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Sweet Rustic Love: Four Brothers“ Wife

Author: Nian Yishang

Lastchapter: 726 This Was Really Just Too Much!

Updated: 2020-08-10 00:32

726 This Was Really Just Too Much!
725 He Even Seemed To Be Smiling From The Corner Of His Mouth?
724 How Is This Woman So Thick-Skinned?
723 Miss Wang, Can You Explain Yourself?
722 She Could Not Make Sense Of What Her Lady Was Plotting
721 What An Honor!
720 As Stubborn As A Herd Of Ten Oxen!
719 She Would Get What She Wished For
718 Ling Was Such A Nice Fellow!
717 She Didnt Succeed The Last Time But She Still Wanted To Scheme?
716 Never Went Away, From The Time She Came Till Now.
715 Good Morning? What Time Was It Already?
714 Laugh Foolishly?
713 Even If He Had Something To Say There Was No Need To Make Ling Leave, Right?
712 Little Duo, Do You Like It? Are You Satisfied With It?
711 Things Of Pleasure, Naturally!
710 He Did Not Mean This Kind Of Sleep!
709 He Felt Around With His Hands To Unbutton Them
708 Yang, What Time Is It Now?
707 Wasnt It Just Two Paintings? What Was There To Look At?
706 Was It Something He Said?
705 Little Duo Isnt Stupid, Little Duo Is Smart.
704 The Two Of You Need To Show Some Restraint!
703 She Didnt Want That.
702 Hid The Real Reason From Her
701 Could Not Hide Forever
700 Who Knew That Would Work In Their Favor
699 This Was A Once-In-A-Lifetime Miracle!
698 Of Course Im Not... Or Am I? Haha...
697 How Embarrassing Would That Be?
696 Why Would He Take Part In It?
695 Of Course It Isnt Right!
694 Roll, My Ass!
693 Could He Be Talking About The Rooms Upstairs?
692 This Was Not Normal
691 Mo, Are You Rushing To The Exam?
690 Embarrassing But Hopeful At The Same Time
689 Oh, Alrigh
688 They Went Out Together, Yet She Came Back Alone?
687 She Believed Ye Yang Wouldnt Deceive Her
686 Could They Still Have A Cheerful Chat?
685 Let Ling Marry Li Chunmei? Marry My Ass!
684 Why Didnt He Go With The Others To Purchase Tomatoes Today?
683 Where Did All These Whys Come From?
682 Obviously, How Many Times Had This Happened?
681 Fake?
680 Looks Are Inborn, No One Can Control Tha
679 Flattering Photos Had Yet To Exist In This Era
678 Gave Him A Thumbs Up
677 When The Conversation Gets Disagreeable, To Say One Word More Is A Waste Of Breath.
676 But He Just Pretended He Didnt See Her?
675 Why…
674 At Least Not Now!
673 She Truly Had No Sense Of Shame!
672 Your Every Wish Is My Command
671 I Dare You To Say That Again!
670 Better To Confirm
669 Alright, You Firs
668 No Longer Pulled A Long Face And Thought Things Through
667 I Already Know. They Can Just Go By Themselves
666 What She Did Two Years Ago?
665 She Took Two Steps Back Again As She Spoke
664 What A Joke!
663 Mo, Speak Properly!
662 Ye Liu Smiled Like An Idio
661 You Talk Too Much!
660 All Grown Up
659 Havent Seen Him In A While
658 In Other Words, You Can Leave Now
657 Hah, Mo Actually Knew To Get A Supplementary Meal?
656 It Made Him Really Want To Enter…
655 Take A Look?
654 This Brat Is Finally Afraid?
653 Do You Mean You Want There To Be Something Wrong?
652 Slap
651 Liu Duo Would Never Give Him a Chance!
650 Wifes Commandments?
649 When Did He Learn To Say Something Like That?
648 How Rude And Disrespectful!
647 My Job Of Drawing For Your Tailor Shop Is No Longer Safe.
646 It Was Obvious The Boss Didnt Like His Spouse.
645 Sigh… Where The Hell Did This Missy Who Is Bossing Me Around Come From?!
644 Thats Also Fine, Bring Two Gifts Next Time!
643 Going Around Randomly? Who Was He Trying To Fool!
642 Quite A Sprinter
641 I Look Hideous
640 He Wanted To Punch Him So Badly!
639 Come On, Lie With Me For A While
638 They Could Not Possibly Win
637 Speaking Softly Was Not His Style
636 In The Blink Of An Eye, The Night Passed And The Day Arrived.
635 Duo Er, Im Here
634 It Was Really Too Funny
633 ?
