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159 Killing with A Punch!


Sensing the killing intent coming from behind him, Western Overlord Liu instantly turned around and threw a punch. He was only less than 20 meters away from America's sea territory and was attempting to use Ye Chen's strength to push himself over.

However, how would Ye Chen make that happen for him? He changed his punch into a claw as he grabbed onto Western Overlord Liu's right arm and threw him hard behind him.

Western Overlord Liu was grabbed, and his remaining arm directly exploded into a bloody mist.

Ye Chen looked at him in utter coldness. There was mockery at the corner of his lips as he said, "I told you, hell suits you better!"


"Mad Southern Ye, I'm going to kill you!"

Western Overlord Liu spat a mouthful of bloody mist. He had completely lost his mind. As he had lost both his arms, he ran toward Ye Chen with the remaining of his body.

He clearly wanted to fight to death.

"You've lived long enough, old thing!"

Ye Chen looked the same as he clenched his fist. Spiritual energy covered his right arm, and he punched out in an overbearing manner.

The punch alone seemed like it was making the world crumble. Western Overlord Liu exploded into a bloody mist even before he could get close. The water where he stood sunk. There was a giant hole that was over ten meters deep over there.

The entire ocean fell into dead silence at that moment.

The three helicopters in the sky remained still. The military naval ships on both sides seemed to have turned into stones as countless eyes were filled with extreme shock.

Killing with a punch!

It really was killing with a punch.

The navy colonel on the military naval ship from before looked furious when he snapped back to his senses. "How dare you kill him? Who gave you the guts to?"

Ye Chen glared coldly at him. That glare alone scared him. He continuously retreated and eventually fell onto the ground.

At the same time on the U.S. military naval ship's third floor, there was a stylish and sophisticated room.

Two middle-aged men watched that expressionlessly. One had a beard while another was handsome with an extremely dangerous aura on him.

"Who is he?"

The handsome man asked while glaring at Ye Chen.

The man with the beard immediately said, "Commodore Barton, sir, this man is Mad Southern Ye. I heard he's very famous in Tiannan of China."

"He's very powerful!"

Colonel Barton squinted. "He's on par with the Chinese Navy Major-General Yan Nanfei from 20 years ago."

The bearded man looked shocked as soon as he heard that.

Yan Nanfei.

He was the U.S. navy's mortal enemy. Even a nightmare for some people. This person had been suppressing them for 20 years.

"China really has many talents."

Colonel Barton seemed to not have noticed his reaction. He smiled instead and said, "Yan Nanfei, Han Qinhu, Li Yunxiao, and that Han Xiaotian, Zhongnan Ocean Madman's bodyguard. The four of them are like four sky pillars."

Within 20 years, this Mad Southern Ye could compare with those four. Unfortunately, this man encountered me. After I kill him, China will have one less overbearing fighter in the future!"

The bearded man had a change of expression. "Commodore, are you trying to... No, no, no! We can't enter their territory."

"Territory? Haha, Yan Nanfei isn't here, who is going to stop me?"

Colonel Barton arrogantly laughed and directly opened the room window. He then leaped out with both feet.


Just when Ye Chen was going back, he saw a silhouette jumping off the military naval ship on the other side. The person leaped tens of meters, and both of his feet landed on the sea surface.

Standing on the sea.

Another Martial Dao master!

American powerhouse!

Ye Chen squinted. They could clearly see each other as they were less than 20 meters apart.

Gu Junwei, who was on the helicopter, had a drastic change of expression after seeing Colonel Barton's appearance. "Oh no, this man is here!"

"Dad, who is he?" Gu Yingying asked in confusion.

Gu Junwei took a deep breath. "This person is Barton, he's the U.S. navy's Commodore. He has powerful ability and is known to be invincible in the entire ocean. Our Chinese navy General Yan Nanfei defeated him 20 years ago. General Yan Nanfei was only a colonel back then."

The old master and Gu Yingying were shocked as soon as they heard him.

They had heard of General Yan Nanfei. A person who deserved to be his opponent, even though he had been defeated, his ability would naturally be powerful.

