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483 Stealthy Abduction, The Disturbance in New Infanta Settlemen

 Day 125 - 8:47 PM - New Infanta Settlement, Banugao, Infanta Quezon

The New Infanta Settlement, it was the largest survivor settlement in the Quezon Province.

It was the result of the two settlements merging after the disaster that happened almost two months ago. And now, despite the initial struggles, they were doing better than before.

This settlement prioritized agriculture because the land, in and out, were already prepared for agriculture. Prioritizing crops that could grow to maturity in less time needed, in another week or so, they could start their harvest.

Greeneries covered the southern and eastern areas of the New Infanta Settlement. This situation made everyone think that they were doing fine in the apocalypse. Well, of course, disregarding the constant appearance of mutated infected and evolved animals. They had been used to it, after all.

Unfortunately, shadows lurked this time around. They could wish that trouble came knocking at the door. However, the problem they were facing decided to stay as silent as possible.

Grey robed people ran in the shadows, obscured from everyone's sight. They moved fast from the southwest side, where the edge of the Agos River flowed.

What was the reason for them to appear in this place?

It was because their leader, Tan Sitong, made an order.

In two days, they would start to surround the Féth Fíada. And thus, they needed to move as soon as they received the order their leader has given.

The order was to procure humans, as many as they could find. They did not know what the leader wanted to do with them. Not that they could question or care about it either. Their duty was to follow the instructions of those higher than them in the organization. Nothing else mattered.

However, where would they find humans in this place? The only answer was this Military organized settlement.

Learning about that, Tan Sitong sent two another two of his aides. These two had a different mission than the others.

There was one thing that Military Settlements had around the world. It was the facility where their research things after the apocalypse started. In that case, any research material and scientists were valuable assets to everyone. Their current findings would be usable in any way.

Make use of anything of value. That was one of Tan Sitong's views after he died. Resources, people, and even ranks. As long as it had value, he would make use of it. When their value deteriorated, then it was time to dispose of them.

And thus, Chaaya and Huo Long Yue split up for two different missions.

Chaaya would deal with the procuring of Mutated Infected, while Huo Long Yue would gather the humans they needed.

On the farm field of the New Infanta Settlement, many shadows flashed as seventy-five members of Auraboros rushed towards the settlement. They evaded the oil lamps installed around the place to make the area visible and not difficult to guard. These installments around that kept the place lit at night were one of the things that made the New Infanta Settlement even more secured.

Nevertheless, it only worked on the mindless infected and animals with low intelligence.

As for the members of Auraboros, they passed through it rather effortlessly. Reaching the newly made walls that did not even reach three meters in height, their shadows flashed up the walls, scaling it without problems.

Some led the way and appeared behind the soldiers that were guarding the walls. The soldiers felt their presence and the danger they brought after they appeared. However, it was already too late. Even though some of the soldiers managed to turn around, they all fell unconcious. The shadows hit the back of their necks without holding back, causing them to fall.

Then, they dragged the fallen soldiers off the walls, bringing them to the riverside quite a distance away.

As those went back with their catch, the others dove straight towards the dwellings. Man or woman, elderly or children, they dragged away any human that they saw.

The members of Auraboros effortlessly gathered humans as they went back and forth. It took no time, and they already gathered around a hundred people.

Compared to the population of the settlement, which reached thousands, it was just a small number. But all these people were taken away without the military noticing. They were doing their work silently and efficiently.

At the northern side, Huo Long Yue and the two aides jumped over the roofs as silently as possible. They were heading towards the elementary school were the military encampment was located. The laboratories, for sure, were placed in these parts of the settlements.

The moment they landed inside the walls, they took down the guards without hesitation. Five guards who patrolled the front gates of the school fell bleeding with a slash on each of their necks.

"This is easy."

Huo Long Yue said as he licked the blood off his hand and kicked the body of the soldier he had just killed.

Regular humans were weak in his eyes. Especially those that rely on the Military and cower in fear, he found them disgusting. Strength, it was what anyone needed. However, no one could achieve it when they rely on others to live. As for these soldiers, people fear them because of their guns. Without these weapons, they were nothing either.

Huo Long Yue moved forwards, leaving the dead soldiers. But then, he felt danger.

Black Smoke suddenly surrounded him and the two aides. They all tried to jump away, but the smoke followed as if it had a mind of its own. The smoke pushed the three together as if wanting to consume them in one go.

The chill that Huo Long Yue felt as he saw the smoke reminded him of something. As such, he took out a medallion from his hand.

Then, the medallion shone brightly in the night, creating a barrier of light around Huo Long Yue and the two aides.

As the smoke touched the barrier of light, it started to vanish. Seeing the situation made Huo Long Yue felt relieved. Still, it seemed that it took a toll on his medallion. There was a small nick that appeared on its edge.