632 I-
631 His Face A Bright Crimson
630 The Rogues Of This House Have Mastered The Art Of Being Thick-Skinned!
629 How Many Times Can One Roll Their Eyes In One Day!?
628 Am I Right, Our Lady Of The House?
627 Boohoo
626 He Chased Her Out Again!
625 Err… Its Purely Because I Made A Mistake!
624 Are You Unable To Move?
623 Ill Bathe Later
622 Take Your Own Sweet Time With The Bath!
621 Out!
620 Nothing To Do With You!
619 Broke Into Hysterical Laughter
618 A Clean Hand Wants No Washing!
617 Immediately Shut Up
616 She Wouldnt Make The Same Mistake Twice
615 Apologize To Chunmei
614 Otherwise, Dont Blame Me If I Get Physical With You!
613 I Will Put All Of You In Your Graves!
612 Such Eloquence!
611 Love Whatever She Loved, At Least In Front Of Others
610 A Suggestive Expression
609 Could She Have Been Too Forceful?
608 She Felt Ill At Ease And Blushed
607 She Swayed It Around And Acted Coquettishly
606 You Guys Dont Have Any Objections, Right?
605 Ye Liu Immediately Followed Her
604 Especially If It Was A Woman Who Asked Him For Help!
603 None Of The Villagers Were Unfamiliar With Each Other
602 Im Fine
601 Liu Duo Smiled At This
600 Would Uncle Do Something Like That?
599 What Did That Have To Do With Him?
598 I Have No Sense Of Shame?
597 Haha…
596 He Was Like A Cannon That Would Go Off No Matter If It Was Lit Or No
595 Felt Extremely Smug!
594 He Is Simply Just Evil…
593 Be A Good Kid And Dont Catch A Cold, Okay?
592 She Could Not Bother Arguing With Him
591 Change Of Pace
590 Liuzi Was Especially Thick-Skinned
589 These Two Were Two Peas In a Pod!
588 This Guys Narcissism Was Going Through The Roof!
587 You Have The Right To Do With It What You Like
586 His Impression Of Him Had Greatly Improved!
585 Be Careful, The Road Is Slippery
584 Its Acceptable
583 View The World While Lying Down
582 I Dont Want To Teach You!
581 Ruthless?
580 This Was Karma
579 Liu Duo Nodded
578 Such a Hassle With An Umbrella In One Hand
577 He Was Very Nervous
576 He Did What He Did. He Deserves It.
575 Although He Didnt Know Why Shed Come, It Definitely Wasnt For Something Good
574 The Charm Of A Woman Really Makes One Lazy
573 Huh?
572 Guessed She Learned Something!
571 Goodnigh
570 Good That Youre Not Scared
569 As Hungry As A Wolf!
568 Was He Apologizing To Her?
567 Walked Towards Ye Mo
566 Stupid
565 Ugh…
564 Would They Just Stop It Already!
563 Was She Planning On Staying Overnight In Town?
562 Draw A Person Then
561 Not Feeling Hot At All
560 Be Friends
559 Have Your Forgotten Your Lesson?
558 No Charge
557 That Is True, Of Course
556 There Was No Way They Would Break So Easily
555 Why?
554 Duo Er, I Understand
553 Shes So Unfair
552 Were The Two Bathing Together?
551 Whos In There?
550 Ling, Come And Open The Door
549 Ling, Help Me Get My Coa
548 Do You Like This Even More?
547 Can I?
546 In That Case, Come
545 Hung On Like A Koala
544 Take A Look Little Duo. What Do You Think?
543 So Why Wasnt He Writing?
542 Write A Simple One
541 Ling...
540 Got I
539 My Ears Would Fall Off
538 Well Said
537 Liu Duo Nodded And Also Felt What She Said Was Correc
536 I Dont Need You To Tell Me Tha
535 What Is It?
534 If You Dont Know Then Dont Ask!
533 Err…
532 Isnt This Wonderful?
531 What Else Should I Do? Cry?
530 Nothing Compared To Us
529 Make Yourself At Home
528 Quite A Coincidence