"Are you Mad Southern Ye?"

Colonel Barton took a good look at Ye Chen and then smirked in a mocking manner. "Western Overlord Liu was our man. You'll have to go with us since you killed him. I admit that your ability isn't too shabby, but I'm warning you not to fight back."

He leaped as soon as he was done speaking, and it seemed like he was attempting to cross the border to capture Ye Chen.

Ye Chen said in an extremely cold voice, "I'll definitely kill you today if you dare step into our territory!"

"Yan Nanfei isn't here, who is going to fight me on the sea? I'll kill you first and then challenge Yan Nanfei later!"

Barton smirked in disdain. He leaped out and entered the Chinese sea territory.


Gu Junwei and the rest were furious.

Do they really think that China can't do anything to them?

Gu Yingying instinctively said, "Dad, is Master Ye his match?"

"It's hard to tell." Gu Junwei looked grim.

Although Barton was defeated by Yan Nanfei 20 years ago, their ability was on par back then. Now that 20 years have passed, their ability can only be more powerful.

"Since that's the case, use your blood to guard China's honor. Die!"

Ye Chen's face turned grim. He initiated an attack while stepping on the ocean waves and threw an extremely overbearing punch.

"Great, I love to play it rough!"

Barton grinned and punched out. There was a layer of black energy surrounding his fist, tearing the air around apart.


The duo's fists collided, creating a stunning impact that caused the ocean around to explode. Waves over three meters high appeared.

Stomp, stomp, stomp!

Barton retreated many steps before standing still after the punch. He then looked at Ye Chen with a serious expression. "Not too shabby!"

The fist that he had placed on his back could not stop shaking.

"This isn't terrifying enough, I'll show you the real deal."

He grinned again and grabbed onto the water beneath his feet, standing where he was. A wave came out of the ocean and directly consolidated into a water ball of the size of a basketball in his hand.

Surprise flashed through Ye Chen's eyes.

He realized that this water ball was of mediocre size, but there was dense true energy consolidated in it. If he were to make it explode, it could definitely destroy a building. Its impact was as powerful as a bomb.

The water ball was thrown at Ye Chen like a cannon.

It would explode as soon as it was touched.

Ye Chen was calm. He slammed at it standing where he was. The water ball was thrown away as it flew toward the military naval ship far away, eventually colliding on top of the ship.


A loud thud was heard as the flag on the ship was damaged from the explosion.

Barton's face turned completely grim after seeing that the flag was destroyed. His face could not stop twitching as he said, "Great, you've successfully ignited the killing intent in me."


At the same time in the Chinese military naval ship, countless people stood before the computer screen. They watched the battle between Ye Chen and Barton without blinking.

A middle-aged man who looked crude stood in front.

The middle-aged man had his focus on Ye Chen. "Is this young man the Mad Southern Ye who single-handedly defeated Yuan Bupo, killed Northern Devil Jiang in a single swing of sword, and punched Eastern Superior Ning into bloody mist?"

"That's right, it's him."

A man behind him nodded.

The middle-aged man laughed out loud. "Hahaha, his character is similar to General Yan back then. Nice, I like him."

"But this man killed Western Overlord Liu, will we..." That man forced a smile.


The middle-aged man instantly scoffed, "It's their people who entered our territory first, the law will stand on our side."

"But after all, Western Overlord Liu is..."

"So what?"

Commander Lu glared at him. "They committed an offense in our country. Our law has the right to put him to trial. Didn't he kill over ten people including Chao Tianba of Diannan's Chao family? With that crime alone, he will go through a hundred executions."

"Why don't we inform General Yan?!"

The colonel looked troubled. He was afraid that both sides would cause trouble so severe that it could not be remedied.

"Inform my a*s!"

Commander Lu angrily shook his head and said, "It's rare to see such a heroic young man in China. It'd be a waste to not give him a chance to show himself.

"As long as this young man named Ye can kill that bastard Barton and honor our country, I'll give him my colonel position."