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Beauty and the Beasts

Author: White-Headed Dream

Lastchapter: 311 The Ape King Prays for Rain

Updated: 2020-08-11 03:38

311 The Ape King Prays for Rain
310 Digging a Well
309 Different From the Females of the Ape Tribe
308 Theres a Drough
307 The Ape King’s Prediction
306 Drought Crisis
305 A Lesson
304 Adultery?
303 Fermenting Wine
302 Plucking Grapes
301 The Hot Season Is Here
300 The Ape King’s Mate
299 The Wheat Was Well-Received
298 Inviting the Females to the Castle
297 A White Dress
296 Better Looking Than Curtis
295 So He Was Shedding Skin
294 Curtiss Abnormality
293 Untitled
292 Feeling Unwell
291 Harvesting Whea
290 Harvesting Whea
289 The Light Rainy Season Ended Early
288 Family Outing
287 The Skies Turned Sunny
286 Not Getting New Spouses
285 Looking for Ants
284 Exchanging Sharp Words
283 Eudora Wants to Go Upstairs
282 Get Out and Hun
281 Curtis the Roadblock
280 Just Admit It If Youre a Pervert. Theres No Need to Act Innocen
279 The Leopard Tribe Moved into the Tiger Castle
278 Mudslide
277 Storm Approaches
276 The Ape King Is One Step Behind
275 Winston Is Stronger Than the Old Tiger King
274 Young Snakes Should Be Set Free
273 Youre So Beautiful
272 Its My Turn
271 Winstons Increasing Prestige
270 Weaving Nets
269 Farming Is Hard Work
268 Go Farming Together
267 Winston Feigning Illness
266 Moving House
265 Move into the Tiger Castle
264 I Like You Too
263 Snake and Leopards Lethal Conflic
261 Confrontation
260 The Tiger King Was Killed
259 Is It Only Rosa?
258 Poisoned
257 Dashing Out of the Ape Castle
256 Narrowly Escaping Death
255 Kill Bai Qingqing
254 Rejecting Shuu
253 Whea
252 Female Baby
251 Growing Out Seeds
250 End of the Cold Season
Fighting for Food
Who Plays with Children Like This?
Got into a Figh
Is Curtis Their Stepfather?
Baby Snakes Squirming into a Bowl of Steamed Egg
Feeding the Baby Snakes Steamed Egg
Losing Half of Their Short-Winged Birds
Dream 2
Dream 1
Baby Snakes Hatched
Let Things Go Just Like This?
Instant Killing Bar
Curtis Ate Someone
Building Snowman
Fish Roe
Oxygen Deprived Fish Are Easy to Catch
Catching Fish in the Ice-Covered River
Double the Humiliation as Payback
Screwing Over a Litter of Pups
Parker Was Humiliated
Ask Them to Compensate
A Thief Had Broken In
Parkers Spousal Mark
White Tigers Protection
Not Preparing This Time Around?
Lets Mate
The Harsh Cold Air
Digging for Bamboo Shoots
Dont Freeze That Thing
Dont You Find It Smelly?
The City of Beastmen Is about to Descend into Chaos
The Only Punishment tor Females in the City of Beastmen
Rosa Attacks
Fruit Wine
Apologize on Parkers Behalf
Parker Threatening Love Rival
Amazing Fruit Syrup
City of Sins
Its Raining Ice
More Words Leads to More Mistakes
Sap from a Rotten Tree
Preparing Food for the Cold Season
Has Winston Been Eating His Meat Raw?
Go Back to the City of Beastmen Together
The Wooden House Is Occupied?
Ran into a Love Rival
Asking for Milk From You
The Heavy Rainy Season Ends
Incubating Eggs and Hibernating
Curtis’s Birth
Nineteen Eggs
Giving Birth 2
Giving Birth
Appetite Decreases
194 Catching Adultery
193 Secretly Exchanging Blows
192 Ape King Comes to Visi
191 Running after Taking Advantage
190 Challenging Three-Striped Beastman
189 Defeating Shuu
188 Protecting Food and Snatching Food
187 If You Die, Qingqing Will Be Upse
186 Is He Only Asleep?
185 The Ape King’s Abilities
184 He’ll Live
183 Returning to the Camel Hump Valley to Seek Treatmen
182 Getting Saved
181 Killing Frenzy
180 Encircled 3
179 Encircled 2
178 Encircled 1
177 Appetite Growing by the Day
176 Do You Have any Idea How Enormous Your Strength Is?
175 Its Not as If I Cant Afford to Support You
174 Qingqing Is Terrific
173 Confiden
172 Bai Qingqing Was Famished
171 No Longer Able to Eat Mea
170 Parker Bit Cortis
169 Did Qingqing Get Eaten?
168 The Nuptial Chamber
167 Rosa Is Pregnan
166 Storing Physical Stamina 2
165 Storing Physical Stamina 1
164 Time to Replace Xiao Bais Mate
163 A Kiss Between Two Willing Parties
162 Decided to Give Birth
161 Period Is Here Again
160 The Weather Turns Cold
159 Roast Beggars Chicken
158 New Ingredient: Spinach
157 The Leopard and Wolf Battle Again 2
156 The Leopard and Wolf Battle Again
155 The Reason Moore Doesnt Appear
154 Vincent Defected
153 Confrontation
152 Parker Bit the Tiger Beastman to Death
151 A Senseless Provocation
150 Seeking Treasure in the Fores
149 Under the Escort of an Eagle Beastman
148 Parker Is on My Ches
147 Was Someone Copying Her?
146 Did Vincent Become Rosas Male, After All?
145 The Cry of a Bear Beastman
144 Containing Lobsters with a Carrier for Babies
