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117 Encountering A Celebrity

 Ye Chen glanced at the mess on the ground and the stall owner who was lying far away. He was not sure whether he was still alive.

He decided to walk over after giving it some thought. He charged his palm to his body, releasing spiritual energy into the stall owner.

The stall owner woke up while coughing. Just when he was going speak, a cold voice came into his ears, "I've put the money on the table. Keep the change.

Ye Chen took out 100 yuan and placed it on the table. He picked up the little girl and was about to leave.

At that moment, Xiang Minglou, who had fallen into a daze, snapped back to his senses. He clasped his fists at Ye Chen immediately and said respectfully, "Thank you, master, for saving us. May I know what your name is? This old man..."

"No need. Saving you wasn't my intention. If you'd like to thank someone, thank those three guys for having the misfortune to have offended me."

Ye Chen did not stop walking. He went 100 meters away while carrying the little girl within the blink of an eye. Then, his body disappeared into the night like a specter.

"Hey. "Why are you so rude?!"

Enraged, Xiang Zixuan wanted to catch up with him to talk things out, but Xiang Minglou grabbed her. "Zixuan, don't you dare to be rude to the master!"

"Grandpa, what master are you talking about? That guy is really too much. All he did was kill three men. What's so great about that?" Xiang Zixuan stomped as rage filled her face.

Xiang Minglou stared into the night and spaced out for a moment. "There's only one master in Tiannan. It was Yuan Bupo before, but he's already dead. Could that person have been..."

"Grandpa, who is he?" Xiang Zixuan was confused.

"Who else, you silly girl? Of course, he's Mad Southern Ye that you've been admiring the past few days." Xiang Minglou inhaled sharply while shock filled his face. "I can't believe that he came to our Pan City."

"What? That's him?" Xiang Zixuan was stunned at that moment. Fascination filled her face. "H-how is that possible?"

After hearing that Mad Southern Ye had killed Yuan Bupo single-handedly on the Surge River when he was not even 30 years old, Xiang Zixuan, who had always been arrogant, could not help but worship him.

She even had a silly dream about him...

Never had she expect that she would see her idol at a vermicelli stall. On top of that, such a colorful incident happened.

"Who else would be that powerful apart from him? He killed Internal Energy martial artists as if he was slaughtering dogs. It was a piece of cake for him."

Xiang Minglou mumbled to himself while a gleam flashed through his eyes, "I wonder why this man came to our Pan City. No matter what it is, we shouldn't offend him at all costs. Instead, we should do everything we can to get closer to him."

However, he did not notice his granddaughter, who was next to him, seeming rather unnatural. She mumbled softly, "I thought that that guy would be single and look like Edison Chen. How come he has a daughter and just looks mediocre?"


The next morning, after Ye Chen washed up the little girl, the father and daughter departed to the Pan City bus station.

The Wumeng Grassland was in between Sige Village and Pingdi Village in Pan City. It was over 300 kilometers away, so they had to take the bus.

When the duo arrived at the station, they saw many people there. There were men and women. Judging from the way they dressed, most of them were tourists.

"Brother, are you going to the Wumeng Grassland?"

A middle-aged man wearing a cap and holding a yellow flag walked over to him, smiling broadly.

Ye Chen nodded.

The middle-aged man smiled even wider now. "We're a tour group that brings tourists like you to Wumeng Grassland. We're still short of two guests at the moment and are wondering if you'd like to go with us. Don't worry. We're a legit organization that charges absolutely cheap prices. We don't cheat our customers."

Just when Ye Chen was going to reject him, a gentle voice came from behind, "Will you count me in?"

When he turned around, he saw a lady with sunglasses and a face mask walking over.

The lady wore a long black t-shirt. She was tall and exuded an otherworldly elegance as if she could see through everything in the universe.

Meanwhile, there was a middle-aged man in a suit behind the lady. He looked like her bodyguard.

"Sure, sure. Welcome!" The middle-aged tour guide left Ye Chen immediately and went up to the lady passionately.

A person like him was a people person. He was extremely observant and he could tell that the lady was wealthy just by the looks of it.

Ye Chen smiled, not minding that. As he was leaving while carrying the little girl, the lady suddenly called out to him, "Ye Chen?"

