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Genius Daddy in the City

Author: Beneath the Lonely Mountain Tree

Lastchapter: 257 I Was Born in A Massacre. All Traitors Will Die!

Updated: 2020-08-11 05:02

257 I Was Born in A Massacre. All Traitors Will Die!
256 Qiu Yueli’s Arrogance
255 Who Else Wants to Kill Me? Show Yourself Now!
254 Ye Chen’s Parents’ Whereabouts
253 Martial Alliance, You Guys Are Seeking Death!
252 Never Drag the Family into Personal Grudge!
251 The Martial Alliance’s Secre
250 Yang Junlin’s Visi
249 The Magical Heaven and Earth Hoop
248 The Martial Alliance’s Kill Order
247 Unparalleled’s Pas
246 The Battle Between The Two Ladies
245 Sword Resurrected for Duty To Wipe Out Evil and Deviants!
244 The Master and Servant Reunite To Feng Kuohai’s Horror
243 Master, Is It Really You?
241 The Young Man in White, The Unparalleled Sword Has Finally Arrived!
240 Su Yuhan’s Friends
239 Mad Southern Ye, Who Else Will Die If Not You?
238 Unparalleled Sword’s Challenge that Shocks the Whole World
237 D-do You Think I’ll Get Pregnant Again?
236 I’ll Head to Beijing In Three Days Later!
235 Brother Pang, Did You Warm the Wine for Me?
234 A Sword Swing Crushing Mountains and Rivers
233 Please Kill Bai Zhanyuan
232 Killing You is As Easy As Killing An Animal!
231 China’s Battle God Yang Junlin
230 The Terrifying Bai Zhanyuan
229 Please Warm the Wine for Me!
228 Bai Zhanyuan Has Arrived
227 The Two Threats Upon Mad Southern Ye’s
226 Your Husband is Very Powerful Now
225 Give Mengmeng A Brother?
224 Su Yuhan’s Affection!
223 In A Battle of Six, I’m the Only One Safe!
222 You Call Yourself A Sword God When You Havent Even Comprehended Sword Dao?
221 A Generals Mandate is More Powerful than Having A Million Soldiers!
220 Five Masters Arrive at the Imperial Wind Pavilion in the Moonlight!
219 Blood Connection, Dream Slaying!
218 Martial Alliance’s Scheme
217 One Would Rather Meet the King of Hell than Offend the Man Named Ye!
216 Ascend with the Sword and Destroy the Su Family with A Single Swing!
215 Worship Me Like You’re Worshipping God!
214 Today, Everyone in the Su Family Will Die. Nobody Will Survive!
213 Move Forward in the Sedan Chair, Point the Sword at the Su Family!
212 The Mother and Daughter Finally Reunited: Are You Mommy?
211 Su Yuhan’s Whereabou
210 Heaven Leaderboard? It’s Just A Joke to Me!
209 I Heard that You’re Embittered by Me?
208 The No.11 on the Heaven Leaderboard, Xue Xiao is Furious
207 Ye Chen’s Mischievous Child
206 Close the Door, Release the Patriarch
205 I’ll Return After I’ve Killed Someone
204 They Call Me Mad Southern Ye
203 Being Held Hostage
202 A Hundred Million Dollar Reward, the Dark Night Butcher
201 I’ve Told You that Youd Definitely Die A Devastating Death Within A Month!
200 Ye, You’d Never Have Thought This Would Happen to You
199 I’m Only Killing Ye Today
198 The Auction of the Imperial Wind Pavilion
197 Can No Hero Surpass the Barrier of Beauty?
196 Making Fire Out of Thin Air, Burning Bones into Ashes!
195 Xue Xuejiao’s Regre
194 Let Me See You Shudder, Ants!
193 I Order You to Kneel!
192 The Xue Family’s Threa
191 What? He’s Master Ye?
190 A Night Without the Moon is Perfect for Killing
189 I’m Going to Kill Someone
188 How Many Heads Does He Have for Me to Sever!
187 Slap Yourself 30 Times, and Then Scram!
186 Get Him to See Me
185 Blame Fell from The Sky When He was Chilling At Home
184 You’ll Definitely Die A Devastating Death Within A Month!
183 Yan Ning’s Invitation
182 Monkeys Gathering Around The Dragon Spitting Mis
181 Lin Tai’s Arrangemen
180 Aged Ginger is More Pungen
179 You’ll Definitely Die Within Seven Steps!
178 Please Help Me. I Don’t Feel Well
177 No. 1 on the Heaven Leaderboard
176 Yuhan, I’m Bringing You Home with Our Daughter
175 A Dragon Has Been Born into Our Family
174 Because I, Ye Chen, Am Wealthy
173 My Shoe Seems to Be A Little Dirty
172 Let Them Kneel!
171 Engagement Banque
170 You Want to End my Family?
169 Asura Heaven-suppressing Kill
168 No, I Must Go in to Catch Adultery in the Ac
167 Russian Roulette
166 You Seem Reluctan
165 Ancient Martial Artist Bai Xiaosheng
164 The Stirred Martial Dao World
163 Did You Have Fun? Do You Want to Do it Again?
162 We Can Do Whatever We Want Because We Have Money
161 Honoring the Country, Salute from the Three Forces
160 Those Who Offend My Country Will Be Killed Even If You’re Far Away!
159 Killing with A Punch!
158 Why Are You Going to America? Hell Suits You Better!
157 1,000 Miles Chase, Won’t Stop Until I’ve Killed You!
