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133 Trouble at the Company

 On the next morning after stargazing, Ye Chen took the little girl back to Lin City.

At the same time, many people were sitting in the Yaffle Cosmetics Limited Company's general manager's office. They were all of the high management of the company.

Everyone looked worried and gloomy, including the company's general manager, Yang Tian.

"Director Yang, have you not managed to contact Director Ye until now?"

The vice manager Gao Hong could not stop pacing in the office. He looked worried. "Donghao Group only gave us two days, it's the due date today. What do we do now?"

"That's right, Donghao is a major group after all. I heard they have the wealthy family of Jiangbei, the Song family supporting them. Should we just..." The only high management weakly said.

The Donghao Group that everyone was talking about was also a cosmetic company. However, it was a listed company. Its model was much bigger than Yaffle.

The two companies had never crossed paths, but they had been fighting for a raw material production base recently. Eventually, Yang Tian managed to purchase the production base successfully.

Thus, they offended the Donghao Group. Two days back, some people from Donghao Group came and forced them to sell the production base that Yang Tian purchased. Most importantly, the price was 30% less than the cost.

Yang Tian refused, no matter what. Before leaving, the people from Donghao Group said that they would give Yang Tian two days to consider it. If he still refused by then, they would do whatever it would take.

Now that two days had passed, the high management was fighting in the office.


Yang Tian who had been gloomy suddenly interrupted them and coldly said, "I know what you guys are trying to say. I, Yang Tian, will just tell you my decision now. I won't sign the agreement. I don't believe that the Donghao Group dares to kill me."

He had been trying to contact Ye Chen throughout the two days. He felt helpless that Ye Chen's phone was either out of service or it was switched off.

Although that was the case, he was persistent with his principles. The reason being the company would lose the production base as soon as he signed the agreement. It would be tough for them.

Moreover, he knew very well that whatever he owned today was given by Ye Chen. Without Ye Chen, there would not be the Yang Tian today. He would not give in even if it meant death for him.

Gao Hong sighed. "But..."

He thought Director Ye might have heard the news earlier and hid himself. After all, Donghao Group was not to be offended.

Just when he was speaking, the phone in the general manager's office rang. Yang Tian picked it up instantly.

"D-Director Yang, t-the people from Donghao Group are here. A-And they have brought many people with them." The front office assistant stammered.

The people were stunned, they immediately looked down from the window. They saw many people gathered at the company's entrance. Most of them were local gangsters, and they looked menacing.

The leader was a young man in a suit. He looked grim and arrogant.

None of the company's security guards dared to stop them since there were so many people.

Yang Tian was furious. He got up and immediately walked downstairs. He pushed the people who were watching away and glared at the young man in a suit with rage. "Song Xin, what are you guys trying to do? Trying to stir things up with all these people? Do you believe that I'll not call the police now?"

"Call the police?"

The young man named Song Xin scoffed and smirked. "Yang Tian, you're the company's high management after all. Do you think that calling the police would work since I dare to bring so many people here?"

"You..." Yang Tian's heart sank.

Song Xin said with a plastic smile on his face, "My dear Director Yang, the two days due is up. What's your consideration of the production base? Also, where's that Director Ye of yours? Get him to come out now."

"Director Ye isn't here, we'll talk when he's back," Yang Tian coldly said.

"He isn't here?"

Song Xin smirked in disdain. "Is he not here, or is he hiding? Since that's the case, you'll sign the agreement. As long as you..."

"You must be dreaming!"

Yang Tian interrupted him before he was done. "Just give up, I won't sign the agreement unless you kill me."

Song Xin instantly put away the smile on his face. He coldly said, "Since you're refusing a toast only to drink a forfeit, smash everything!"

"You won't dare!" Yang Tian blocked in front of him.

"Why don't I dare? I can just say that your company owes us money and we're just collecting debt with violence. We'd get fined at most.

"You want to play? Yang, you're not worthy of playing with me!"

Song Xin coldly grinned and turned his head towards the bunch of people behind him. "Smash it hard when you get in. Remember this! We're here to collect a debt."

As soon as he was done speaking, the tens of people standing behind him ran into the company with their weapons. Sounds of stuff being smashed were subsequently heard. There were all sorts of shrieking too.

Many people in the company were watching that in fear. They dared not interfere as they were afraid that they would be dragged into it.

Yang Tian was enraged after seeing that. He instinctively wanted to go in to stop them, but he was pressed down by two people. He was pressed onto the ground and immense strength was squeezing his face.

"This is the consequence of going against Donghao!"

Song Xin walked over and stepped on his face. He condescendingly said to Yang Tian, "A useless thing like you deserves to be called Director Yang? My a*s. Not just you, I'd step on that Director Ye of yours if he's here!"

"How dare you say that about Ye Chen? You're going to die. I guarantee you, you're going to die a horrible death!" Yang Tian glared at him. He was smiling instead of being furious as if he was looking at a dead person.


Song Xin bent down and slapped his face. He scoffed and said, "You seem to be very confident in that bastard Director Ye."

Song Xin could not help but lift his head to look at Gao Hong and the rest who were beside him as he spoke to this point. "Yang, are you seeing this? Your staff and underlings can only watch when I step on you like a dead dog. They don't even dare to fart."

Gao Hong and the rest immediately held their heads down. They dared not look into his eyes. They were saddened and were blaming themselves.

However, Yang Tian did not cave in. He clenched his teeth and spat out blood. He looked tough.

"Because they know Donghao's power, they know who's behind Donghao."

Song Xin proudly smirked. He spoke while playing with the ring on his finger.

"Therefore, I'm warning you to be wise and sign the agreement now. It's best that you guys lose your hope on that nonsense Director Ye of yours.

"It's fortunate that he's not here. Otherwise, he'd end up like you, being stepped beneath my foot like a dead dog!"

Disdain filled Song Xin's face as he spoke. He seemed to feel pity.

However, a cold voice came from behind the people at that very moment.

"Oh, really?"