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122 What If I Refused To

 Xiao Ya was completely dumbstruck the moment she saw Ye Chen.

She clearly remembered that Ye Chen had still been on the bus when she got off. Moreover, she had looked around along the way here and did not see anyone following her.

'So, how is it possible that Ye Chen is here?

"Nini, who is he?" Wu Tashan glanced at Ye Chen with a grim expression.

Xiao Ya suppressed her shock forcefully and explained, "Tashan, his name is Ye Chen. He was my classmate when I was out there. Don't hurt him."

"Aunty Xiao!" Mengmeng who was in Ye Chen's embrace waved at her happily as soon as she saw Xiao Ya.

Just when Wu Tashan was going to speak, his expression changed abruptly. "Oh, no. The gu that I left behind to block the way is gone. Li is catching up with us."

Although he was from the White Miao Tribe, he was well versed in Oriental black magic too. He left many venomous snakes behind along the way of escape. However, he could feel that those snakes were now disconnected from him.

There was a change in expression on Xiao Ya's pretty face. She urged Ye Chen, "Ye Chen, run with your daughter. Don't follow us. We'll only drag you into this."

"We can't be bothered about him. Let him save himself." Wu Tashan clenched his teeth and glanced coldly at Ye Chen. He was about to leave while carrying Xiao Ya.

To him, it did not matter even if Ye Chen was really Xiao Ya's classmate. It was impossible for him to be more important than Xiao Ya.

"Run? Why'd I want to run?"

Ye Chen stepped forward suddenly and lifted his eyes to grin slightly at Xiao Ya.

"Brat, scram if you're seeking death. Don't block our way!" Wu Tashan was incensed and his killing intent toward Ye Chen was growing within him at that moment.

"If I'm not mistaken, there was gu in the two bottles of drinks that you got for us. Am I right?" Ye Chen enunciated word for word while he looked at Xiao Ya as he carried the little girl.

"H-how do you know?" Xiao Ya panicked as she looked at Ye Chen in disbelief with her lovely eyes wide open.

"It's the puppet gu. As soon as this gu goes into an ordinary person's body, they'll lose their sanity slowly within the time it takes to burn an incense stick. They will even lose control of their body, so their movement and words will be controlled by the person who cast the gu," Ye Chen said coldly.

"Ye Chen, I-I was..." Xiao Ya covered her mouth with her hand, secretly stunned. At that same time, deep regret grew within her.

"I know you were forced to do that!" Ye Chen smiled lightly. "If you really wanted to hurt us, you definitely wouldn't have pretended to trip and spill the drinks. Moreover, if I'm not mistaken, the person who cast the gu is that bodyguard of yours. Of course, he's not necessarily your bodyguard."

Xiao Ya stared blankly at him. At that very instant, she suddenly felt like she had no idea who this classmate of hers was.

However, she had no clue that even if Ye Chen really drank the sports drink with gu inside, he would still be fine. He was a Heavenly Emperor after all. How could he be controlled by gu?

Naturally, Ye Chen would be disappointed with Xiao Ya if that really happened. He would even have killing intent on her. After all, he could not tolerate anyone who would hurt him.

The result was clear. Xiao Ya had passed the test as well as saving her own life.

Ye Chen looked as usual as he said slowly, "Therefore, I'm here because of your kind heart that refuses to hurt me and my daughter. With me here, nobody can hurt you!"

"W-what did you say?" Xiao Ya was stunned, she thought she heard it wrong.

"How can an ordinary person like you think that you can do that?" Wu Tashan scoffed, "Do you know who is coming after us? He's from the Li family of the Black Miao Village. He's an expert in casting gu, and he's an Internal Energy martial artist too."

"So what?" Ye Chen smirked coldly.

"Nini, I think there's something wrong with your classmate's head. Ignore him. Let's go!" Wu Tashan was about to leave as he carried Xiao Ya.


At the same time, footsteps came from behind.

"Oh, no! Li has caught up to us!"

Wu Tashan's expression changed drastically, and his eyes were filled with killing intent when he turned around to look at Ye Chen. "The brat is to blame. If not for him blocking our way and wasting so much of our time, how would Li have caught up with us?!"

Despair flashed across Xiao Ya's face. "Tashan, leave. Leave with Ye Chen. You must bring the father and daughter along. I'm begging you."

She did not want Ye Chen and Wu Tashan to die with her. She was ready to stay to buy them time.

"No, I watched you being dragged into hell 15 years ago without having the ability to protect you. We'll die together!" Wu Tashan forced a grin and put Xiao Ya down.

"You guys don't have to be afraid..." Ye Chen replied while smiling.

"Shut your mouth!" Wu Tashan glared dangerously at him, eager to slap Ye Chen to death. However, since this was how things turned out, no matter what he did, it would be futile. He could only leave everything to fate.

"Daddy, this uncle is so fierce!" Mengmeng was terrified by him. She buried herself in Ye Chen's embrace by instinct.

A silhouette appeared in the fog.

It was Li Yuan.

"Why aren't you guys running?" Li Yuan looked at Wu Tashan and Xiao Ya. No one could tell whether he was smiling or not as if he was playing a game of cat-and-mouse.

Subsequently, the smile on his face grew even wider when he saw Ye Chen. "I was just going to look for you and your daughter. Never did I think you guys would be here together. I thought it would be a fruitless search looking for you guys, but I found you without even trying."

"I'm going to beat you up, you mean guy!" The little girl could not stop swinging her tiny fists. There was no fear on her face at all.

"You're really something, Tashan. You said that the four experts in your White Miao Village are coming at first, which triggered me, and you used illusion smoke to confuse me."

As Uncle Li was approaching them, he could not help but feel over the moon. "It's unfortunate that everything you do is futile in front of a real powerhouse like me. Accept your fate!"

"Li Yuan, do you really think I haven't improved throughout these years? Don't make me kill you." Wu Tashan's knuckles cracked as he clenched his fists. He looked furious.

Xiao Ya stood before Ye Chen and Mengmeng by instinct. She said while looking at Uncle Li in determination, "Let them go. I'll go with you. Otherwise, I'll die in front of you."

"How dare you threaten me?" Uncle Li scoffed, "If you dare kill yourself, I can guarantee that nobody here will live."


As a loud thud exploded, Wu Tashan initiated the attack. He swung his fist so quickly that nobody could capture his trajectory. His punch was heading towards Uncle Li's face directly.

"You're such a snob in front of a true expert!"

Uncle Li grinned instead of being mad. When he flapped his sleeve, black smoke came out of it. Wu Tashan grazed the black smoke as he did not see it coming. Then, the black smoke turned into countess centipedes that crawled on him.

Wu Tashan fell on the ground after a shriek. His body could not stop twitching while the centipedes feasted on his body.

"D-don't kill him! I'm begging you. I'll go with you as long as you don't kill him!" Xiao Ya's pretty face turned pale and she knelt on the ground immediately.

Uncle Li flapped his sleeve again before the gu on Wu Tashan disappeared entirely. He then turned around and looked at Ye Chen with a wry expression. "Brat, follow me if you don't want any pain."

"Ye Chen, I-I'm sorry. I-It was I who dragged you into this." Xiao Ya could not stop shaking. She was clearly in deep despair.

However, Ye Chen grinned.

"What if I refuse to?"