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146 Psychic Hypnosis

 It was midnight, everyone was sleeping.

At the Jinyang District's security room, security guard Wang Daye in his reading glasses was listening to songs. He would hum every now and then as a way of killing time and loneliness for him.

A shadow suddenly flashed by at high speed before him.

Wang Daye was slightly stunned and instantly got up to look outside. However, he saw nothing. He then returned to the security room after mumbling something.


What he had no idea of was that a black silhouette had entered the district without anyone knowing. He had his eyes on a house whose door was shut.

The black silhouette directly leaped onto the third floor of the building and subsequently walked to a house on the third floor.

He checked through the window and saw that the house had no lights on. Everybody was sleeping.

The black silhouette smiled with ridicule as an intense killing intent exploded on his face.

'The second young master's concern was right, this bastard is still alive.

'So what?

'Second young master hired a few regular men to attack you five years ago. You're not as fortunate this time to be encountering me.

'Not only are you going to die.

'Your daughter and your entire family will die with you!'

A strand of hair appeared in his hand. He stuck the hair into the door lock and a soft click was heard as the door unlocked.

The black silhouette subsequently entered in a fast and clean manner. It made no sound at all.

Not sure why, but he suddenly felt a bad omen.

It was too dark in the house. The lamps by the streets were still on, but the house was completely dark.

He instinctively stepped out.


The step felt as if it had activated a trap. The lights in the living room were instantly turned on.

A face was revealed under the shining of lights.

It was Guo Sheng.

However, his body froze while he glared at the silhouette on the couch.

A young man sitting there who looked at him with a smile on his face. He seemed to not be surprised that he was here at all.

Who else would it be if not Ye Chen?

Guo Sheng had goosebumps all over his body.

'This brat is still awake?'

"You're rather late."

Ye Chen looked at the clock that was hung on the wall. He then pointed at the teacup and a packet of cigarettes on the table. I drank two cups of tea and smoked five cigarettes while waiting for you."

Guo Sheng slowly eased the panic in him and scoffed as he said, "You don't seem surprised about my arrival at all?"

Although he said that, he could not stop looking around the room. He wanted to see if there was anybody else around or if there was any police surveillance.

"Why'd I be surprised?"

Ye Chen lit a cigarette and calmly said, "You must've come to kill me and to report to the master behind you!"

As soon as he said that, the sense of danger was getting intense in Guo Sheng's heart. "Since you know that I'm coming to kill you, why didn't you run? Instead, you were waiting for me to come? Can it be that you think I can't kill a useless thing like you?"

"I'm right here. Whether you can kill me or not depends on you."

Ye Chen took a sip of tea and casually said.

"You're seeking death!"

The killing intent in Guo Sheng's eyes was growing. He moved and appeared right before Ye Chen as he slammed hard with his palm.

To him, Ye Chen's head would explode like a watermelon as soon as this palm landed.

However, the expression on his face froze in the next second.

He found out that his hand could no longer move when it arrived less than ten centimeters before him.

Not just his hand, but his entire body couldn't move. It was as if some had cast Body Immobilization on him.

Guo Sheng stared with his eyes wide open as fear filled his face. "I-It's impossible that you're that bastard. He wouldn't have such a terrifying ability. W-Who exactly are you?"

He had an Illuminating Pulse cultivation base and was suppressed by Ye Chen. He had entirely lost his ability to fight.

He had encountered an expert!

Not only that, but it was an expert among experts!

He finally realized this was the sense of danger that he felt earlier.

"I'm Ye Chen, Ye Chen is me."

Ye Chen puffed a smoke ring onto him as he spoke, "Of course, I forgot to tell you that they call me Mad Southern Ye!"


Guo Sheng's scalp became numb. He lost it and said while feeling terrified, "What? You're Mad Southern Ye?"

Mad Southern Ye!

He was very familiar with this name.

Mad Southern Ye killed Yuan Bupo first and subsequently arrived in Jiangbei in an overbearing way. He ended the Song family and even beat up the Jiangbei No.1 Northern Devil Jiang like a dog.

Even his second young master wanted to recruit a person like him. That expert was standing right before him at the moment. Not only that, but he was also that bastard from five years ago.

He attacked a Martial Dao master!

Shock, fear, disbelief...

Guo Sheng's heart sank completely as he thought to this point. He said while pretending to be calm, "Ye Chen, since you're so powerful, why don't you surrender yourself to the Su family and to the second young master? As long as you let me go, I'll say good words to the second young master when I return. I believe..."

"Does he deserve it?"

Ye Chen interrupted before he was done speaking.

"I remembered everything that Su Tao did to my family back then. I'll see him, I'll see him soon."

Ye Chen chuckled and lifted his head to look at Guo Sheng. Mockery filled his eyes. "But before that, I've got to give him a gift."

"W-What are you trying to do?"

Guo Sheng panicked. "Don't kill me, Ye Chen. I'll give you everything as long as you don't kill me. I can even surrender to you and be your slave, please don't kill me."

"Don't worry, I won't kill you!"

Ye Chen pressed his palm on his head. He performed Psychic Hypnosis on him and coldly said, "Now look into my eyes!"

Guo Sheng looked over by instinct. He saw a gush of black glow flash through Ye Chen's eyes like an endless black hole. It was strange and profound...

As time went by, he jolted and said in a robotic manner, "Master!"

"Who sent you here?" Ye Chen asked.

Guo Sheng's expression was stiff. "It's the Su family's second young master, Su Tao."

"He knew that I'm still alive?"

"No, the second young master asked me to check how long it would take for your daughter to die."

Ye Chen asked again, "What's the purpose of Su Youwei coming to Tiannan? Does she know that you came to kill me?"

"The second young mistress came here to recruit you to use your power to save the first young mistress. She didn't know that I was coming to kill you. She even warned me not to touch you guys."

Hearing that, the coldness on Ye Chen's face eased a little bit. He asked again, "Where are you guys keeping Yuhan?"

"No idea, only the second young master knows that. He killed everyone who participated in the capture." Guo Sheng said.

"Why did Su Tao capture Yuhan?"

"Because a prominent man is into the second young mistress. To butter him up, the second young master decided to marry her to this man. It'd take place a month later."


The teacup in Ye Chen's hand crushed as the sound was heard. His face was filled with killing intent. "Who is that man?"

"No idea, I've never seen him. I only know that he has a representative who has been staying in contact with the second young master."

"What's that representative's name?"

"No idea, I only know that he has the family name Bai."


Ye Chen asked many questions next and was not exactly satisfied with the answers.

Realizing that he could no longer ask anything, he sat down and said to Guo Sheng while looking at him, "Go back to Su Youwei and pretend that nothing happened. You were never here tonight.

"You'll know what to say when you get back to the Su family. Try your best to find out where they're keeping Yuhan. Also, ask about the identity of that prominent man and his representative. Come back to me as soon as you have any news."

"Yes, sir."

Guo Sheng nodded and left without saying more.

Ye Chen mumbled, watching him leave. "Su Tao, enjoy the last few moments of your life. The day I find out the whereabouts of Yuhan will also be the day you die!"

His phone rang at that moment.

It was Gu Yingying who called. She said, "It's bad, Master Ye! Something bad has happened!"