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155 Anyone Who Wants to Kill Me Must Die!

 The entire Jade Dragon Snow Mountain regained its dead silence at that moment.

Everyone had their eyes on that skinny silhouette in the sky. Not sure if it was an illusion, but they felt like the Snow Mountain was getting colder.

Although they were cold, their hearts were burning with excitement.

Northern Devil Jiang was dead.

Could the remaining two masters escape away from death?

The three of them could not harm him together. Now that there were only two of them left, how would they be his match?

"Mad Southern Ye of Tiannan lives up to his name!"

Eastern Superior Ning's heart sank after sensing Ye Chen's cold stare. His arms that were on his back were shaking lightly.

Yes! he was scared.

Among Yuan Bupo, Northern Devil Jiang, Western Overlord Liu, Eastern Superior Ning, and Unquestionable Jian, Eastern Superior Ning was the most arrogant and conceited. There were only a few people in China that he looked up to.

However, he was really scared now.

Ye Chen was courageously fighting the three of them. Not only was he fine, he even killed Northern Killer Jiang.

Compared to Eastern Superior Ning, Western Overlord Liu looked much more horrible. He glared at Ye Chen as the regret in him increased.

'This guy is merely 30 years old and he's already so powerful. I wonder how many people in China can suppress him!

'We can't do this, I can't lose my life for a dead person.'

As he thought to this point, Western Overlord Liu made up his mind and clasped his fists at Ye Chen from far away. "Mad Southern Ye, I'm sure we can resolve the conflict between us. Why don't we call it a day? Don't worry, I won't hold grudges."

The people on the ground were gasping as soon as they heard him. They felt like their heads were spinning as disbelief filled their faces.

This Western Overlord Liu was going to surrender.

The three masters came together with full confidence. However, this was how it ended up being. If the news spread, it would definitely shock the world.

A portion of people nodded, and they were secretly giving what Western Overlord Liu did a thumbs up. After all, only a gentleman could show up and give in.

Moreover, if Western Overlord Liu surrendered himself, Mad Southern Ye would most probably stop fighting. Otherwise, he would have to take the attack coming from the two masters.

Su Youwei's pretty eyes lit up a little bit.

'Ye Chen, oh, Ye Chen. You're surprising me over and over again. I thought you're just a useless thing. Never had I thought you're the Mad Southern Ye that I've been looking for.

'I thought you might not be a match for the three masters. Never had I thought you wouldn't lose the upper hand facing the trio's attacks, and you even killed Northern Devil Jiang by merely lifting your arm.

'Now you're even forcing Western Overlord Liu to surrender himself.

'What exactly have you experienced in the past five years?'

When the people were secretly shaking their heads and thinking that this battle was ending, they heard someone snicker in the air.


Ye Chen looked at Western Overlord Liu as a mocking grin appeared at the corner of his lips. "Aren't you going to avenge your sworn brother? Didn't you say that this snow mountain is my burial ground?"

Western Overlord Liu's smile froze. He was secretly cursing Ye Chen, but he still smiled and said, "Brother Ye is powerful indeed. I admit that I can't compare to you. I admire you a lot.

"I'm afraid both sides would be hurt badly if we proceed with this fight. Since that's the case, why not forget it and go for a drink?"

"Do you think the same too?" Ye Chen looked at Eastern Superior Ning who was standing far away and said with a cold smile.

Eastern Superior Ning looked grim and considered agreeing to it.

Arrogance and pride were nothing when one's life was on the line.

Western Overlord Liu spoke again, "Brother Ye..."


Ye Chen coldly looked at him and directly interrupted. "Do you think a useless thing like you deserves to call me your brother? Since you know that I'm more powerful than you, you should kneel to accept your death right now!"

"You..." Western Overlord Liu was enraged.

"Anyone who wants to kill me, Ye Chen, must die. That includes the two of you!"

There was no emotion in Ye Chen's cold voice at all. "Moreover, Southern Killer and Northern Devil are dead. The two of you, Eastern Superior and Western Overlord, are the only ones left. Since that's the case, what's the point of living?"

"How dare you, Mad Southern Ye? You must really think that we're afraid of you, you made me do this."

Western Overlord Liu furiously shrieked as madness flashed through his face. He subsequently took out a red medicine bottle, removed the bottle cork, and drank its contents.

