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140 Scram Within Three Breaths of Time, Or I’ll Definitely Kill You

 "Where's the Song family's master?!

"I, Mad Southern Ye, am here to end the Song family!"

Ye Chen stood on the water while his voice vibrated through the lake like a bell. It was echoed in everyone's ears.

The people who were watching were stunned at first. They exclaimed out loud after seemingly recalling something.

"What? He's Mad Southern Ye? The Tiannan No.1?"

"Isn't Mad Southern Ye from Tiannan? Why did he come to Jiangbei? And he's going to end the Song family?"

"It's clear that the person who announced that he was going to end the Song family was Mad Southern Ye. It was just that we didn't know who that was."

"It's the end for the Song family for offending such a person."

A stir broke out around the Smoky Wave Lake as soon as they heard Ye Chen. Everyone was shocked. They were looking at the silhouette on the lake with a burning desire.

The legendary Tiannan No.1 Mad Southern Ye was here and they were looking at him with their very own eyes.

The thought alone was shocking.

Countless messages and calls were made everywhere at that moment, especially within the three Jiangbei clans.

"The little brother is Mad Southern Ye? How's that possible?"

The single-armed old man felt numb in his scalp as if his world was crashing down. He was in disbelief.

Xiaoying covered her tiny lips and blankly looked at Ye Chen's skinny back on the surface of the lake.

"Big brother is... Mad Southern Ye?"

Xiaoying and her grandfather had been talking to Mad Southern Ye for so long. He had been next to them but they did not recognize him from the beginning until the end.


Yang Tian cursed. He looked at Ye Chen and said, "Old Ye, so you're the Mad Southern Ye. No wonder both are Ye. You hid it so damn well."

It was a happy hour with loud music in the Song family's villa.

"Mr. Cao and Old Master Fan. Here's a toast to the two of you from me, Song Ye. Don't go home until you guys are drunk." Song Ye held a red wine glass in his hand and was extremely passionate.

Old Master Fan frowned. "Master Song, that man isn't here yet. It's inappropriate for us to drink now."

"You're overthinking it, Old Master Fan. It's almost 5 p.m. now and that brat isn't here yet. I'm sure he doesn't dare come because he's scared." Song Ye ignorantly shook his head.

Just when Old Master Fan's lips moved and he was about to speak, the young man with the family name Cao said with a grim face, "Old Master Fan, Master Song is right. It's just a brat, I'm sure he was merely scaring Master Song. He dares not come. Even if he did, I, Cao Lei, would definitely kill him!"

He had pride filled his face as he spoke to this point.

Old Master Fan thought it made sense. He picked up the wine glass and was ready to party. However, quick footsteps came from outside at that very moment.

"Oh, no! Master!"

The butler soon rushed into the room with a panicked expression.

Song Ye was rather upset. "Look at you looking so panicky, do you know that's humiliating?"

"Master, t-that man is here!" the butler was panting as he stammered.

"He's just a brat. So what if he's here? What's there to be afraid of?" Cao Lei scoffed and said after getting up, "Master Song, watch how I and Old Master Fan kill him!"

Song Ye said in resentment, "Mr. Cao, don't kill him. I want to torture him good to release my grievances!"

"Of course."

Cao Lei coldly said. Just when he was going to walk out, Old Master Fan suddenly asked the butler, "Did that man tell his name?"


The butler nodded. "He said he's Mad Southern Ye."

Old Master Fan, who had just taken a few steps out, staggered as soon as the butler said that. He immediately turned his head to look at the butler after managing to stand still. "What did you say? Can you say that again?"

"He said he's Mad Southern Ye." The butler repeated himself.

The house fell into dead silence. It was so silent that they could hear each other's heartbeat. They were no longer as calm as before.

Song Ye was shocked. He said after gulping, "Can he be the Tiannan No.1, Mad Southern Ye?"

He was shocked by his own guess.

Who exactly did the Song family offend?