527 He Is Still Sleeping Upstairs
526 Its Alrigh
525 Crazy? Mo Will Show You What Crazy Means
524 What A Joke
523 Is There Something?
522 Work Later
521 Because Shes Undeserving!
520 How Careless!
519 Couldnt Blame Anyone But Herself
518 Jealousy
517 Go On And Keep On Pretending! Theres No Way You Didnt Think About It!
516 Tsk…
515 Why Would I Get Mad?
514 I Cant Be Bothered To Bicker With You!
513 This Was Too Funny
512 Dont Run! You Coward!
511 Sis Is Unusually Generous
510 Not As Estranged
509 The More The Merrier
508 Were Leaving
507 Little Yun…
506 What Exactly Happened That Made Her Go So Far As To Submit An Accusation Paper?
505 Of Course Im Going
504 That Is True Of Course
503 Help You Calm Down...
502 You Have A Problem With That?
501 Untitled
500 Hes Escaped
499 Pleasure To Meet You
498 Otherwise…
497 You Should Just Let It Go…
496 Finished
495 Let Me Go
494 Why Was It Different From What He Had Expected
493 Stop Hitting Him
492 Must Be That Bloody Liu Qing
491 Go Home Firs
490 Im Going With You
489 Thanks For The Information
488 Do You Have To Be Like This?
487 She Was Simply Dreaming!
486 Why Else Do You Think She Came?
485 Grandmother?
484 I Guarantee That, If You Plant Tomatoes This Season, You Wont Lose Any Money
483 Was What He Said Very Funny?
482 Doesnt Matter
481 Stop Barking, Its Still Daytime
480 Let Me Help You
479 The Ox Gets Tired, But The Field Doesnt!
478 Calm Down, Calm Down
477 Liu Wants To Hear I
476 Your Slap Hurts So Much
475 She Deliberately Answered As Though She Didnt Understand
474 Shed Give Him The Cold Shoulder For A While
473 Speak Of The Devil
472 Let Me Fan You
471 Her Lips Twitched
470 She Was Not Falling For I
469 Why?
468 Teasing Him
467 Extinguish My Anger?
466 Wasnt She Taking An Afternoon Nap? Where Was She?
465 The Sound Of That Okay…
464 If He Didnt Want To Say It, Fine
463 Oh My God
462 She Wouldnt Believe It!
461 Bouncy Too
460 Lowly Scumbag
459 Ill Deal With You Later
458 Thank You
457 As People Say, The More You Are Exposed To Something, The More Normal It Becomes
456 Ice Cubes?
455 You Better Be More Serious!
454 Errr...
453 You Made Me Mad!
452 Wait For Me
451 Want To Wear Them Soon!
450 Whatever You All Say
449 To Marry A Fine Man Is A Fair Maidens Goal!
448 What?
447 What For?
446 This Is For Being Shameless And Acting Like A Hooligan
445 Here, Eat It, Quickly!
444 Get Away From Me, Its So Damn Ho
443 Borrow Money?
442 A Delicate Attack?
441 Sure, Go Ahead!
440 Mustnt Stop Taking Medicine!
439 She Really Wanted To Sleep Right Now
438 Certainly
437 Yes, Understood
436 Was This Bastard Transformed From Tang Sanzhang?
435 I Want You To Choose For Me
433 Duo Er, What Happened To Your Hand
432 Mo, Stop Messing Around And Go To Sleep
431 Lets Make Some Babies!
430 So Tiring!
429 Why So Shrewish?
428 Family Relations
427 Delicious
426 It Was So Annoying, But She Actually Said It Was Cute?
425 Lets go back to the room and sleep
424 Okay Then.
423 Guess? It Was So Obvious. What Was There To Guess?
422 In Any Case, My Sister Is Gentle
421 Yes, Sirs, Ill Get The Water Now
420 Yes, Sir
419 Why Have They Changed Teachers?
418 Eat!
417 Yes, Yes, Yes, You Didnt Invite Me, Im The Narcissist!
416 Me? Stop them? Ha…
415 Matchmaker?
414 This Bastard Needs To Be Hit For His Revolting Behavior!
413 "You Really Know How To Talk!
