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109 Majestic Killer Fis

 He would only need one hand to kill a useless thing like Yuan Bupo?


Everyone on the river gasped as soon as Ye Chen was done speaking. Shock and stun could be seen all over their faces.

He is acting so arrogant just because he managed to take one hit from Yuan Bupo?

"Great, great, that's just great. I was the one who underestimated you!

"There are only a handful of people that could compare to a talent like you in the entire China. Unfortunately, you're going to die today!"

Yuan Bupo's face was grim. He said 'great' three times. His tone sounded like he was complimenting Ye Chen but it was filled with grave killing intent.

Ye Chen managed to do that when he was so young. One could only wonder how terrifying he would become if he was given another 20 years.

'There could only be one Yuan Bupo in Tiannan. I won't allow anyone to take over my place!'

Yuan Bupo thought as he stomped his foot hard. A loud thud was heard and the river beneath his feet sunk as far as 10 meters.

In the next second, he hovered into the air. He threw a punch at Ye Chen as he charged. He was like a meteorite that was charging in a manner as if it was about to shatter heaven and earth.

Black shadows were exuding from his body at the same time. The shadows looked like sabers and swords but they also resembled evil spirits. They gave an indescribable demonic feeling.

The wind was whistling and the river water was rumbling.

Yuan Bupo traveled in the air at that moment as his hair danced in the wind. A great punch intent appeared and it seemed as if he was going to kill Ye Chen on the river with that punch.

Yue Jiuchong sharply inhaled and his expression changed drastically. "I-Is that the Majestic Killer Fist?"

"Grandpa, what's Majestic Killer Fist?" Yue Susu who was sitting beside him asked, holding back her stun.

Yue Jiuchong said, "Yuan Bupo only comprehended Majestic Killer Fist after being in closed-door cultivation for 20 years. It represents Yuan Bupo's will.

"He's majestic, meaning he's indestructible, overbearing, and courageous. Under such conditions, Yuan Bupo's strength would be boosted twice as powerful."

"What's that black thing?" Young Master Wang asked in fear.

"That's Majestic Killer Fist's materialized punch intent. An ordinary person would have their body crushed as soon as they touched it."


Yue Susu and the rest felt numb in their scalp. They could not help but instinctively look at Ye Chen. However, they noticed that Ye Chen was standing still as if he had been scared frozen.

"Run, you idiot."

"Oh god, is he trying to take Yuan Bupo's Majestic Killer Fist by force?"

"He's out of his mind, he's out of his mind. He's really out of his mind!"


Everyone screamed when they saw that Ye Chen was standing still at that moment.

That was the Majestic Killer Fist.

It was Yuan Bupo's trump card and he was trying to take it forcefully?

"Master Ye, I admire your talent but I admire your courage even more!

"It's a pity that this is the end of your life!

"This is the killer move that I comprehended from being in closed-door cultivation for 20 years. This is the Majestic Killer Fist. I thought I would reserve this to fight the four aces in the future but you made me do this!

"You're lucky to be killed by my Majestic Killer Fist!"

Yuan Bupo looked at Ye Chen with a plastic smile and overwhelming killing intent as he charged himself.

Everyone was secretly shaking their heads, they felt pity.

'This is the end for Master Ye.'

'It's such a pity that the talent of the era who could grow into someone great is paying his life as the price for his overconfidence and arrogance today.'

Liu Feng could no longer hide the smirk on his face. "Die, Ye Chen. Die! So what if you're so powerful that even I admire you? The truth has proven that I'll live longer than you!"

Yuan Bupo's fist got closer in the second and accurately landed on Ye Chen. A loud thud was heard as sparks were everywhere.

To the people's shocking discovery, Yuan Bupo's punch did not kill Ye Chen and remained standing where he was like the pillar that pacified the ocean.

"Oh my god, he took it forcefully?"

"If I didn't witness this with my own eyes, I won't believe it no matter what. Master Ye took Yuan Bupo's Majestic Killer Fist with his body. How terrifyingly strong is his body?"

"This world is mad..."


Yue Jiuchong stood up from the shock as his pupils drastically shrunk. He subsequently forced a smile and said, "I've misjudged him. The young generation is not to be underestimated, the young generation is not to be underestimated!"

Liu Feng jolted and was so shocked that he almost suffocated.

The most shocked person was none other than Yuan Bupo.

Metal aside, he could even punch through the toughest thing in the world with this punch.

However, it did nothing to Ye Chen at all.

"It's impossible!"

He roared and threw another punch at Ye Chen. Another thud came.

Yuan Bupo was thrown over a hundred feet away this time. He was backing off on the surface of the river.

Blood was dripping out of the corner of his lips when he finally managed to stand still. His face was filled with shock. "Who exactly are you? How can your body be so strong?"

If one were to take a closer look, one would notice that his right hand that was placed on his back was shaking intensely.

Ye Chen was fine after being punched by his Majestic Killer Fist. Yuan Bupo on the other side had fractured his hand from the punch...

Where exactly did this genius come from?

He had no idea that Ye Chen had the body of an immortal. Although he hurt himself when he traveled back to earth, the Majestic Killer Fist alone was incapable of harming his body.

Ye Chen stood with his hands on his back as everyone blankly looked at him. His clothes fluttered as he said, "Who am I? Of course, I'm the person that will kill you. Yuan Bupo, if that's all you got, then it's the end of you!"

"Divine Punch that was created in 33 days.

"The seventh style, Burning Palm!"

As soon as Ye Chen was done speaking, a golden fireball was sparkling on his clenched right fist. It was like the hand of the fire god.

He slightly extended five fingers in the next second, turning his fist into palm. It was entirely covered in a golden flame. Meanwhile, the air around was rumbling as if it could not take the heat and that too at a speed that could be seen with naked eyes.

"What's that?"

Everyone on the river seemed to have frozen at that moment. They blankly stared at Ye Chen's hand.

"I-Is that magic?" Yue Susu's beautiful eyes were blank. She thought it was ridiculous for a living person to have fire appear on his hand out of thin air.

Yue Jiuchong sharply inhaled and gulped. "No, that's not magic. That fire is transformed from true energy. I can't believe that Master Ye can do that!"

Although they were far away, he could still feel the scorching heat coming from that hand.

Yuan Bupo's expression changed drastically as he retreated immediately. He sensed a threatening aura from Ye Chen's right hand. The aura that could take his life.

"You're running away now? Don't you think it's too late?" Ye Chen snickered and charged his palm. The giant palm print that was made of flame rose and it seemed to cover the entire sky.

At the same time, the river water evaporated hundreds of meters with Ye Chen as the center. It turned into steam.