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160 Those Who Offend My Country Will Be Killed Even If You’re Far Away!

 At the same time, the three forces, namely the Chinese navy, the land unit, and the air force, were watching the battle on the ocean between Ye Chen and Barton through surveillance cameras.

Everyone observed the intense battle on the sea blankly.

"Is that person the Tiannan No. 1, Mad Southern Ye? That's right. He's mad. He even dares to stop Barton from entering alone!"

At the land unit headquarters, praise filled the eyes of an old man in a military uniform. "I must have him in the land unit. Damn, I'll go to Tiannan myself. I must get him into my force no matter what. If the navy and the air force dare to fight with me, I'll tell them that Commander Han will beat them up.

"General Yan Nanfei was only 21 when he defeated Barton in merely 50 attacks back then."

At the air force headquarters, a weak middle-aged man looked serious as he mumbled to himself, "Mad Southern Ye, oh, Mad Southern Ye, I wonder if you can take over the legend!"


On the ocean, the battle between Ye Chen and Barton began again.

One must say that compared to the four masters Yuan Bupo, Northern Devil Jiang, Eastern Superior Ning, and Western Overlord Liu, Barton's ability was even more powerful.

The true energy that he had was different from that from the Chinese Martial Dao inheritance. Similar to supernatural powers, it seemed to be another type of cultivation system. However, it had the same function as the true energy of the ancient martial art.

Most importantly, Barton had rich real battle experience. He would fight daily unlike the Chinese ancient martial world which was as dead as a lake. Because the community was content and valued what they already had, it was rare for anyone to fight in decades.

However, was Ye Chen's battle experience any less than his?


Giant waves were thundering in the ocean.

Barton's hand was like a pellet drum, whereby there would be explosions with every punch he threw. There was a frantic aura that filled his body like he was a human beast.

"Dumb Chinese man!" Barton laughed instead of being mad since his attack missed. "Let me show you the skill I created. I'd like to thank your Chinese Martial Dao for inspiring me.

"Judgement Sword!"

He opened his mouth, spitting out a black glow. As soon as it appeared, countless whirlpools were created on the surface of the sea.

He had been cultivating this black glow in his dantian for decades. Like a blacksmith, he refined it day by day and made it into a knife. A slice alone could cut a diamond as easy as cutting tofu.

Neither was it an exaggeration nor was it fiction. Just like people in real life who practiced martial arts like regular martial artists or even Martial Dao masters, who would train their knees, skulls, or fingers, if they practiced it long enough, that body part would perform beyond one's imagination. Such examples included the Iron Palm Method and the Iron Head Method.

"I initially prepared this for Yan Nanfei." Barton's face was rather pale, but he remained smiling confidently. "But since your ability isn't too shabby, I'll kill you first, then I'll challenge Yan Nanfei!"

The black glow charged at Ye Chen like a sharp sword instantly as soon as he was done speaking. It was so fast that its trajectory could not be captured.

Barton was very confident.

This skill that he had spent 20 years refining with hard work could break anything as it was invincible. It could even slice a tank open directly. Such fearsome power could totally cut Ye Chen into half.

'It's unfortunate that Yan Nanfei isn't here. Otherwise, I'd kill this person right before him. That would be interesting."

Barton felt like it was a waste because he felt like it was overkill. However, the expression on his face changed in the next second.

He thought that Ye Chen would be killed instantly.

However, to his shock, Ye Chen stood still while watching that black glow approaching him.

The black glow ripped Ye Chen's clothes apart. However, a ding was heard when it was slicing his chest as if it was cutting through metal.

Subsequently, the black glow was crushed directly.

"How is that possible?!" Barton opened his eyes wide, seeming as though he had seen a ghost. He staggered and almost fell into the water.

He could even cut a tank open easily with that, but it had done nothing to Ye Chen's body at all. Did this Chinese man have such a powerful body? Could he be made of diamond?

"You dare to show off your child's play before me!? Let me show you what a real sword is!" Ye Chen smirked in disdain as a sword that was completely dark green appeared in his hand. The sword was over 100 centimeters long and 60 centimeters wide. It hovered in the air, quivering slightly.

