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165 Ancient Martial Artist Bai Xiaosheng

 Ancient Martial Artist Bai Xiaosheng's shocking expose made everyone's head spin. They thought they read it wrong.

"Five? Isn't it four? Why is there an extra one, Brother Bai? Tell us now!" someone kept screaming. Many people were curious too.

In reality, Ancient Martial Artist Bai Xiaosheng was very mysterious in the ancient martial world forum. He was influential and knew things that people had no idea about.

Just like those paparazzi out there who would expose celebrities' affairs, he was even better as all the news he exposed would be proven to be true. There was no nonsense mixed in the news he spilled at all.

Therefore, people trusted him.

Upon seeing that he had gotten everyone's attention, Ancient Martial Artist Bai Xiaosheng replied, "Let's not talk about Yuan Bupo. Apart from Eastern Superior Ning, Western Overlord Cao, Northern Devil Jiang, and Venerable Master Jinguang, Ye Chen has also killed a U.S. navy commodore. That's the same rank as a colonel in our country.

"This colonel's name was Barton and he was a Martial Dao master too. He had been defeated by our Chinese navy's General Yan Nanfei 20 years ago.

"At that time, Mad Southern Ye was going after Western Overlord Liu. He was attempting to run out of the sea territory, but Mad Southern Ye killed him when he was less than 20 meters away from the American sea territory. Barton happened to be there too, so he intruded into our sea territory and attacked Mad Southern Ye. However, he was defeated by Mad Southern Ye eventually."


Everyone inhaled sharply as they were shocked and furious.

"Barton is too much! Whoever told him that he can enter our sea territory? He was taunting us."

"He was merely a person that General Yan defeated. He deserves to die. Did he really think that all powerhouses in our country are dead?"

At that moment, someone asked, "General Yan? Is he the same General Yan who is on the same rank as Han Qinhu of the land unit and Li Yunxiao from the air force?"

"Yes, that's him. General Yan only defeated Barton with 50 attacks while Mad Southern Ye merely crippled him within five attacks," Ancient Martial Artist Bai Xiaosheng replied.

Someone zoomed in on the keyword and asked, "Didn't you say that Mad Southern Ye killed him? Why are you saying that he only crippled him now?"

"When Mad Southern Ye was going to kill Barton, the U.S. navy opened fire. Eventually, Mad Southern Ye got out of the attack range of the cannon, so the crippled Barton was killed by his own men," Ancient Martial Artist Bai Xiaosheng explained.

"Hahaha. He deserves it. It was a glorious death. He was killed by his own men. That's karma!"

"That's what happens when you challenge our country!"

"Those who offend my country will be killed even if you're far away!"

The thread went viral. Tempers rose as some people demanded, "How can the U.S. navy be so ridiculous? How dare they fire at us? What did our people do?"

"Before the Chinese navy managed to interfere, Mad Southern Ye cut the U.S. navy ship into half with a sword. He even shouted to the people on the ship, 'Those who offend my country will be killed even if you're far away!'"

Ancient Martial Artist Bai Xiaosheng gave a clean reply this time.

After a short moment of silence, there were many '666' comments on the entire thread. It was an internet jargon that meant 'amazing'. The people were stirred.

Cutting a navy ship into half with a sword?!

This news was even more shocking and horrifying than Mad Southern Ye killing five masters. Dear Lord, it was a military ship after all!

Could he not be so violent?!

"Those who offend my country will be killed even if you're far away? Well said!"

"Before this, I thought Mad Southern Ye was just a barbarian who would only take revenge for his personal affairs. Never had I thought that he would bring honor to our country and deliver justice to the people. That alone makes him deserve the title of 'master'."

"Sigh, the fighter guards our country and brings us peace. The powerful one fights for the country and people. That's the spirit of cultivation!"

At that moment, Ye Chen's reputation was one-sided. Those who despised him became his fans, and so did those who were only passing by.

Those whose vision extended further into the future asked in concern, "Oh yeah, since Mad Southern Ye cut the U.S. navy ship into half, would that cause conflict between both countries?"

This got everyone else thinking. Although China was in the right, everybody knew that America was hot-tempered and liked to stir things up when they had nothing to do. Now that something had happened, they would definitely dwell on this.

However, Ancient Martial Artist Bai Xiaosheng would be gone by then.

"Bai Xiaosheng? Goddamn it! You ran away after getting us curious. You can't do that."

"Stop asking. Everybody knows his character. I'm guessing his wife asked him to go home to have sex with her."

"Maybe he got captured and interrogated..." Someone could not help but laugh out loud.


In a dark cyber cafe, an old farmer read the various questions on the forum while giggling. He closed the page immediately.

He mumbled while packing his tobacco pipe, "Conflicts aside, there'll be an insane great war. The heads of the three forces will fly in the sky of both sea territories directly. They'll make the ocean their cage and fight...

"Sigh, I'd participate if I were ten years younger. Ah, I'm old, I sure am old."

As the old farmer began smoking the pipe, his old-fashioned phone rang at that moment. "You've received five million yuan in your Alipay account...'

Just when the call was connected, a lady's scream came from the other end, "Goddamn it, Lao Niu. Did you steal the red undergarment that I hung outside last night?"

"Cough, cough, cough!"

The old farmer hacked for a little while and denied right away, "No, it's definitely not me. Think about it, Cui Hua'er. Do you really think I, Lao Niu, am such a person?"

"Scram! I'd be dumb to trust you. You old fart, you're terrible! Return it to me now and remember to wash it!"


At the same time, while the Martial Dao World of China was stirred, someone exclaimed, "This Mad Southern Ye has to be a reincarnation of the God of Slaughter? He kills wherever he goes, he has killed the Four Aces. Now Unquestionable Jian is the only one left."

"Do you guys think that Mad Southern Ye will kill Unquestionable Jian too?" someone asked.

"I don't think so. The Sword God of China, Unquestionable Jian, hasn't been out for years. He shouldn't hold any grudge against Mad Southern Ye."

Someone shook his head and said, "Moreover, don't you guys forget that the Unparalleled Sword challenged Unquestionable Jian two months ago. It'll be less than a month before the battle between the two begins."

"What's been happening to China these recent years? Many talents have appeared. This God of Slaughter Mad Southern Ye aside, now there's even an Unparalleled Sword."

"I personally think that this Unparalleled Sword is even more overbearing than Mad Southern Ye. He's defeated many experts although he's only 18, and he's even challenged Unquestionable Jian..."

"No matter what, it's a good thing that there are many talents in China. I'm excited for the battle between the Unparalleled Sword and Unquestionable Jian. Let's see if the little Sword Saint or the Sword God is more powerful!"