the goblins and shouldn't have signed up for the tournament.

Goblins never register because they know they don't stand a chance against the other tribes. Grazob was advised to have done the same but he refused that because he knew he was not a goblin and scorned when he was compared with them. His bloodline was strong and his aim in the tournament was to prove that.

The hairless orc with blotchy skin of various green shades remained at the required distance with his arms folded over his chest as he waited for the drum to be hit three times.

'Why an orc?' Artemis quietly asked herself as she looked through her leather bag for anything that could help. She only had small knives, a wooden shield, and an axe she stole from Nadir that couldn't outmatch Grazob's large curved sword. A heavy armour was required to decrease the damage a hit from the sword would cause, but she didn't have one. She couldn't afford the cheapest leather armour with the couple of bronze her dad gave her.

Regardless of her stated misfortune, she gathered up the confidence she needed after she armed herself with the few weapons she managed to have.

Grazob was amused, and so were the spectators. What did that human child have in store for them?

Once the drum was hit the third time, With a mighty cry, the little girl dashed towards the orc who remained fixed in his position.

Her agile movement wasn't better than that of a snail. It was clear the human child had no combat skill and she foolishly signed up for what would kill her. There was no mercy on the battlefield, thus, demise was inescapable

Grazob set his foot In the way, she tripped over and fell square on her face. The bloodthirsty crowd burst into laughter, not only at her but Grazob as well.

The cruel mocking laugh pierced the air and the orc took his time to analyze the faces he could see. Tears gathered at the corner of their eyes, some had tears streaming down their faces, their fingers pointed feebly at his direction and some were clapping uncontrollably. He was insulted and fed up of the boisterous laughter that buzzed ceaselessly in his ears.

"OH LOOK! GRAZOB FINALLY MET SOMEONE HE COULD DEFEAT!!!" One out of the ten commentators screamed at the top of his lungs causing the hysterical laughter to multiply a dozen times more. In contrast to the crowd, Melissa didn't find anything funny but a complete waste of her time.

If she could walk out on the match she'd have done so but it was just her final duties as a demigod and she had to respect that.

"ENOUGH!!!" The crowd hushed in amusement, the Orc finally let his anger escape.

For long Grazob had been swallowing his rage, permitting people to taunt him because he didn't have the chance to show his value. Now he had it, he couldn't bear to squander the opportunity.

He comprehended what he was doing when he signed up for the contest. He didn't do it to be paired with a lowly human, he signed up to show everybody his true strength and he'd do everything conceivable to accomplish that.

His eyes flicked from the crowd to Artemis who was struggling to get back on her feet.

"You've made a fool out of me you stupid human!" His raw voice was just as brutal as the punch that collided with her cheekbone, almost making her head turn more than an average three sixty degrees.

The child stumbled, nearly losing consciousness but sadly for her, the orc was just getting started.

Grazob grabbed hold of her arms and lifted her into the mid-air. She swung her legs with the little strength she had hoping she'd manage to hit him, but her kicks were like mere mosquito bites on his skin.

He pulled on her arms and she could hear the tearing sound of her ligaments tear, and the breaking of her bones followed. She was in so much pain, her complexion ashen. Her natural skin tone had turned so spooky like her spirit had just been sucked out.

She was released from the Orc's crushing grip and when she thought he was done, his foot dropped on her back causing an influx of pain to suddenly come crashing over her.

Artemis' mind screamed when her mouth failed to give a response. He continued to stomp on the child making her spine smoulder and from the crowd, she could hear the growing laughs again. This time, it was only a poisonous arrow of mockery aimed at her foolishness.

Her tongue soaked in the taste of blood and all she could think about at that moment was her father who must've been worried sick. He had all rights to be. She was a goner.

The human contestants saw it coming, and they didn't see any reason to feel sorry for her. That's the so-called beauty of the battlefield after all.

Artemis could no longer move. In spite of her many attempts to stand up, she didn't have the strength to support her weight.

Her body didn't require consent before it had chosen to surrender. It just laid there waiting for the finishing blow which went against the wishes of the child's mind. Her last resort was pity but the sardonic grin of the orc was a hint that there was no hope of getting that.

She wondered why humans suffered so much. She couldn't comprehend why things had to end up badly for her kind. She came to sol because she had humanity in her mind and heart. She wasn't fighting for herself alone but for everyone that was facing damnation all because of the beastmen.

'God raindrop favours everyone that does good, but rebukes the wicked and greedy'

That was all a lie. Nothing but a lie. Everything she was taught in the chapel was bogus. God raindrop couldn't have cared less about humankind. He deserted them in the hands of a stronger race. Believing in the raindrop brought nothing but disappointment and she got to know that the hard way.

"The poor kid thought pity exists in the arena" The lizard man she was acquainted with chuckled at her misfortune as he watched in anticipation for the Orc to finally reap her head off and take home the souvenir.

The orc had other plans, he would squash the body of the human and put an end to her misery at once. Artemis's sorrowful eyes came to a close as her final countdown began. The faces of the crowd must've been plastered with an ink of excitement and other emotions similar to it. Her death was what they wanted, and they were going to get it.

"God raindrop in case you're out there and in the event that you can hear me. Someone or something please help me" That was her last wish. Whatever followed would be misfortune or the opposite.

Melissa had her eyes on this frail human who had zero to nothing percent of potential, she wasn't a bit special but she reminded her of the only human she cared about.

"Promise me...when that one human comes, you'll help them anyway you can. Just give my people a chance. Give humanity a fair fight," she had a flashback of him, Mario, her human slave that was different from all the others she came across.