156 Chao Tianba’s Remorse
155 Anyone Who Wants to Kill Me Must Die!
154 Killing A Master with A Single Swing of Sword
153 Come Accept Your Death, Three Old Dogs!
152 You Humiliated My Disciple! Die!
151 Do You Dare to Say it Again?
150 Do You Think My Master Himself Needs to Show Up to Defeat You
149 People Gather from Far and Wide as the Battle Happens
148 Three Days Later On Top of The Snow Mountain
147 The Martial Dao World is Stirred
146 Psychic Hypnosis
145 Ye Chen, Have You Heard of Mad Southern Ye?
144 Methods Shouldn’t Be Passed Down Simply
143 The Northern Devil’s Reputation is Nothing
142 You Asked Me to Try
141 How Dare You Behave Atrociously in My Territory?
140 Scram Within Three Breaths of Time, Or I’ll Definitely Kill You
139 I, Mad Southern Ye Am Here to End the Song Family
138 Kindness is Always Returned Tenfold, The Same Applies to Revenge
137 I’ll End the Song Family Tomorrow Afternoon
136 The Arrogant Aunty
135 Recruiting Mad Southern Ye
134 People from the Su Family are Here
133 Trouble at the Company
132 Stargazing with His Daughter
131 I Want A Child
130 The Black and White Coming Together to Make Me the King
129 He Killed A Dragon with A Sword While Walking on Air
128 Black Miao Village’s High Pries
127 Killing A Thousand People Like A Piece of Cake
126 Are You Really Mad Southern Ye?
125 I’ll Kill Him As If I’m Killing A Chicken Within Ten Steps
124 Treating Sexual Dysfunction and Backache
123 I Killed Him With A Slap
122 What If I Refused To
122 What If I Refused To
122 What If I Refused To
121 Battle Between Black and White
120 Xiao Ya is Acting Weird
119 I’ve Already Said That They Can’t Handle Me
118 I Don’t Worship Nor Pray to Any Gods
117 Encountering A Celebrity
116 Ridiculous Little Girl
115 Don’t Mind Us
114 Ye Wen’s Apology
113 All Hail the Lord
112 The Martial Alliance’s Revenge
111 The Name Mad Southern Will Spread
110 The Ability to Boil the Sea Into Wine, The Sword that Shines Through Nine Provinces
109 Majestic Killer Fis
108 Crushing Waves with A Finger
107 Are You Master Ye?
106 I’ve Been Waiting for You for A Long Time
105 Waves on the Surge River
104 The Martial Alliance’s Approach
103 If He Wants to Fight, Let’s Fight!
102 He’s Here
101 I’ve A Sword that Can Kill Millions of Demons
100 Daddy, Please Save Them!
99 Master Yao’s Technique
98 There’s Someone in the Tomb
97 Arriving at the General Cemetery
96 Feng Shui Can Heal, Feng Shui Can Kill Too
95 You Sure Are Daring
94 There’s An Old Man in Traditional Attire Walking on The River
93 The Sky Stones’ Whereabouts
92 Three Provinces Sharing One Master, The King of Tiannan
91 Killing You is Like Killing A Chicken
90 Daddy, Who Are They Talking About?
89 Master Ye, Do You Dare to Fight Me?
88 12 Pond Kicks
87 The Martial Art Competition Has Begun