It was the flying sword also known as the Almighty Killer Sword!

Ye Chen held the handle gently while his expression was extremely cold. "I've never killed anyone with this sword since it was created. Today, I'll use your foreign barbarian's blood to make a sacrifice to my sword!"

As soon as he was done speaking, he lifted his arm and swung the sword. A sword gleam that was over ten meters long charged through the sea followed by sword qi exploding out of the Almighty Killer Sword. It even went as deep as 300 meters below sea level.

At that moment, the entire sea was sliced into countless pieces by the sword qi.

"What kind of sword is that?" Barton had goosebumps all over his body. As if he just saw something terrifying, he retreated quickly.

At the same time, he seemed to grab the sea with both hands. Countless water walls that were 30 centimeters wide consolidated before him, covering him within.

As the sword qi came sweeping, it destroyed the water walls consolidated before Barton like a piece of cake.

Barton had a drastic change in expression. He consolidated the water walls again, but they did not work. The sword qi was powerful like a meat grinder whereby everything that it passed through would be destroyed entirely.

"Oh, no!"

Barton felt his scalp go numb upon seeing the last water wall being destroyed. He leaped instantly in the attempt to return to the U.S. navy ship.

In the next second, he shrieked in devastation.

Just when he leaped into the air, Ye Chen's sword qi severed both of his legs. Two mushy stems fell into the sea together with Barton.

Barton was horrified by that single swing of the sword. He swam with both arms while suppressing the intense pain coming from his lower body. He seemed to be going back to the ship for refuge.

Ye Chen stepped above the ocean surface and walked toward him one step after another while carrying the Almighty Killer Sword. The killing intent grew with every step he took.

"No, no, no. You can't kill me. I'm an American citizen, an American soldier, a colonel..." Barton looked terrified and cowardly when he saw Ye Chen walking to him.

Ye Chen looked at him in a condescending manner. His face was deadly cold as he said, "I told you that I'll definitely kill you today if you dare to step into our territory!"


A loud blast broke the air as the U.S. navy ship suddenly launched a cannon. It was coming at Ye Chen directly with a shrill whistle.

Colonel Barton shouted, "No, no. Damn it!"

Ye Chen leaped instantly and dodged the cannon. After all, no matter how fast the cannon was, it was no longer fast as soon as it entered the range of his Divine Consciousness.

He was not scared of the harm the cannon posed. Instead, he was worried that he would turn bald from the explosion besides having his clothes torn.

As the loud thud came, the area in the sea where Barton had fallen into had giant waves stirred. His body could not be found after the explosion.

"They're seeking death!"

Ye Chen turned around and looked at the navy ship across him while squinting. A ferocious gleam filled his eyes as he lifted the Almighty Killer Sword in his hand and swung it.

Tens of meters of sword gleam charged on the ocean directly. It was like a shark that was hunting for its prey with half of its body exposed.

A soldier on the U.S. navy ship could not stop scoffing, "You dumb Chinese, are you trying to slice our ship with a sword?"

"That's right. It seems like the Chinese is frightened. Our navy ship can take attacks from armor-piercing shells." The other person flipped Ye Chen off, clearly mocking him.

However, in the next second, they felt an intense quake beneath their feet. Everyone staggered and fell to the ground.

Subsequently, something that everyone would never forget happened.

A crack that was a meter wide spread out quickly on the board of the ship. It was growing and moving like a cobra snake.

Eventually, the entire ship was cut into half. Thick smoke was boiling whilst all sorts of sirens and wailings were blaring on the ship.

At that moment, everything behind Ye Chen fell into dead silence. Including the people on the three helicopters and the Chinese navy ship, everyone's expressions froze at that moment.

'H-he cut the navy ship with a swing of his sword!'

Ye Chen stood on the sea like a stone pillar that held heaven and earth together. An extremely cold voice reverberated the entire sea, "Those who offend my country will be killed even if you're far away!"