"How is that possible? Mad Southern Ye is from Tiannan. How would he dare come to my Jiangbei to stir things up?" Cao Bei's face was filled with fear.

Old Master Fan sighed. "Master Song, if it's really the Mad Southern Ye, your family is in danger."

"Old Master Fan, what do we do?"

Song Ye had a drastic change of expression.

"Nevermind, I'll ask for mercy for you. He'll let your family go for the sake of my sworn brother," Old Master Fan coldly said and left the villa.

Many eyes were looking at him as he walked out.

The single-armed old man across the lake had fear fill his face. He could not help but exclaim, "I can't believe the Song family got the Old Devil Fan here!"

"Grandpa, who is this Old Devil Fan?" Xiaoying asked in confusion.

"Old Devil Fan is an ancient martial expert from Jinxi. His eagle claws are popular in the entire Jinxi, and no one below a master is his match. It was said that Western Overlord Liu is his sworn brother." The single-armed old man glared at Old Master Fan and forced a smile.

Yang Tian instinctively asked, "No one below a master is his match, does that mean that he's no match for Old Ye?"

The single-armed old man smiled without saying anything.

Having a Martial Dao master as his sworn brother would be the equivalent of being on the same ranking as Master Ye.


Old Master Fan saw the silhouette standing on the Smoky Wave Lake as soon as he walked out of the Song family's villa. The person was walking toward the villa one step after another.

He was worthy of being called the Tiannan No.1.

His aura alone could not be compared to ordinary people.

Old Master Fan's face turned pale. He walked quickly to the lake and respectfully clasped his fists at Ye Chen who was on the lake. "May I know if you're the Mad Southern Ye, Master Ye?"

"Who are you?"

Ye Chen coldly squinted while taking a good look at him.

Looking at his cold stare, Old Master Fan felt a chill run down his spine. He said while holding back his fear, "My name is Fan Yao, my sworn brother is Western Overlord Liu. I wonder if there's a misunderstanding between Master Ye and the Song family? I hope that you can let this go..."

He thought Ye Chen would definitely give him face as soon as he mentioned his sworn brother.

"Scram within three breaths of time, or I'll definitely kill you!"

However, Ye Chen interrupted him before he was done speaking.

"Master Ye, Western Overlord Liu is my sworn brother!" Fan Yao's face changed. He was rather pissed.

"Two breaths of time!"

Ye Chen ignored him while slowly walking to him.

Fan Yao felt humiliated. He coldly said, "Ye, don't be so arrogant. Although you're a master, my sworn brother Western Overlord Liu is a master too."

Ye Chen's stare turned grim. He said nothing more and vanished from the lake. He subsequently appeared before Fan Yao like a specter.


Fan Yao opened his eyes wide. Just when he was about to beg, he turned into a mist of blood.

Until his death, he could not understand how Ye Chen dared to kill him despite knowing that Western Overlord Liu was his sworn brother.

There was dead silence at the scene at the moment.

Everyone looked at Ye Chen in disbelief with their eyes wide open. Especially the single-armed old man, he felt numb in his scalp.

The Western Overlord Liu's sworn brother Old Devil Fan was killed just like that? Ye Chen sure is decisive in killing.

Xiaoying's eyes lit up. "Big brother Ye is so cool, I want a savage man like him for me."

"I didn't want to kill you before purely because you were not from the Song family, but you talk way too much!'

Ye Chen did not stop walking. He took one step after another toward those bunch of bodyguards at the Song family's villa's entrance. He was like a god of death.

Every step he took, the bodyguards would take a step back.

Song Ye and Cao Lei saw the moment when Fan Yao was killed when they walked out. They felt like they had fallen into an icehouse.

"W-What do we do, Mr. Cao?" Song Ye's eyes were filled with fear when he looked at Ye Chen.

He regretted that very moment. If he knew that it was Ye Chen, he would have brought Song Xin to apologize.

Cao Lei gulped hard. His soul was almost crushed after seeing Ye Chen. "Master Song, since it has come to this, we can only get Master Jiang here."