412 How Could Discussing It Make One Know Its Pleasures?
411 Roll Up Your Pants
410 Keep Calm And Stay Cool
409 Tired?
408 Waiting For Me?
407 Take It Off, If You Must!
406 That Would Be Impossible
405 The Two Of You Quickly Go Accompany The Silly Girl
404 Yang Said To Do So
403 And You?
402 Ling, You Stay At Home
401 Yangs Waiting For You At The Bamboo Fores
400 Yang Will Continue Instead
399 Because Little Duo Is A Girl
398 Getting Discovered By Yang Means Im Dead!
397 It Turned Out To Be Ye Liu?
396 He Was Anticipating It Greatly!
395 You Look Anxious. Yang Will Teach You…
394 He, However, Didnt Let Go
393 She Didnt Hear It Wrong, Right?
392 When Brothers Worked Together, There Would Certainly Be Rewards!
391 Ring Around Your Lover, Circle Around Your Hear
390 Why Are You All Up Here?
389 My Dear Ling Is So Perfec
388 Get To Know
387 No Problem
386 Newly Grown Husband Waiting For Her To Devour!
385 Huh?
384 Dont Even Think About I
383 Why Couldnt They Cooperate
382 Why Did They Start Coming Again?
381 Whats That Have To Do With Us?
380 Taking Everything Off Is The Solution?
379 Its So Obvious, Whats There To Ask
378 The Same Could Be Said About Ye Mo
377 Are You Hur
376 Invitation Card?
375 Sigh, This Brats Mouth Was Quite Fierce
374 The Weather Was Also Very Hot, So She Wasnt In The Mood
373 This Dirty Hooligan Bastard
372 Thats Enough, Lets Go Home
371 Let Her Wipe
370 Youre Handsome, Like A Cricke
369 How Would He Lose?
368 Liu Duo Relaxed
367 What Does It Feel Like To Come Back Here?
366 Blood Brothers Would Definitely Share Some Similarities With Each Other
365 Didnt Feel As Troubled
364 Nodded His Head
363 Whats The Matter?
362 Acting Like They Were So Close!
361 Help Your Brother
360 Not Wanting To Meddle In Their Business
359 Dont Think Were Done Here
358 The Wife Was Right, Even When She Was Wrong
357 Loud Voice
356 Want Me To Compensate? Dream On
355 I Dont Want I
354 What Would He Do
353 Can You Bear It?
352 Lets Talk Inside
351 Ling
350 Felt Cheerful
349 Was This Bastard Causing Trouble So Early In The Morning?
348 Liu Duo, Wife...
347 What Kind Of Shit Logic Was This?
346 Do You Want To Go?
345 He Didnt Feel He Said Anything Wrong
344 Rolled His Eyes At Him
343 What?!
342 Making Mother Angry
341 Very Excitedly
340 Hold This
339 You Should Know
338 Narcissistic
337 Spit It Ou
336 Or Else…
335 Whats The Use Of Crying
334 Wait For A Momen
333 So? Are You Selling Him Or Not?
332 Have You Guys Decided To Move Ou
331 Would He Be Happy
330 Make Improvements Every Day
329 A Surprise For You
328 Too Swee
327 Barely Passable
326 Damn I
325 Looking At My Wife
324 Evildoer
323 Of Course Im Going. Why Wouldnt I Go?
322 So It Was About This
321 In Case He Disturbed Her Res
320 Stop It, You Two
319 He Really Wanted To Know This
318 Whats There To Be Afraid Of?
317 Dont Make Me Get Rough With You
316 Sigh, Whats Going On Today?
315 Why Is He Here Again
314 How They’d Decide Would Be Their Own Business
313 When Men And Women Work Together, They Wont Get Tired
312 Felt A Slight Heartache
311 Do You Yield Or Not?
310 Giving Them Bricks Would Be More Deserving
309 Only For Your Ears
308 What A Rarity
307 Because I Only Want To Sleep With You
306 Little Brat, Youre Finally Awake
305 Ye Mos Ears Wouldnt Be Able To Endure It Any More
304 Goodnigh
303 In Your Dreams!
302 My Two Eyes
301 Apparent Disbelief
300 Who Allowed Her To Have Four Husbands
299 Why Are You Still In Our House
298 Previously, Yes
297 Sis, I Understand
296 Hello Brother-in-law
295 He Also Knew The Reason
294 Can You Change That Loud Voice Of Yours
293 He Even Shot Liu Duo A Flirtatious Glance As He Spoke
292 Like Cherishing A Treasure
291 This Is Not a Dream