86 This Schoolmate of Yours is Terrible
85 Would You Like to Practise Up Here?
84 Tiannan Martial Competition
83 The Patriarch’s Aspiration
82 Old Time’s Sake? My A*s
81 Can You Not Catch My Daddy
80 Whose Lamborghini Is Tha
79 Old Classmates Gathering
78 Five Thunderbolts from the Sky
77 This Talisman in My Hand Can Summon the Nine Heavens Divine Thunder
76 Are You Sure You Want to Make Me Fight You?
75 The Talisman is Made, Now to The Master Banque
74 Unexpected Discovery
73 Elder Priest Qingyang
72 As Long As Qiannan Has Me, I’ll Execute You No Matter How Far You Are!
71 I’ve Severed A Finger of Yours, Come At Me Again If You’re Bitter About It!
70 It’s Green, Third Master
69 How Do You Want to Play
68 There Can Only Be One
67 It’s Just An Illusion That Isnt Worth Mentioning At All
66 There’s A Ghost in the Mirror
65 Underground Auction
64 The Little Thing’s Secre
63 Master, Where Are You?
62 You Either Get Out or Die
61 Killing A Man Within Three Steps, The Hand Doesnt Stop Unless the Heart Does!
60 Remember to Bet On Me
59 I Would Like to Borrow Your Head
58 Let’s Go, I’ll Bring You to Kill Someone
57 I’m Sorry, Cousin
56 The Magic Tool Revealed Its Power
55 What Exactly Did I Do Wrong?
54 Old Habits Die Hard
53 The Heavenly Emperor Prays to the Deceased
52 Powerful Hidden Weapon, Rising Killing Inten
51 Old Buddies
50 The Patriarch’s Fetish
49 The Patriarch of Hell
48 His Daughter is Jealous
47 Master, Junior Brother is Dead
46 What? He’s Director Ye?
45 Who is Director Ye?
44 You’re Fired
43 Trouble from Liu Feng
42 Get the Speedboat Over
41 Nine Dragons Bay
40 Come Look at That Flying Man
39 It’s Useless Even If You Break Your Voice Box from Screaming
38 The Mysterious Frui
37 Death-point Striking Exper
36 Do You Believe that I Will Kill You Too?
35 Protective Magic Tool
34 You Almost Led Me To Commit Adultery
33 Killing A Man With A Chopstick
32 Yield to Me, Your Life Will Be Guaranteed
31 I Never Have to Explain to Anyone
30 Enemies Are Bound to Meet on A Narrow Road
29 Not Even A Single Cent Should Be Left Behind
28 The Dragon’s Forbidden Lamella
27 You Vicious Lady
26 Eating Pills like Candy
25 So Many Aces in the Land
24 The Miraculous Medicinal Pills
23 So Powerful, So Handsome
22 Protect Mr. Ye
21 Come On, Beg On Your Knees
20 You Will Be Begging Me On Your Knees
19 Generous Reward
18 He’s Someone that You Can’t Afford to Offend
17 Catastrophe Ahead
16 Are You A Man
15 What Are Your Measurements
14 You Aren’t Worthy
13 Daddy is A Dummy
12 His Daughter’s Dream
11 Whack Until He’s Dead
10 Kneel, You Fool
9 Reckless Piece of Sh*i
8 The Qing Dynasty Has Fallen
7 The Daughter Next Door
6 You Must Wait for Me
5 I Broke A Finger of Yours, Do You Yield?
4 Who Do You Think You Are
3 Come Out and Accept Your Death
2 You Have Stinky Breath
1 I Have A Daughter