Ye Chen paused and turned around to look. The lady removed her sunglasses and face mask, revealing a beautiful face that was almost smothering.

"Xiao Ya?" Ye Chen was slightly stunned.

The lady smiled lightly. "It's been a while. I didn't expect to see you here."

"It's been a while," Ye Chen said, returning the smile.

The lady before him had been his high school mate. To be exact, they had been in the same class in their sophomore year before going to different classes the next year. Ye Chen went to the science stream while Xiao Ya went into the arts.

After they filled up their preferred subjects during the college entrance examination, Xiao Ya had gone straight to the drama academy in Beijing to study performing arts and became an actress later on.

Time flew by, so it had been more than ten years since they last saw each other. Aside from the fact that she had grown so beautiful, she radiated great charisma now.

"A-are you the actress Xiao Ya who just won a Golden Horse Award last month?" the middle-aged tour guide stammered while staring at Xiao Ya.

Xiao Ya smiled lightly.

The middle-aged tour guide suppressed his excitement and said while grinning, "Since you guys know each other, let's go together. Consider this a catchup."

He would get another 10% commission if he got another customer. Only a dummy would give up on the opportunity.

Ye Chen thought about it and nodded to say yes. Xiao Ya then put on her face mask and sunglasses.

The middle-aged tour guide took the three of them to a big bus that could accommodate 50 people. At that point, the bus was almost full. Ye Chen and Xiao Ya walked straight to the last row and took their seats.

Both of them sat rather close to each other. As soon as they took their seats, Ye Chen smelled the fragrance that was wafting over from Xiao Ya. He looked rather unnatural.

Xiao Ya, on the other hand, did not notice his awkwardness. She had her beautiful eyes on the little girl in Ye Chen's embrace. She smiled at her. "Ye Chen, is this your daughter?"

"Aunty Xiao, my name is Ye Mengmeng. The 'meng' in my name means cute." The little girl buried herself in Ye Chen's embrace, feeling a little shy.

"Aww, this girl is so cute." Xiao Ya laughed at how cute the little girl was. She said after pursing her lips, "Ye Chen, may I carry her?"

"Sure," Ye Chen said warmly.

When Xiao Ya extended her arm to carry the little girl, the man in a suit sitting next to her coughed a few times all of a sudden.

"Never mind. I don't want to drop her." Xiao Ya's face froze and she withdrew her arms. Her smile looked rather forced.

Ye Chen could not help but take a good look at the man in a suit. With a grim expression, the man said nothing although he seemed to despise him and his daughter.

Nevertheless, Ye Chen shook his head and said nothing.

"Daddy, I want to play games," the little girl yawned and said sleepily.

With a smile, Ye Chen gave her his phone. The little girl launched 'Honor of Kings' instantly in a familiar manner. She logged in with Ye Chen's WeChat ID, which was Lin City's Andy Lau...

"Mengmeng, are you playing 'Honor of Kings'? How old are you?" Xiao Ya, who sat next to her, was slightly stunned and even doubtful.

The little girl pouted and said while looking proud, "Not only do I play 'Honor of Kings', but I'm also playing PUBG. It's no biggie."

Just when she spoke, the game began. The little girl was killing it using Lauriel as her avatar.

Soon, she won the platinum-tier game with 18 kills. The dialog interface on the phone showed that the rest of the players lost six points.

The honest-looking young man with flattop hair next to Ye Chen was shocked. "Are all kids nowadays so smart?"

"She's alright."

Ye Chen was being humble for the very first time as he shook his head. However, he could not hide the smirk on his face.

If the little girl's opponents found out that she was just a four-year-old kid, they might kill themselves, just like the saying went: 'you'll never know who your opponent is on the other side of the internet'.

Therefore, if you lost a game, never get a kid to be a scapegoat. One must know that the game world was ruled by the kids in kindergarten now.

At the same time, the man in a suit sitting next to Xiao Ya peered at the little girl. He seemed to have noticed something and shock flickered in his eyes.

After he moved his lips slightly, Xiao Ya's expression changed too. She seemed to be hesitant and in a struggle when she looked at the little girl now.