290 The Whole House Wasnt Pleased
289 Who Was Looking For Her At This Hour?
288 Whats the Matter?
287 Helpful For His Future
286 Oh Dear...
285 Lost Liu Duo Because She Was Being Filial To The Point Of Stupidity
284 Unexpectedly Ran Into Them
283 Mother, Im Moving Ou
282 They Were Now From Two Separate Families
281 Already Said The Last Time
280 Familiar Strangers
279 Woken By The Noise
278 Look At Ye Yang With Disconten
277 Choose Me Please
276 Why Would She Care About This
275 Forgot All About I
274 Eggs Hur
273 Get Away From Here, We Dont Welcome You
272 Naturally, The Business Would Do Extremely Well
271 Especially Towards Him
270 You Choose!
269 You Dont Deserve to Be an Elder
268 Thought It Was A Fraud
267 See If She Approved
266 How Dare They Speak To Her Like That?
265 You Dont Need To Be Jealous, You Are Also Very Handsome
264 Why Hasnt Mo Woken Up?
263 Pfff, He Made Liu Duo Laugh
262 Was This Bastard Going To Take The Imperial Exam
261 Only Know How To Freeload All The Time
260 Black, Ugly Ghos
259 He Hated Dogs, And Cats Too
258 Hei Xiaomeng, Bai Xiaojiao
257 Cute Guard Dog
256 Ye Ling Might As Well Not Have Asked
255 Why Are We Going To Town
254 Ah, Is That a Mouse
253 Admiring The Moon, Admiring The Bamboo
252 Drink It Quickly!
251 Then I Wont Go Anymore
250 Dream On, Scoundrel!
249 Good Day, Sister-In-Law
248 Sure, Ill Go Then
247 Another Two Months
246 Admit It Now
245 Get Lost!
244 Aggravated Her
243 Who Said that? I Will Beat Them Up!
242 Refuted Her
241 I Will Be Happy As Long As You Guys Live Well
240 Go Ahead And Cry
239 Liu Quanfu And Liu Liushi
238 Why Was He So Ever-Changing?
237 Im Not A Pushover You Can Just Shove Abou
236 Stain The Eyes
235 It Does. It Is A Bit Shor
234 Started To Laugh
233 Because She Actually Cared About Him
232 Unable To Make Head Or Tail Of I
231 It Made Her Feel Very Blessed
230 Liu Duo Admits Defea
229 Lest Wildflowers Come After
228 So Cold, It’s Frightening
227 In Deep Waters
226 Open Up
225 Dirty Bastard, Just You Wai
224 Dazzled Her Eyes
223 What Do You Wan
222 Turned Her Head And Ignored Him
221 It’s Blood!
220 Just You Wai
219 Never Slap the Smiler
218 Without a Trace
217 Figure It Out Yourself
216 She Overestimated Him
215 You Don’t Have The Power To Say No
214 How The Hell Am I Supposed to Give Birth To A Baby By Myself
213 He Hoped the Village Chief Would Agree To I
212 Good Reputation
211 Went to Knock
210 Bothersome
209 Very Unhappy
208 Failed to Push Him
207 You Are Mine
206 Couldnt Keep Up With The Rhythm
205 Very Aggressively
204 Knows How To Make Money, But Is Even Better At Spending I
203 She Wanted To Build A Big House
202 Dont Interfere With Our Business
201 Talk Amongst Themselves
200 Tell Him To Drop I
199 Have My Baby
198 Pretty Please?
197 Unique
196 I Was Waiting For You
195 Happy With The Tranquility
194 Childish And Controlling
193 Looking Very Mysterious
192 Is A Bit Too Obvious
191 In Sync
190 Sexy?
189 Have Four Children
188 Couldnt Figure It Ou
187 Stop Him From Talking
186 Felt Very Painful!
185 She Said It Was Nothing, But Why Did She Still Look So Angry?
184 Really A Hnadful!
182 Unable To Voice Her Anger
181 Im Not Letting Go!
180 Let Me Teach You
179 Thought That Wasnt Enough For You
178 You Are Our Fortune Master
177 Rage From Within
176 Liu Loves You Yo
175 Even Rarer
174 Can Only Be Accomplished By Mo
173 We Are Priceless Treasures
172 What Resulted In The End
171 Care To Try?
170 Ask Casually
169 Your Ladyship
168 Go On, Hit Me!
167 You Lowlife!
166 Whats So Impressive About Tha
165 Brazenly
164 I’ll Cry Right In Front Of You!
163 Why Are You Acting Arrogan
162 Haha…
161 Leave It All To You
160 He Was A Man, Through And Through!
159 So Fierce
