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78 Five Thunderbolts from the Sky

 The entire recreation village looked like it was going through a catastrophe.

Thunders were rumbling and strong winds were blown before them. The people were horrified as if heaven was punishing people in a rage.

The clothes on Ye Chen were fluttering loud under the insane wind.

Everyone outside held tight onto the objects next to them. They were scared that the wind would take them with it.

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Gu Yingying exclaimed out loud as her top busted open. Her breasts were exposed.

She tightly held onto a big tree next to her. Just like everyone else, she stared blankly at the man that was being showered by the lightning.

"Is he even human?!"

"Miracle, it's a miracle. This is a technique of an immortal."

"Oh lord, please forgive me for I've sinned..."


Under such terrifying power, anyone would feel fear deep in their hearts. Many of them could not help but kneeled onto the ground and kowtowed. They were praying.