Huo Long Yue stored the medallion and turned forwards. The two aides stood in front of him in a battle stance.

In front, a silhouette of a person stood calmly. His red glowing eyes were staring at them.

Huo Long Yue could not fathom what was happening. There was no doubt that this person was an enemy. And yet, why did he not alert the people of New Infanta Settlement if this person found them?

However, there were no questions asked. The two aides jumped like the jumping corpses they were. They charged towards the person in front in an aggressive manner.

To see the aides like this, Huo Long Yue realized one thing. This person was dangerous.

Jiangshi, it was what was these two aides were, similar to their leader. However, these two were not intelligent once but more like puppets. They had no emotions and would only wait for orders from those that were authorized to order them.

There was only one thing that could make them react, and that was the feeling of danger. This act also made these two very formidable foes. As they respond to danger, it was hard to hit them with attacks. Even Huo Long Yue would not be able to land a punch against two if he was to fight them.

Well, he could not just stand and watch, if the two aides were moving like this, it was better if he made his move too.

The two aides swiftly moved their arms in unison. Every move, a small knife flew out of their sleeves, flying at bullet speed towards the person standing before them.


Multiple metallic sounds rang across the school grounds as more than a dozen knives were blocked effortlessly. The person waved his sword as if bullets were nothing to him, not to mention these knives.

Seeing the sword, however, Huo Long Yue lost it.

It was the same sword that took his weapon.

Then he realized. This person must be the one responsible for their struggles in the past days.

Before Huo Long Yue could shout his anger, the man suddenly vanished.


A metallic sound rang beside Huo Long Yue's ears. He felt a chill in his back as he heard it. That sound was loud and clear. As he turned his eyes towards the source, he saw the blade of the strange sword just an inch away from his face. What was protecting him was one of the aides that were supposed to be charging forward. The aide was now wielding a short sword that came out of nowhere.

Huo Long Yue jumped back and retreated.

That was very close. Huo Long Yue lost his cool for an unknown reason and almost lost his life.


Huo Long Yue heard the person click his tongue. That made him realize. His sudden loss of temper might have to do with this person.

'A mental attack!'

He gulped. Huo Long Yue was ill-prepared for this. He never thought that he would encounter a user of mental attacks in such a backward country.

Then, he breathed deeply. His inner energy rose into his head, dispelling any foreign effect, returning his mind into its former state.

The assailant frowned at that as he jumped back to avoid the attack of the other aide. One was using a sword, and the other was using a chained whip. They jumped fast and accurately, dealing with the enemy before them.

Following the enemy, the two aides did not make any pause to attack. Furthermore, every time the enemy attacked, they would dodge it flawlessly. It was the same even if the man disappeared again and appeared behind to aim for a supposed blind spot. It was like the two aides had eyes all over their bodies.

The two aides were holding things better than Huo Long Yue. However, that was not what mattered at the moment. It was because the battle caused a commotion.


Sounds of gunshots echoed across the settlement from the residential area. It seemed that some competent survivors managed to detect the members of Auraboros that were abducting people.


The sound of a bell rang after. It was the sound indicating intruders in the settlement.

Soldiers went out of their quarters as soon as possible. They were armed to the teeth and ready to kill.

That was when the soldiers in the school found the commotion at the schoolyard.


One soldier shouted as he aimed his gun at the four. However, the soldier could only groan in the end with his eyes wide open. A knife had already flown towards him, stabbing his neck.

"Who are you two order me?"

Huo Long Yue said with disgust in his face.

He then looked at the aides currently dealing with the enemy. As for him, he decided to deal with the incoming soldiers.

"These weaklings had no right to step in the battlefield."

He said with a frown filled with disdain.



The death of the soldier caused the ire of the other soldiers. They did not shout anymore and just fired their guns at Huo Long Yue,

In response, Huo Long Yue charged towards them. Waving his hands in front, he was catching the bullets that were supposed to hit him.

Catching enough, he flung the tips of the bullets back to the soldiers.

One by one, they fell because of the unexpected way of counter-attack. Some managed to dodge, however, Huo Long Yue was already in front of them.

Huo Long Yue tapped the chest of the soldier lightly. It was a very light hit. Yet, despite the bulletproof armor the soldier wore, he crumpled to the ground with his whole chest sunk in.

At this moment, the other soldiers present in the schoolyard started to feel panicked.

And then, Huo Long Yue jumped back two times. Two attacks came towards him unexpectedly. The first was a green, thorny vine with flowers that tried to tie his feet stealthily while the other was a punch from another person.

After dodging, he looked forwards. From the second-floor balcony, there was a green-haired little girl. In front of him, a tall caucasian man had his one knee on the ground as his hand left a crater after hitting the ground.