158 Alright, Time For Bed
157 Only You
156 Li Chunmei
155 That Better Be The Case!
154 He Hated Them
153 BAH!
152 I Mind
151 So Very Annoying
150 Parents Have Good Genes
149 Are You Busy?
148 Where Did Your Money Come From?
147 So What If You Have Money!
146 Talk To Me
145 You Came
144 Go To Town, Go To Town
143 I Like I
142 Very Furious
141 If He Had A Choice
140 He Doesnt Want I
139 I Dont Blame Him
138 Not Recognizing Family
137 Fed Up And Not Enduring Anymore
136 Bang
135 Why Did He Become Friends With Him?
134 Be More Gentle
133 No Difference to Them
132 Ran Outside
131 Reprimanding
130 Morning
129 Fighting Again
128 I’ll Go Ask Her
127 Boo Hoo…
126 Aaah…
125 Watch Me As I Tear Down Your Defenses
124 What Kind Of Situation Was This?
123 They Were Indeed Lacking
122 Many?
121 Not Saying a Single Word
120 One More Time
119 This Was The Important Par
118 He Liked Them All
117 I WillI Have You Repudiated!
116 Questioned
115 Why Am I So Lucky Today?
114 Smiled Sweetly and Exhorted
113 Walked Closer To Him
112 I Want to Ask You a Question
111 He Would Absolutely Always Upset Her!
110 Yangs Mad
109 Just You Wait!
108 Yangs Back
107 She Bought Them
106 Wait For Bonuses
105 I’ve Arrived
104 Damn I
103 Gave Them A Heads Up
102 But He Wasn’t Sure
101 I Admire You!
100 Stain On The Family Name
99 Having Dinner
98 Fly?
97 Ye Lanlan
96 Oh
95 Definitely Would Show a Strong Reaction
94 Very Tsundere 1
93 It Wasnt Masculine At All
92 What’s With That Attitude
91 Rolled Her Eyes At Him
90 Interesting, And Cute Too
89 Bear With It!
88 More Nervous Than Ever
87 Has He Really Changed
86 Dont Worship Me
85 Quite Fierce When Attacking
84 Screaming Furiously
83 Nimble
82 Quite Cute
81 Feeling Empty
80 Critical Hit + Bad Company
79 Little Wench
78 Looking For Trouble
77 Not A Missy
76 So-Called Bad Company
75 There Was No Lack of People Who Were Full of Themselves, No Matter Where
74 Especially Awkward
73 Anger Disappeared
72 Brought Home a Treasure
71 Waiting For The Water to Boil
70 You Know
69 Hold It Right There
68 Tell Him What He Needed To Know
67 Why Had They Fallen For Her?
66 Why Am I Such A Loser?
65 It Makes Me So Mad
64 Understand?
63 It Was That Simple
62 Fell Ill
61 He Believes Everything
60 Got Her Curious
59 Pay Their Respects
58 Did You Miss Me?
57 I Shall Obey!
56 I Like I
55 It’s All that Attractiveness Indexs Faul
54 Who Invited This Joker?
53 Where Did This Little Lady Come From
52 Sigh
51 My Fiery Temper
50 Conduc
49 Amorous
48 Fighting For The Favorite?
47 About To Leave
46 Cut To The Chase
45 Makes Me So Mad
44 No Lack of Elitists
43 Pretending to be Cool
42 What’s With This Situation?
41 Minded His Own Business
40 Every Single Stitch
39 Couldnt Figure It Ou
38 Foolish Piety
37 Very Angry
36 Worse Than A Beas
35 Immediately Show His Sincere Hear
34 Equals to Air
33 Showed How Angry He Was!
32 A Face of Fortune
31 Have You Become a Mute!
30 Colorful
29 Her Place
28 Mighty, Domineering, And Handsome
27 Come Back Early
26 This Is Torture!
25 You Go Away
24 The Feeling of Being Isolated?
23 Of Course I should Pamper My Own Wife!
22 Yang Isn’t That Stoic
21 A Hooligan Whose Attractive Index is Off the Charts
20 Excited Just Thinking About I
19 Handsome Man Behaves Like A Freak!
18 Are They Blood-Related?
17 No Vigor
16 Her Temper Rose
15 Dislike Our Family for Being Poor
14 One Look and One Would Know She is a Seductress
13 Officially Decided
12 Blame Me for Being Pretty
11 Itchy Teeth
10 Quite Pretty
9 There’s A Chance After Consummation
8 Breasts And Buttocks Exposed?
7 How Shameless
6 The Wife Is Fierce
5 No Trust At All
4 As Violent As a Robber
3 Live A Good Life
2 Our Wife Didnt Run Away
1 “Great Aunt” 1 Followed Unwantedly