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116 Ridiculous Little Girl

 "You guys go ahead with your fight. Don't mind us."

As soon as Ye Chen was done speaking, everyone, including the three Chen brothers, became speechless. They thought they misheard him.

Zixuan opened her pretty eyes wide and gaped at Ye Chen like she was looking at an idiot. 'Is this guy out of his mind? Didn't he see that my grandpa is hurt? Didn't he see that everyone ran away in fright?'

However, Ye Chen proceeded to eat his food with his head low as if he had not seen anything. He blew on the food every now and then.

At that moment, the little girl looked at the half herbal egg and stuck her tongue out in a mischievous manner. "Daddy, I can't finish this egg. Can you help me with it?"

"Who asked you to order two at once?" Ye Chen rolled his eyes at her disapprovingly. He then picked up the egg from her bowl with his chopsticks and put it into his mouth, not minding it at all.

It was dead silent.

Everyone watched the father and daughter who were indulging in the food. They thought something was wrong with their heads to be witnessing this.

'We're killing each other here and we've created such a big commotion. Forget that you guys aren't afraid at all, but you guys are talking about eating a leftover egg?!'

Stunned, Xiang Minglou forced a smile while looking at Zixuan. "Zixuan, I'll stop them with all of my life. You bring this little brother and his daughter away later."

A gleam of determination flashed across his face as soon as he was done speaking.

However, a cold voice came again, "I've told you not to mind us. Just go ahead with your fight."

"This b*stard!" Zixuan was pissed at that moment.

Her grandfather was buying them time to run with his life. This guy was not merely ignoring his kindness, but he was even asking them to go ahead with the fight.

'Do you foresee that the Lingnan Evil Trio won't kill you and your daughter? You're so dumb!'

At the same time, the three Chen brothers snapped back to their senses. The youngest Chen brother grinned ferociously. "Eldest Brother, this guy doesn't seem to be afraid of us."

"Let's not delay any further. Third Brother, you'll kill the father and son. Second Brother and I will fight this old thing," the eldest Chen brother said without even thinking.

Among them, Xiang Minglou was the only Internal Energy expert while Xiang Zixuan had just entered the Illuminating Energy phase. Meanwhile, the father and daughter appeared like ordinary people. It would be a piece of cake for the three brothers to kill them.

The youngest Chen brother grinned and walked toward Ye Chen and Mengmeng in long strides.

Xiang Minglou's expression changed as he wanted to stop him by instinct, but he was surrounded by the other two brothers. He fell into despair.

Just when he was going to urge Zixuan to leave, a baby voice was heard. "Naughty uncle, my daddy is very powerful. If you don't run, the consequences will be serious."

It was none other than Mengmeng, the little girl, who said that.

The youngest Chen brother could not help but feel anger rising in him upon seeing the little girl showing him a mischievous face. "I'd like to see how serious the consequences will be!"

As soon as he was done speaking, he scoffed and threw a punch. A green shadow of his fist quickly charged at Ye Chen and his daughter.

He initially thought that they would scream in alarm. Never did he expect that the little girl would extend her arms to grab the shadow of his fist.

'You must be seeking death!'

The youngest Chen brother grinned.

His punch contained an Internal Energy martial artist's power whereby the single blow alone could dent a piece of metal. Even Xiang Minglou, who had spent most of his life cultivating, dared not take it.

However, this four- or five-year-old little girl was going to grab it. Was she not seeking death by doing that?

The youngest Chen brother seemed to have foreseen the scene of both the little girl's arms exploding from the impact.

However, the shadow punch vanished instantly as soon as it touched the little girl's chubby hands.

Nothing happened to her.

"How is that possible?"

The youngest Chen brother was dumbstruck at that moment.

"It's so fun! It's really fun. More, naughty uncle. Do it again!" The little girl kept clapping her hands while giggling in delight.

A little girl grabbing an Internal Energy martial artist's attack with her bare hands sounding utterly ridiculous.

Not only was the youngest Chen brother stunned, but so were the rest. They revealed an expression as if they just saw something ludicrous.

Xiang Zixuan covered her lips softly with bewilderment written all over her pretty face.

"Can these two be..." Shock flashed through Xiang Minglou's old face. He seemed to have recalled something.

The eldest Chen brother shouted while beating Xiang Minglou up, causing him to retreat further, "Brother, kill this old thing quickly and then help Youngest Brother when you're done."

"That's impossible. I don't believe it!" The youngest Chen brother roared and charged quickly, attacking with his palm again.

The little girl buried herself in Ye Chen's embrace and complained while pouting, "Daddy, the naughty uncle is angry. I'm scared!"

"Don't be scared, don't be scared. Daddy will protect you."

A chopstick on the table sprang into the sky suddenly when Ye Chen smiled. It flew straight towards the youngest Chen brother.

As a shriek rang out, the youngest Chen brother's body was launched out hard, and eventually, he hung on a tree above the flyover. Meanwhile, his left hand had been nailed to the tree with the chopstick.

The people watched that sudden turn of events in great alarm.

The eldest Chen brother finally snapped back to his senses. Horror filled his eyes when he looked at Ye Chen. "Who exactly are you, brat?"

A bad omen arose in him slowly. His youngest brother's ability was on par with him, but he was thrown out and nailed by a chopstick before he even managed to get near Ye Chen.

The only explanation was that Ye Chen's cultivation base might be higher than theirs. They clearly got themselves into trouble today.

Ye Chen carried the little girl and stood up. He looked at the few of them and said after shaking his head, "I've already asked you guys to go ahead with your fight and not mind us. But why are you disturbing our meal? Since that's the case, stay!"

"Run, Brother. Run, now!"

The eldest Chen brother had goosebumps all over his body at that instant. He turned around and fled immediately.

'Damn it! Why would such an expert appear in Lingnan where nothing usually happens?'

The second Chen brother finally realized that something was off. He dared not delay and caught up with his brother, eager to have an extra pair of legs.

Xiang Zixuan was dumbstruck when she saw that. Was the infamous Lingnan Evil Trio scared away?

When Ye Chen slammed the table, tens of chopsticks flew out from the chopstick container.

Xiang Minglou and Xiang Zixuan felt dizzy at that moment. When they looked again, the two Chen brothers, who had left tens of steps away, froze as if they had turned into rocks.

Meanwhile, there were chopsticks sticking out from all over their heads and blood was dripping onto the ground slowly.


The two bodies slammed onto the ground hard.

"I-is that Telekinesis?" Xiang Minglou stared with his eyes wide open. There was apparent fear on his wizened face.

Xiang Zixuan's little mouth turned into an o-shape while her busty chest undulated with her panting.

Is the Lingnan Evil Trio dead just like that?

Apart from that, they were killed by chopsticks. From the beginning until the end, they did not even get to touch the hem of Ye Chen's shirt...