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166 You Seem Reluctan

 Ye Chen stayed at home for the next few days. Compared to the tumultuous situation out there, he was rather calm.

While ordering Lin Tai to look out for news in Beijing, he spent time with his daughter at home, vanishing from the public eye for a few days continuously. The outside world was disappointed that he was nowhere to be seen.

"I've finally broken through to the peak of Spirit Assembly!"

At the Nine Dragons Bay villa, joy flashed through Ye Chen's eyes when he checked his cultivation base thoroughly after a night of diligent cultivation.

Peak Spirit Assembly was merely a step away from Foundation Building. By then, he would be able to perform even more techniques. He was confident that nobody on this earth could threaten him then.

He got up and walked to the window, he slid the curtain open and looked toward the direction of Beijing while lifting his head. "It's almost three months now. Yuhan, I think it's time for me to bring our daughter to see you.

"I guarantee that this time, nobody will stop us from our reunion. I've killed a handful and I don't mind killing more, but before heading to Beijing, there are two things that I need to do."

Ye Chen looked like he was in deep thought. "The first thing is to settle everything. I'll see if I can establish an organization. If that's the case, no one will be stirring things up in Tiannan even when I'm away.

"The second thing is to find the Geographical Vein for building my foundation. However, the spiritual energy on Earth is lacking. I'm afraid that most of the Geographical Veins have dried up. Even if there are any, they should be half-dead."

At that moment, his butler, Ah Fu's voice came from outside, "Master, there are three people outside asking to see you. Do I..."

Ye Chen could not help but frown as he scanned the newcomers with his Divine Consciousness. He said, "Take them to the living room. I'll be there in a minute."

Ah Hu left after a short response.

"Aren't they giving up yet?" Ye Chen said softly.

There were two ladies and a man out there. One of the ladies was Qin Yao who he had fought a few days ago. They did not have a great experience, and he did not have a great impression of her either.

"Forget it. Maybe I can ask them if they knew about any Geographical Veins. If they do, it doesn't matter if I have to join them."

Ye Chen secretly made up his mind.

The special forces brigade was the best of the best in China. They mastered resources that many regular people did not have, so they might really know about Geographical Veins.


In the living room, two ladies and a man sat on the couch quietly. The man and the lady sitting on the left and right seemed younger. They were approximately 25 or 26 years old whereas the one in the middle was over 30 years old. She had a gentle charisma and seemed to be the center of attention of the two.

The young man took a sip of tea, looking rather impatient. "Old man, your master sure is arrogant. He's gotten us to wait for so long and he still hasn't shown up. Can you rush him for us?"

"Master is working on something. Please wait. I can bring out more tea if it isn't enough." Ah Fu smiled courteously.

"Working on something?" The young man stood up suddenly and said in his deep voice, "If he's working on something, then what about us? Stop being vague with us. Go rush him now."

"Zhuo Wei, sit down," the lady in her 30s chided.

Zhuo Wei sat down again and said, looking furious, "Sister Qing, I really don't like Ye. He's ignoring us just because he has some abilities. Yaoyao told me about this earlier, but I didn't believe her. Now, it's proven."

He looked at Qin Yao who was sitting aside while saying coldly, "Don't worry, Yaoyao. I'll teach him a lesson when he gets out. I'll avenge you."

"You can't even fight me. How are you going to avenge me?" Qin Yao snickered as she smiled wryly. She seemed to despise the fact that Zhuo Wei was calling her Yaoyao.

Zhuo Wei was speechless for a moment. He said after a scoff, "I don't believe he's really that powerful. Killing three masters consecutively and cutting a military ship into half with a sword? People are making him sound like a god."

"Alright, stop blabbering." Wang Qing glared at him. Although she scolded Zhuo Wei, she was rather pissed off herself.

When would they, the Firearms Division, need to humble themselves to recruit someone?

As soon as the news of their recruitment went out, there would be so many people throwing themselves at them and fighting for the position. Moreover, the position was for that of the chief commander, the Firearms Division boss.