Melissa didn't think that a tiny girl would be the one Mario spoke about before he died.

Would she really be the one to save humanity? From the looks of it, she had no chance. But it was very similar to Mario's case. They both harped on nothing but Luck and still got the same outcome from it.

"Just give my people a chance" His fading voice replayed in her head and it forced her to stand up.

From the platform her cushioned seat was positioned, she jumped down to intervene and everyone's gaze except Artemis' who'd passed out was, switched to her.

Grazob's face was washed blank with disarray as his forehead wrinkled. He went on his knees to acknowledge her presence and the spectators sat tight for what was going to happen next.

"My lord-" Melissa's Fist suddenly connected with his jaw, and for the first time she was surprised by the pain she felt in her arm. The punch was that much of an unplanned hit.

Blood pooled in the mouth of the orc as he glared at the demigod who was his new opponent.

She seemed rather relaxed, unlike him that was ready to throw a tantrum. 'If I defeat her, I'll become the new God and everyone will see just how strong I am'  He was ready to seize the opportunity he was having in a tight grip. She was a mere Elf, he was sure he could take her on.

With her two hands, she grasped his head and brought her knee cap up to his nose, staining her pretty dress with the liquid leaking from his nostrils. He drew his fist back without thinking, and the Elf swiftly dodged by moving her head to the side, then she returned a blow of her own. It ploughed into his stomach, smashing his guts together and bursting his blood vessels. She continued the fast battering with a speed that could outmatch lightning until the orc collapsed.

The elf didn't even use her magic on him and he died from an approximate use of one percent of her strength. He truly was weaker than an average goblin.

Melissa carried Artemis in her arms and left the field. The jubilant crowd of before was now filled with mutters and whispers but the demigod didn't care of what they'll think of her, what the senates had to say, and she wouldn't and never listened to her assistant's perspective.

The demigod headed for the medic room, a special area for contenders who sought healing. She happened to meet the irritating Fox, Orion who speculated she'd stop by.

"My lord! What were you thinking!?" Orion started with his usuals, nagging.

Melissa rolled her eyes as she laid the child on the bed and waited for someone to attend to her.

"Everyone's going to be talking now. What you did was wrong. You mediated in a fight and you did it for the human side. You said you don't have pity for humans but I guess you do. This proves it."

"You're right. I lied. I do have a soft side for humans like Mario..."

Orion was more than disappointed. He couldn't understand why Melissa cared so much about the human race and why she'd go that far to save one.

A smile crept on the face of the Elf "She's a pretty child."

"MELISSA ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME AT ALL!!!" Orion raised his voice for the first time since the ten years he'd been with her.

"I'm sorry, but I don't care what you have to say. Go call someone working with the healing  team"

He didn't move.

"Very well. you're dismissed" She snapped her fingers and Orion was back in his beastman form again. After ten years of wait, he was finally released from the spell she cast.

He went on his knees immediately "My Lord, I don't have the foggiest idea why you're settling on choices like these without thinking. I won't say I'm not happy about being back to normal, I am very glad I can move legs like other males in my clan. What I don't comprehend is the reason you needed to do this for a human. Kid or not...Just tell me why" his orbs darted from the floor to the seat that was now vacant. She was gone.

Orion glanced at the child on the bed. 'What's so special about her?'

In less than three minutes, Melissa returned with a goblin she'd compelled to follow her. The small creature had cast several healing spells on the girl whose life was dangling on a very thin thread.

While the healing was going on, Orion grabbed the demigod by her arm and led her out of the room.

"Where are you taking me you damn Fox?" She questioned as she was being dragged to a place the foxman had in mind. He pushed her in before locking them both in the storeroom with a small window for ventilation.

"My lord I'm begging you. Explain to me. Why her?"

"I didn't do it for her... I did it for Mario. She was just like him. I guess she's the one. No, I'm certain she Is the one."

Orion was growing more perplexed. He wondered what had gotten into the woman that seemed to find humans so poisonous, why she changed so suddenly and what the unknown Mario had to do with it.

"If you'll excuse me..." She was about to walk away when Orion hindered her movements by standing in her way.

"Orion don't make me hit you."

"Then you should because I'm not letting you leave without answering me. Melissa just who are you?" Orion wasn't talking as someone who was assigned to work for her, but as a friend. That's how he's always seen the elf, as his friend.

"It's a long story Orion. I made a promise to a human, and It's time for me to fulfill it."

"What promise and why? Please tell me" She could tell how eager he was by the sound of his voice and the troubled look on his face.

"I want to understand you Melissa. Help me achieve that."

"I made a promise with someone I think I loved. It was was a human, and his dying wish was for me to support mankind."

His eyes widened "you fell in love?" Listening to that made him feel envious of the minor human.

She didn't want to remember in details what occurred the day of the ninety eight competition. She'd kept those memories sealed up for the past ten years, and all of a sudden they're making their grand entrance into her mind again.

Orion embraced her. He thought it was needed at that moment. He'd never seen Melissa cry before and the cause was just as shocking. A human meant so much to her that she'd cry a river for his sake.

"Melissa, how are you possibly going to save humanity? I know why you want to do it but it's not something that would merit our kind. Who knows what the humans will do to us."

"The humans won't do anything to us. Just because one human will stand out doesn't mean they all will. The Senates are all beastmen, there'd be a limit the human can do. I just want to fulfill that promise! I don't care about anything else." Now she finally understood herself and the role she played. She became a demigod to favour humanity and she was going to pass down those responsibilities, even if it meant putting her life and powers on the line.

Mario's wish would come true one way or another as long as humanity lives.