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143 The Northern Devil’s Reputation is Nothing

 On the Smoky Wave Lake, Northern Devil Jiang and Ye Chen stood above the surface. They were 50 meters away from each other. One had demonic energy filled his body while the other had no aura on him at all.

Even though that was the case, everyone who was watching held their breath, not wanting to miss a thing. The members from the three clans were flushing.

"Mad Southern against the Northern Devil! That's considered a battle between Tiannan and Jiangbei. No matter who wins and who loses, it will stir up the entire ancient martial world!"

"Will Mad Southern Ye kill Northern Devil Jiang to prove the legends about him or will Northern Devil Jiang defeat Mad Southern Ye to retain his undefeatable position?"

Meanwhile, on the banks of the Smoky Wave Lake, there was burning desire in the old single-armed man's eyes. "I can't believe I've lived long enough to witness the battle of two masters with my very own eyes. I've lived a full life!"

"Big Brother Ye, you must win. I support you!" Xiaoying clenched her soft fists tightly while looking at the skinny silhouette on the lake with her pretty eyes without blinking.

Yang Tian looked serious. "Old Ye, please take care of yourself. If you can't fight him, just run. If you die, I won't have the ability to avenge you."

"Shut up!" Xiaoying glared at him.

At the same time, messages were sent through entire China, causing another round of commotion to break out.

"Hurry over! Mad Southern Ye has arrived in Jiangbei in an overbearing manner. He's going to end the Song family, and Northern Devil Jiang is here to stop him. The battle between the duo is happening at the Smoky Wave Lake now!"

"What? Really?"

"How can it be fake? I saw it with my very own eyes. Mad Southern Ye killed hundreds of people of the Jiangbei wealthy family, wiped out the Song family, and executed Northern Devil Jiang's father-in-law right before him!"

"Isn't Mad Southern Ye too overbearing? He just killed Yuan Bupo not long ago and he's so impatient to set his foot in Jiangbei. Is he trying to kill the remaining four aces?"

"Insane, he has gone insane..."


All the wealthy families in the three Tiannan Provinces were provoked. They looked at Jiangbei's direction, feeling horrified.

'Is my lord too bored? He just killed Yuan Bupo and now he has offended Northern Devil Jiang?'


At the Hilton Hotel, dressed in a plain dress, Su Youwei walked out of the hotel quickly and said to Guo Sheng while walking, "Brother Guo, hurry, let's go. We're going to Jiangbei!"

"What happened, Ms. Su?" Her bodyguard Guo Sheng was in a blur.

"Mad Southern Ye has shown up. He's in Jiangbei!"

Su Youwei got into the car. She said after taking a deep breath in and suppressing her emotions, "I've just gotten the news that Mad Southern Ye and Northern Devil Jiang are fighting. Let's go now. We should be able to make it.

"If that person lives, he should be able to rank among the top ten in the Heaven Leaderboard. We must recruit Mad Southern Ye into our family no matter what.

"Anyone who ranks top ten on the Heaven Leaderboard can shock the entire China."



On the Smoky Wave Lake, as Northern Devil Jiang yelled, energy waves exploded around him and spread out with him as the center.

The energy sliced the surface of the lake into two directly wherever it passed, and countless water jets shot into the sky.

"Dragon Elephant Punch!"

Northern Devil Jiang threw a punch out.


Explosions were heard in the air while mighty power shot out of his fist and went after Ye Chen at a high speed.

"Are you trying to compete whose punch is more powerful?" Ye Chen moved forward instead of retreating. He threw a punch out without hesitating as mockery appeared at the corner of his lips.


The duo's fists landed on each other and the explosive power shot toward all directions.

Blasts filled the entire lake as waves that were over three meters tall splashed down heavily. Countless lotus leaves were flipped and then crushed into pieces within the blink of an eye.


A powerful ripple swept over.

The onlookers who were watching around the lake had a change in expression. They wanted to retreat by instinct. Unfortunately, it was too late. The rumbling lake water washed onto the shore and dragged everyone out.

Many people were spitting blood while fear was the only thing that remained in their eyes when they lifted them to look at the two silhouettes on the lake.

The power of the masters was terrifying!

"W-we got lucky!"

Xiaoying patted her chest by instinct, appearing terrified. Fortunately, her grandfather got them to retreat earlier. Otherwise, they would have been affected by now.

Yang Tian stared blankly. "I didn't know that Old Ye was so powerful!"

The old single-armed man was the only person who had his eyes fixated on the entire lake.

When the water in the air landed completely, a black silhouette retreated tens of steps away while staggering. He created giant waves while stepping on the water and he seemed rather clumsy.

Everyone looked shocked when they saw who that person was.

Did Mad Southern Ye make Northern Devil Jiang retreat with a single punch?

Did the battle not just begin?

While everyone was still in shock, Northern Devil Jiang wiped the blood at the corner of his lips after managing to stand still which took some effort. His eyes were filled with great trepidation when he looked at Ye Chen again.

'How is this guy so powerful?'

He lost the upper hand during the very first round.

Although he heard that Ye Chen had defeated Yuan Bupo single-handedly earlier, he had been in disbelief and he thought that everyone was exaggerating.

However, he had to believe it now.

Ye Chen stood with his arms behind his back as everyone watched. He said while looking nonchalant, "Northern Devil Jiang, is that all you've got?"

"It's too early for you to celebrate!" Northern Devil Jiang smiled in an eerie manner and charged with immense strength. He could not stop performing hand seals with both hands. Another round of immense strength exploded from his body again.

At the same time, the water in the entire Smoky Wave Lake gathered toward him. Soon, it consolidated into a huge, long river.

The river was approximately a kilometer long. It was like the hand of a giant that rumbled above one's head.

"Mad Southern Ye, let me show you my trump card. The Iced River Befall!"

Chill filled Northern Devil Jiang's eyes. He shouted as he performed a series of hand seals and slammed his palm out.

The long river that was rumbling in the air charged like a gigantic waterfall. It flew across the sky and charged toward Ye Chen directly.

"Divine Punch that was created within 33 days. The 13th style Sky-crushing Finger!"

Ye Chen's fingers turned crystal clear like a jade, and there was a glaring glow shooting out of them. He moved five fingers slightly. They resembled five real dragons roaring and releasing a terrifying aura.

"Break it!" He pointed a finger at the long river that was thundering over.

The Sky-crushing Finger was powerful and endlessly profound. One blow could cut a mountain and even slice the sky when one mastered the ability to its peak!

Furthermore, this was just a river coming at it.

Northern Devil Jiang scoffed, "What useless effort!"


The moment when they collided, a deafening loud thud echoed throughout the air and brutal energy waves spread everywhere. The lake exploded.

Meanwhile, the long river was crushed by Ye Chen's finger. Countless splashes shot out toward all directions, piercing the trees on the shore.

Everyone's faces turned pale upon witnessing that.

"Oh no!"

Northern Devil Jiang's heart sank when he saw the long river being crushed. His eyelid twitched just when he was going to perform another technique.

He saw a silhouette charging at him.


Northern Devil Jiang had goosebumps all over his body. Subsequently, he felt an intense pain coming from his chest. He was thrown out directly and lost his ability to fight.

Meanwhile, there was a deep dent on his chest.

At that moment, the whole world turned silent while everyone's expressions froze.

The silhouette that was standing proudly on the lake was the only thing that they saw in their eyes. They felt like they could never forget what they saw.

Ye Chen looked at the silhouette that was thrown out clumsily with mockery. "The Northern Devil's reputation is nothing!"