Soon, Ye Chen walked out of his room and Ah Fu went to him immediately. Ye Chen took a good look at the three of them and said coldly, "I apologize for making you guys wait."

At the same time, Zhuo Wei and Wang Qing were checking Ye Chen out together. They could not help but feel a little disappointed upon realizing that Ye Chen looked regular and was dressed plainly.

"Mr. Ye! My name is Wang Qing. This is Zhuo Wei and this is Qin Yao. You guys have met before." Wang Qing stood up courteously and took the initiative to introduce themselves. Qin Yao and Zhuo Wei, on the other hand, remained sitting as if they did not see Ye Chen.

Nevertheless, Ye Chen did not mind that. After asking Wang Qing to sit, he got Ah Fu to get them another cup of tea and said directly, "I wonder what's the purpose of the visit, Ms. Wang."

Wang Qing's expression froze. She clearly did not expect him to be so straightforward. She said after a moment of hesitation, "Have you heard of the Firearms Division?"

"No." Ye Chen shook his head.

"I believe you must've heard of the special forces brigade then?" Wang Qing glanced at him. After noticing him nod, she explained with a smile, "The special forces brigade is the top organization in China made of the best soldiers. It's no exaggeration to describe it as the elite of all forces. Meanwhile, there are many special forces units under the special forces brigade such as the Thunderbolt Force, the Wolf Warriors, the Bright Sword, the Fire Phoenix, and four other units."

Meanwhile, our Firearms Division is under the special forces brigade. It's under the direct jurisdiction of the Ministry of Defence."

She paused as she spoke to this point, stealing a glance at Ye Chen secretly. She felt helpless when she noticed that Ye Chen had no expression on his face.

Instead, he asked, "So, you guys are here to get me to join the Firearms Division?"

"That's right." Wang Qing inhaled softly. "We'd like to invite you to join the Firearms Division, as well as take up the position of the chief commander, Mr. Ye."

Next to her, Zhuo Wei had a slight change of expression when he heard that. He said nothing eventually. However, there was dissatisfaction in his eyes when he looked at Ye Chen.

Qin Yao's eyes were cold, but nobody could tell what she was feeling.

"Chief commander?" Ye Chen remained still.

Seeing that he did not understand, Wang Qing explained, "The eight special forces units under the special forces brigade spar every year in an event called the Military Base Competition."

Her expression grew rather unnatural. "Unfortunately, our Firearms Division chief commander died in a battle three years ago. The position has been vacant for three years. Under no guidance, we've gotten the third-last place in the Military Base Competition for three consecutive years..."

Zhuo Wei and Qin Yao looked down after hearing that.

"You guys should look for someone else. Why me? I don't think we've ever come in contact before." That was what Ye Chen was confused about.

Zhuo Wei scoffed from the side, "Do you think we want you? It was an order from our superior."

Wang Qing hesitated before nodding when Ye Chen looked at her. "It was the special forces brigade chief who appointed you himself. The Firearms Division chief commander's position belongs to you."

Not only was Ye Chen confused, but so was she. Ye Chen was too young and ordinary. Although there were many rumors about him, she thought that those were all exaggerations.

Zhuo Wei spoke again before waiting for Ye Chen to respond, "I'm warning you that you should know your limit. We're all violent people in the Firearms Division. If you're incapable, you'll be a joke if you join us."

"You seem reluctant to let me take up the position," Ye Chen responded coldly.

Zhuo Wei scoffed again. Although he did not admit that directly, the disdain on his face betrayed him.

"Zhuo Wei..." Wang Qing glared at him.

Ye Chen looked at him while remaining still. Then, he nodded. "Since you're so reluctant, I suggest that we play something exciting."

"Sure. I'm in." Zhuo Wei smirked as disdain filled his face. "What would you like to play?"

Ye Chen enunciated word for word, "Russian roulette!"