Ye Chen looked at him with interest. To be precise, he was looking at that red medicine bottle.

The very moment when the bottle cork was opened, he noticed a smell that was filled with violence.

Western Overlord Liu's body grew significantly in the next second. The clothes on him exploded, revealing his arms that were like horned dragons along with his pumped chest.

At the same time, the aura on his entire body grew a few times stronger. He looked like a human beast.

"What are you waiting for, Brother Ning?"

Western Overlord Liu looked at Eastern Superior Ning who was next to him. His eyes were bloodshot and frantic.

Eastern Superior Ning lightly sighed. He then took out a red medicine bottle and drank all of the liquid in it.

Very soon, he went through a transformation similar to Western Overlord Liu.

Witnessing that, Su Youwei who was on the ground was stunned at first, and the expression on her pretty face changed, "I-Isnt that the elixir from the Heavenly God Laboratory? Why would they have it?!"

"So this is your trump card?"

Ye Chen softly snickered.

One must admit that Northern Devil Jiang, Western Overlord Liu, and Eastern Superior Ning were very powerful. Their ability was comparable to a mastery-stage Spirit Assembly cultivator.

It would be hard to tell who would win if a regular cultivator were to fight them one on one.

However, it was unfortunate that they encountered Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was the Heavenly Emperor. He learned spells easily, and he could comprehend a method just by looking at it.

Moreover, he had the body of an immortal. That was his biggest reliance and best trump card. As long as he was not attacked by high technology weapons from the earth like the nuclear bomb, he would not be hurt. His body was as strong as if it was made of steel.

"It's you who forced us to do this, Mad Southern Ye."

Western Overlord Liu's long hair was dancing in the wind. He moved and charged toward Ye Chen together with Eastern Superior Ning without any plan. They were almost three times faster than before.

Ye Chen had a calm expression as he curled his five fingers into a fist. His fist was covered in an overbearing power exuding a destructive aura. The entire fist was covered in a golden glow, making heaven and earth lose its color.

"Divine Punch created within 33 days!

"The sixth style, Shock Hammer!"

As soon as he was done speaking, a terrifying strength spread with Ye Chen as the center. It spread 1,000 meters around him, causing avalanches as the snow-capped mountains collapsed. The expression of people on the ground changed.

Ye Chen shouted and threw an extremely simple punch. There was nothing fancy with it, but it shocked the duo who were a hundred meters away.

In their pupils, the golden fist was growing. It looked like the hand of god as it grew again.

"Oh, no!"

Western Overlord Liu and Eastern Superior Ning had a drastic change of expression. They instantly threw a punch with all of their strength and activated their protective qi barriers at the same time. They seemed to be attempting to dissolve the power coming from Ye Chen's punch.


However, Ye Chen's punch directly broke their protective qi barrier as if it was cutting tofu in the next second. Eventually, it hit hard onto Eastern Superior Ning who stood at the front.


Eastern Superior Ning's face turned pale and he exploded into a bloody mist.

He had been cultivating under the waterfall for tens of years and his body, which could take consecutive shots from an automatic rifle, was crushed just like that. He exploded into bloody mist without even leaving any bones behind.

He was like a blooming azalea flower.

The people on the ground stopped breathing after witnessing that. They felt like they were going to pass out.

Eastern Superior Ning was dead!

The Martial Dao master that was ranked after Northern Devil Jiang was dead!

And that was not the end.

Although Eastern Superior Ning absorbed a portion of the power, Western Overlord Liu who was behind him did not have a good time either.

His chest directly sunk 50% while there was a fist print on his back in the same location.


Western Overlord Liu wanted to instinctively dissolve the impact, which caused his right arm to explode.

'Run, I must run!'

The immense pain triggered his will to live. He could not bother the pain of losing his arm. He turned around and leaped. He seemed to have grown wings on his back as he leaped over three meters away within the blink of an eye.

The people on the ground had their jaws drop, and their eyeballs almost fell out from the shock.

Western Overlord Liu was going to escape?

Ye Chen looked magnificent, resembling the reincarnation of a battle god. He chased after Western Overlord Liu at lightning speed while stepping into the air.

"I've said that anyone that I, Ye Chen, want to kill won't be able to live. You'll have to die even if you run a thousand miles away!"