143 The Eyeliner Dried Ou
142 Steaming Rice Noodle Rolls
141 Making a Stone Mill
140 The Characteristic of a Dog
139 The Duel Between the Wolf and the Leopard
138 Hugh Is Here Again
137 The Silly Leopard Went Crazy
136 It Wouldnt Hurt Next Time, Right?
135 Let’s Stop for Now, Alright?
134 Cortis Was Still Domineering
133 Parker Begins to Plant Crops
132 Hidden Danger
131 The Effects of the Thorny Frui
130 The Rival in Love Nearly Died
129 Provocation from a Rival in Love; Cortis Loses I
128 Parkers Favorite Food
127 Males Advantage
126 The Four Tribes’ Situation
125 The Ape King’s Motive
124 Vincent’s in a Coma
123 The Arrival of the Rainy Season
122 Cleaning the Sandpi
121 Who Did Bai Qingqing Like More?
120 The Amazing Steamed Egg
119 Stir-frying Food for the First Time
118 One Green Crystal for Ten Years Lifespan
117 Dogs Cant Change Their Habit of Eating Feces
116 Pork Is Precious
115 The Pork Belly from the Wolf Beastman
114 Received a Green Crystal
113 Waiting for You to Eat Mea
112 Do I Really Look That Much Like a Dog?
111 Bai Qingqings Nickname "Doggie"
110 Bonfire Banque
109 Extracting Oil
108 The Protection Provided by Males to Females
107 The "Serial Killer" Who Was Cruelly Rejected
106 The Four Kings Make Their Appearances
105 A Powerful Beastman That No Female Wants
104 Finished Off a Rival in Love
103 Worms and Birds Eggs
102 Chopping Firewood
101 Her First Meal with Rice and Accompanying Dishes
100 The Rainy Season Is Coming
99 The Snakes Good Morning Kiss
98 Choosing Who to Sleep With
97 She Should Be Conceiving My Cubs Next!
96 More Advantageous to Have Two Penises
95 Can Snakes Eat Spicy Food?
94 Cortis Enters and Becomes the Boss
93 Cortis Delivers Food
92 Rubbing Parker’s Bruises
91 Parker and the Bear Beastman’s Duel
90 Cortis Shows Up 2
89 Cortis Shows Up 1
88 Making Fish Baskets
87 The Animal in Parker
86 Settle Down in the City of Beastmen
85 The Arrogant Female Tiger
84 Parkers Pursuer Comes Knocking on His Door
83 Contemplating Becoming Independen
82 Rejecting Parker
81 Failure to Remove the Beast Mark
80 Ape Doctor
79 Downed a Bowl of Medicine
78 The Relationship Between the Father and Son
77 The Leopard King Makes His Appearance
76 Leaving the Clifftop
75 Theres a Transparent Crystal in the Giant Beasts Body
74 The Giant Beasts Climb Up the Mountain
73 The Little Match Between the Eagle and the Leopard
72 Three People Sleeping in a House
71 Delicious Fruits
70 Dont Want to Mate Anymore
69 Mated with Cortis
68 Escaping Cortis
67 Cortis Gets Brutal
66 The Horde of Giant Beasts Is Coming
65 Bai Qingqings Choice
64 Dont Be Picky About Food
63 Pursued by the Beast Tide
62 The Dinosaur and the Giant Egg
61 The Snake Beastman Publicly Displayed His Affection
60 Parker Comes Chasing
59 The Eagle Beastmans Threa
58 The Beast Tide Is Coming
57 Untitled
56 Cortis Was Scalded
55 Cortis Got Poisoned
54 Picking Mushrooms
53 Snake Beastmans Thoughts Toward Laying Eggs
52 The Snake Eats
51 Tossed Off His Tail
50 The Snake Beastmans Longing for the Future
49 Snake and Eagle Locked in Battle
48 The Rescue Team Has Arrived
47 Snake Beastmans True Nature Exposed
46 A Serious Snake Beastman Is Also Very Handsome
45 Perfect Snakeskin Clothes
44 Disrespected
43 Making Clothes from Snakeskin
42 Rice Cooked in Bamboo
41 Present from the Snake Beastman
40 Signal for Help
39 Fell Sick and Fainted
38 The Herbivorous Beastmens Commercial Village
37 Seek Help From the City of Beastmen
36 Taking the Sky as the Canopy and the Earth as the Mattress, with the Snake Beastman
35 Snake Beastman Grilling Mea
34 Homeless Beast That Ate Animals Raw
33 Males Were Protective of Females Everywhere in This World
32 Cortiss Snake Cave
31 Snatched Away by the Snake Beastman Cortis
30 The Appearance of a Homeless Beas
29 Strange Fabric
28 The Cave by the Lake
27 Carrot After Stick
26 Eve Imparts a Strategy
25 The “Little Kittens” Eve Gave Birth to
24 I Can Get Pregnant any Time
23 Making Female Besties
22 Top Delicacy
21 Spicy Fish Hotpo
20 Fish Was Unpopular Among Beastmen
19 A Meal a Day
18 Females Get Their Periods Once a Year
17 Her Irregular Period Came Without Warning!
16 Eudora Wants to Bear Children for Parker
15 Looking Ugly
14 Sleeping Together
13 Completely Exposed
12 The Leopard Can Sew Clothes
11 The Leopard Grabbed My Ches
10 A Strange Delicacy
9 Unique Food Culture
8 The Condiments That Were Being Treated as Medicinal Herb
7 Had Her Foot Given Her Away?
6 Dangerous Crops
5 Eudora, the Most Beautiful Female
4 Camel Hump Valley
3 I Saved You, so Youre My Female!
2 Im an Ape!
1 A Leopard Transforms into a Living Person