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145 Ye Chen, Have You Heard of Mad Southern Ye?

 Yang Tian left.

He departed from Jiangbei and headed toward Northeastern Changbai Mountain's direction which was more than 2,000 kilometers in distance from one another.

To ensure he could sense Yang Tian speeding up upon an attempt to get into a car or a plane, Ye Chen left behind a spiritual energy seed on him.

This would mean that he failed the test.

Also, Ye Chen would be able to guesstimate if Yang Tian encounters even the slightest hint of danger. He did not care about anything else that could happen to him.

This journey of more than 4,000 kilometers was not a journey that one could complete merely by walking. Instead, it was one of refinement; refining his determination, enlightening his mind and persistence while helping him cope with loneliness.

These qualities were what powerhouses had to have.

It was like a scene from Journey to the West [1]. In a vast world, one could train his heart from hunger, and take control of one's mind along the way.


Ye Chen was staying home for the next few days.

In stark contrast to the stirring events out there, he could not care less. All he wanted to do was accompany his daughter while ordering Lin Tai to follow what was happening in Beijing in secret.


At the Martial Alliance headquarters, Elder Feng Kuohai wore a horrified expression as he watched the video on the computer, "How is it possible that even Northern Devil Jiang has been defeated, how is that possible?!"

He knew Northern Devil Jiang's ability very well, and he was not his match at all. However, he had been defeated by Mad Southern Ye.

Did that not prove that it would have been a piece of cake if Mad Southern Ye wanted to kill him on Surge River the other day?

A young man in Martial Alliance's uniform respectfully said, "Master, other elders are saying that this Mad Southern Ye is a genius. Martial Alliance needs him, so they're thinking of recruiting him. Not only that..."

He could no longer speak further as he spoke to this point.

"What else?" Feng Kuohai's face turned grim.

The young man said while biting the bullet, "The other elders want Mad Southern Ye to take the Martial Alliance's elder's position."

A loud thud was heard before he was done speaking. The computer before them was crushed. The young man immediately kneeled onto the ground and dared not say a word.


"Mad Southern Ye killed my junior brother, I must avenge him. I can't believe that they're asking him to take the position as Martial Alliance's elder. They must be dreaming!"

Feng Kuohai laughed from extreme rage as his expression turned ferocious.

Most importantly, as soon as Mad Southern Ye joined Martial Alliance, he might have the chance to be crowned as the Martial Alliance Chief in the competition that would be happening a year later.

The Martial Alliance Chief was just a legend right now.

After his expressions changed a few times, Feng Kuohai scoffed and asked, "Where is that lunatic now?"

"Two Martial Alliance's masters attacked Unparalleled Sword the other day, an old priest saved him after he was severely injured. Later on, I heard that he carried a coffin and went into Mount Wangwu. Nobody knows where he went after that."

The young man said while sweating profusely.

Feng Kuohai's face slightly twitched as fear filled his eyes. "This brat is just outrageous. His behavior is pretty similar to that of Mad Southern Ye. As soon as they fight, they're unstoppable.

"Find him for me, find him even if you have to dig a meter deep into the ground. At the same time, get people to spread the news that Mad Southern Ye is also a sword expert. Not only that, he's also challenging Sword Dao experts."

Feng Kuohai scoffed as he spoke, "Mad Southern Ye, I'm excited to know how despaired you would be when that lunatic finds you!

"Oh yeah, didn't Mad Southern Ye kill Western Overlord Liu's sword brother, Fan Yao? Get people to inform him about that. At the same time, try contacting Northern Devil Jiang. I believe these two would come together to fight Mad Southern Ye.

"It's the best that we attract that man from the east too. No matter how powerful Mad Southern Ye is, he won't be able to take the rage coming from three masters!"

"Roger that!"


On the next day after breakfast, the little girl Mengmeng had been complaining that she wanted to go out. Ye Chen could only bring her out.

When the father and daughter passed by a dessert store in West City, they happened to bump into two people.

They were Su Youwei and Guo Sheng.

At that moment, Su Youwei's face was as cold as if somebody owed her money. Meanwhile, Guo Sheng was carrying many things following behind her.

Su Youwei's face turned grim as soon as she saw them. "Why are you guys here, Ye Chen?"

"Daddy brought me here to buy cakes," the little girl buried herself into Ye Chen's embrace and angrily said while pouting.

She still remembered that her father slapped her butt for eating the snacks that Su Youwei bought her earlier.

"Mengmeng, do you like cakes?" The grim on Su Youwei's face had eased now. A gleam of love flashed through her eyes when she looked at the little girl.

The little girl was hesitating. She lifted her head to look at Ye Chen as she spoke, "Daddy, should I answer her or not?"

She was scared that her father would be mad again.

"You silly girl, would daddy bring you here if you don't like cakes?" Ye Chen said between laughers and tears while patting her head.

What they did not notice was that when the names Mengmeng and Ye Chen were mentioned, Guo Sheng, who was behind Su Youwei, had disbelief flash through his eyes. He then took a good look at the father and daughter.

"Let aunty treat you to a cake, okay?"

Su Youwei took over a cake from Guo Sheng's hand and passed it to the little girl while smiling.

The little girl scoffed. "I don't want your cake. My daddy will buy me one, he has money."

Su Youwei was slightly stunned. A grim expression flashed on her face, but she could only forget it. Ye Chen did not even look at her as he walked straight to the counter while holding the little girl's hand and bought her two cakes.

The little girl hopped and danced when she came out with the cakes. She was over the moon.

Just when Ye Chen was leaving, Su Youwei who was standing at the door suddenly asked, "Ye Chen, have you heard of Mad Southern Ye?"

She heard that Mad Southern Ye appeared in Jiangbei earlier and was fighting Northern Devil Jiang. She urged Guo Sheng to bring her there but found out that the battle had ended when they arrived there.

Meanwhile, Mad Southern Ye and Northern Devil Jiang were long gone.

She was shocked and disappointed. She was shocked after knowing that Mad Southern Ye defeated the Jiangbei No.1 Northern Devil Jiang. He even almost killed him.

She was disappointed that the battle ended too soon. She went all the way there for nothing and had completely lost track of Mad Southern Ye.

"I've never." Ye Chen stopped walking as he shook his head. He then walked away with his daughter.

Su Youwei was slightly disappointed. She waved while feeling annoyed. "You're from Tiannan and you've never heard of the legend of Tiannan. Forget it, leave. Ignorance is really scary, that's your destiny for the rest of your life."

Ye Chen said nothing more and headed home while carrying his daughter.

Su Youwei was low-spirited as she watched him leave.

'Ye Chen, oh Ye Chen. How great would it be if you're Mad Southern Ye? If that's the case, there might be hope for my sister to be rescued.

'Hah, but how is that possible?'

Su Youwei shook her head and was scared by her own thoughts.

'This useless thing has never even heard of Mad Southern Ye, how would he be him? Compared to Mad Southern Ye, he's just a stinky bug while the other one is a dragon.'

Guo Sheng, who had been quiet, casually asked, "Ms. Su, are they the first young mistress' husband and daughter?"

"Why are you asking this, Guo Sheng?"

Su Youwei's face turned cold. "I'm warning you, don't you dare touch them. I'll kill you if they lose even a single strand of hair."

"No, Ms. Su. You're overthinking it, how would I dare to do that?" Guo Sheng kept shaking his head. However, killing intent filled his eyes.

'I can't believe that this bastard is still alive. Not only that, the little bastard also doesn't look like she's dying.'

[1] Journey to the West is a Chinese novel published in the 16th century during the Ming dynasty and attributed to Wu Cheng'en. It is one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature.