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128 Black Miao Village’s High Pries

 The sky had just turned bright.

In a valley around 50 miles away from the White Miao Village, hundreds of people in traditional Miao Tribe attire stood on the hillside wearing a worried expression.

An old lady with only one arm was leading them.

A skinny young man carrying a four or five years old little girl was standing next to her.

"Mr. Ye, that is the Black Miao Village!" The old lady looked extremely grim as she pointed at the village in the valley.

After the death of Li Chu and the rest, the high priest manifested himself in the fire to invite Ye Chen for a battle. Knowing how powerful the high priest was, the old lady advised Ye Chen to not go. However, he did not care.

She could only bring all young and strong men in the tribe along with them. After all, even if Ye Chen did not show, the high priest would eventually go to their village and the ending would be the same. Since that was the case, she thought they should just give their all and fight.

Ye Chen squinted and looked at the Black Miao Village while carrying his daughter. There was black energy faintly lingering in that direction and it was not going away.

"There's sinister energy over there. It seems like this is the Divine Dragon Pond that you were talking about. Let's go, I'd like to meet this high priest!"

Ye Chen coldly smiled. He took the lead and walked right into the valley. The people instantly caught up to him.

To their discovery, there was nobody guarding the Black Miao Village. It was as if the people had vanished.

The old lady reminded. "Mr. Ye, beware of traps!"

"I don't care whether there are traps or not, I'll break them with my fist!"

Ye Chen looked normal. Since the Black Miao Village's high priest asked for him, he must be confident in Ye Chen's ability.

They noticed a pungent smell of blood lingering in the air as soon as they went deep into the Black Miao Village. They headed straight to the high priest's palace.

The so-called palace was a stone castle that looked like a ferocious giant beast.

The group saw a dimmed space with rows of braziers as they entered the palace and looked over.

There were all sorts of venomous snakes filling the stone stairs and the palace looked like it was among a sea of snakes.

A black silhouette stood at the very end of the stone stairs with his back facing everyone.

"The high priest!"

The old lady exclaimed out loud. The people behind her could not help but jolt and some of them even felt weak in their knees.

Fear flashed on Xiao Ya's pretty face and she instinctively got closer to Ye Chen.

"Are you the Mad Southern Ye?"

An extremely cold voice echoed in the palace.

The silhouette at the end of the stone stairs turned around. The braziers burning with fire allowed people to see the silhouette a little better.

It was an old man of approximately 40 to 50 years of age. He had long hair with eyes as fierce as a falcon.

Ye Chen took a step forward and coldly said, "You're the Black Miao Village's high priest?"

"Mad Southern Ye, I'd like to think that we never crossed paths with each other. Why don't you stay an overlord in the outside world instead of interfering in the business of my Miao Village?" the high priest said with a grim look on his face.

Ye Chen softly chuckled. "Nothing, I just don't like your face. Since you know who I am, you should kneel and kowtow to me now to accept your death. Perhaps I might keep your body in one piece!"

"You arrogant imbecile!"

The high priest was furious as he scoffed.

"Don't you think you can look down on me just because the people outside gave you a title. I'll show you what I've got."

A white bone flute appeared in his hand as soon as he was done speaking.

The high priest began playing the flute and the people soon felt an oddly cold aura coming at them. There was a humming in their heads as if 10,000 ghosts were shrieking. They could not even stand still.

Clouds of black energy were consolidating on the people's heads as shrieking faces appeared within the black energy.

"T-That's the Soul-summoning Ghost Flute recorded in the ancestral scripture. It can use the demonic power to control ghosts as well as gu."

The old lady's expression changed. She seemed to have recalled something which made her look at the high priest with fear.

"I can't believe that you killed everyone in the Black Miao Village just to refine a Ghost Flute. You're so cruel!"

She had finally understood. It was no wonder that they did not see anyone in the Black Miao Village since they walked in. They were all killed by the high priest.


The high priest hysterically laughed while playing the flute. "So what? Just like the saying 'A general's success is traded from ten thousand deaths'. This bunch of useless things deserved to die. I will rule the world after I kill all of you!"


The old lady's orifices were filled with blood due to the sound of the flute.

She ignored her fear and turned to look at Ye Chen. "Mr. Ye, let's go. We'll leave now. This old devil has the Ghost Flute, which can control ghosts and gu. You're no match for him!"

At the same time, the snakes on the stone steps charged at Ye Chen and the rest as if they had been ordered.

Meanwhile, the various venomous scorpions and spiders on the stone walls sealed the exit like locusts.

"Oh, no. We're all going to die here!"

The old lady fell onto the ground, she looked in despair. She regretted a little to bring Ye Chen here.

"What do we do, Ye Chen?" Xiao Ya lost her image from the scare.

"So he's competing with the Death Sound Method against me?"

Ye Chen shook his head in disdain. He took a deep breath and filled the air in his dantian. He then roared with all of his strength.

"Heavenly Dragon's Eight Tone!"

A dragon roar exploded from his mouth. It sounded like 10,000 dragons roaring together in compelling a manner.

Golden dragon shadows that could be seen with naked eyes spread out with him as the center. The snakes and gu worms that were sweeping towards them exploded into bloody mush wherever the dragon shadows passed by.

The palace was shaking from the attack.

The white bone flute in the high priest's hand was crushed from the dragon's roar. Meanwhile, he was thrown out and fell hard onto the wall.

Everything on the enemy's side in the palace was killed by that one roar.

The old lady, Xiao Ya, and the rest blankly watched the scene. They would not forget what they witnessed for the rest of their lives.

The Soul-summoning Ghost Flute that the high priest sacrificed everyone in the tribe to refine was crushed by Ye Chen with a single roar.

"How is this possible? How is this possible?!"

The high priest stood up from the ground with messy hair. He spat a mouthful of blood as fear filled his face. "Who exactly are you?"

"I'm the man who's going to kill you!"

Ye Chen softly shook his head and stepped onto the stone stairs.

He walked towards the high priest one step after another.

The high priest clenched his teeth and slammed his palm onto the tiger-skin throne behind him. A click was heard as if some machine had been activated.

Arrows were suddenly shot out of the walls around the palace at the same time. They were shooting at Ye Chen from all directions.

"Get down, Ye Chen!" Xiao Ya screamed.

However, Ye Chen kept walking as if he had not seen them.

The smile on the high priest's face froze in the next second.

Clanging sounds were made when the dense arrows hit Ye Chen. They subsequently fell onto the ground and didn't hurt him at all.

"Daddy, I'm scared."

Mengmeng buried herself in Ye Chen's chest. She was shaking like a quail.

"Don't be afraid, don't be afraid. Daddy will protect you."

Ye Chen extended his arm and grabbed onto an arrow that was shooting at the little girl. He tossed it onto the ground and walked toward the high priest.

The high priest panicked as Ye Chen approached him. He felt a bone-piercing chill run down his spine.

He slammed the tiger-skin throne and the stone door that led outside suddenly opened behind him. He instantly leaped out and the stone door closed right away.

"Break it!"

Ye Chen threw a punch and the awfully heavy stone door crushed from the impact. He quickly chased after the high priest.

The high priest was going to a pond on the mountain. He punched his chest hard and spat a mouthful of blood as he reached it. He directly spat into the pond.

"Master Divine Dragon, please save me!"

The high priest sincerely kneeled by the pond with all fours down as if he did not see Ye Chen coming after him.

The pond before him seemed to have started boiling as soon as he was done speaking. A water pillar suddenly shot out of the pond and a gigantic shadow flew out of it.