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480 In and Out of the Féth Fíada, The Plans and the Infighting

 Day 119 - 11:02 AM - Southern Walls, Mountain Base, Mount Malabito, General Nakar, Quezon

Atop the walls, several people could be seen talking to the person at the center. Obviously, it was Huey's group that was very happy to see Mark's return.

Since the current situation was kind of discouraging to everyone, Mark immediately asked the details.

Hearing about the things that happened after they left made Mark frown.

But first and foremost...

"Twenty-eight days, huh..."

Mark murmured.

Although he knew that it was plausible and Huey's group was telling the truth, his body and mind seemed to reject the information. After all, in his body clock, only a few days had passed.

Even though it could not be denied that the day and night felt longer in the Spirit Dimension, it was just still a couple of days.

Probably, this was what people that accidentally entered the Spirit Dimension and managed to return felt when they got back.

The difference in speed of time was surely disrupting their body clocks. It was the same when they first entered the Spirit Dimension. All of them even ended staying up for more than half of the first night.

"So, Boss. What are we going to do?"

Huey asked. He was very hopeful that Mark could do anything about his fog and the danger that seemed to lurk in the shadows. Though it was really not the fog that was the problem. The issue was with their dwindling supplies.

"I can deal with this fog, actually."

Mark said, which surely delighted everyone. But then, they were surprised.

"But leave it be for a while."

He said with a smile.


Jolleen asked.

Of course, they had no idea what was going on inside Mark's mind. Who would have thought that he wanted to fatten the chicken before eating it? Since the fog was created with Magical Energy and was gradually growing, would it not be better if he absorbed it with its already filled?

With those things in his mind, Mark replied.

"I have a better use for it later. The problem is the supplies, right? I'll personally go out and hunt to procure food. All of you just stay here. From what I feel, as long as this fog is around, everyone is safe. Just don't leave the walls of the base, though."

Everyone was confused as he did not tell them the actual reason. However, it was enough of an answer for them as the trouble would be addressed by Mark, personally.

Furthermore, they could not deny the last sentences he said, either. Since the fog appeared, there had been no interference in the base from outside. There were no enemies, no people, no animals, and no infected. It was kind of depressing that they could not see the sun, though. This felt worse than spending cooped up inside the house because of a strong storm.

As for Mark, he was not just speculating the safety of the surroundings while the fog was active.

When he sent Ignis to scout the fog, he felt the Demon Sword go back and forth a few times. And when it managed to go through, he lost his it and was not able to detect it anymore. Mark was not worried about it, though. He could still feel his connection with Ignis, albeit weak. Furthermore, even if he concentrated on widening the range of his detection, he could not feel anything through the fog at all.

This fog, for sure, was isolating the whole base from anything outside.

While they were talking, Mark felt Ignis reenter the fog from the opposite side that he sent the sword to. Moreover, Ignis was hurrying towards his direction.

In a few seconds, they were able to see a strange silhouette of a flying object through the veil of fog.

The silhouette made Huey and the others a bit afraid, thinking that it was an enemy. But when they finally saw it clearly, they calmed down. It was just Mark's Demon Sword. They became afraid because its silhouette had a strange shape. And it was because Ignis was carrying something on its blade.

Honestly, seeing a flying sword carrying another sword was kind of hilarious.

But when Ignis placed the sword in front of Mark, everyone noticed that it was not just some kind of odd-looking sword. It was actually a sniper rifle and a sword combined together.

"Just where did you get this?"

Mark said as he tinkered with the sword. The interest in his eyes could not be concealed. It was a sniper rifle and a sword. Either he or Mei could use this. Furthermore, even though the weapon was kind of big, it was not overly weighty. Though, because of its weight being light, the recoil of this gun should be strong. It could not be used by just a regular human.

While Mark tinkered with the weapon, everyone went silent. After all, they could tell that Ignis was telling him his findings. Who would not notice if the sword was flying around like a child reenacting a fight scene in a movie they watched?

Hearing everything from Ignis, he could say that the enemies could probably monitor if something was able to go in and out of the mist. Or else, Ignis would not be ambushed just like that. Fortunately, Ignis was far from what he was before. Stronger and sturdier. However...

"Master! Come with me! Let's kick their a*sess!"

The voice of Ignis echoed in Mark's mind. Sure enough, he could not admit that he would be defeated. Unfortunately, he was a sword meant to be wielded. Although he could fight alone, without any support and strength from its wielder, it could easily be pushed back like what happed to him earlier.

Furthermore, it was not like that the two were just some thugs, either.

The Shadow Leader, Chaaya, and the Lone Crazy Dragon, Huo Long Yue. Both were commander ranked in Auraboros. Even he had no chance to get close to them before, being nothing but a member of the outer circle. This time, he was able to contend against Huo Long Yue and take him on with a bit of surprise. If Chaaya had joined the fight, Ignis would have fled immediately.

Fortunately, it was not the case, as it was known that both of them hate working with other commanders or lower positions. The attitude of the two during the encounter showed it.

"Well, fight them later, not now. You should settle down."

Mark sternly reprimanded Ignis, making it stop in place and tilt its body forwards. Sure enough, the sword was feeling down.

Seeing that, Mark felt laughing.

"You can wait for a few days, right? It is better to haul in a net when the fish gathered."

Hearing that, Ignis felt excited. It seemed that Mark was planning to deal with all the enemies in one go.

"Okay, I'll wait!"

Ignis said.

"Then, tell me what you know about the two. I'll also ask Spera later if she knew something."

Mark then turned to the others.

"Also, all of you. Go home and rest. Even with the fog, the eyebags of all of you are visible."

Hearing that, Huey laughed while the girls touched the lower area of their eyes. They could not tell whether Mark was joking or not. However, they did have less time to sleep these past three weeks. If not for the nourishment in their bodies coming from Chiyo, they should have collapsed long ago from fatigue.

Taking heed of Mark's orders, they all said goodbye. With Mark here, they felt more assured. They would surely get a good rest starting today.

On the other hand, Mark, who was left with Ignis atop the wall, started to formulate his plans.

And to start it...

He should feed the Tikbalangs. Not with food, but with the crystals he had just taken from the prisoners. Also, he should check the camp of the enemies to at least gauge how many strong ones were there.

But even before all those...

He should go out to hunt dinner first.

Thus, making Ignis return to his sheathe on his back, Mark turned into a black mist that made its way through the wall of fog.


Day 119 - 11:25 AM - Daraitan Elementary School, Barangay Daraitan, Tanay, Rizal

After some time since they left to check, Chaaya and Huo Long Yue returned arguing.

"I tell you! Deactivate the Féth Fíada! I need to get my weapon back!"

Huo Long Yue shouted.

"Absolutely not! The leader's plans are not going to fail because of the likes of you! Who said that you should be too complacent about yourself in that fight? Losing your weapon is your fault! Only yours! The whole plan had nothing to do with it!"

The subordinates around were watching the two. As no one tried to interfere with them, it seemed that this kind of thing happened occasionally.

"Hey! All of you!"

Huo Long Yue shouted at the Emerald Robed ones that were still amidst the ceremony. Furthermore, it was noticeable that they were missing another person. This time, on the west side.

"Make a hole for me to get through that Féth Fíada! I need to get inside!"

Hearing Huo Long Yue's demand, the Elder of Tuath Dé stepped forwards.

"I apologize, your sire, but you have no authority to order us."

"HAH?! Do you think that I have the time to joke with you?"

Huo Long Yue shouted with an intent to threaten.

"No, I am not joking." The Elder was unfazed. "You Sire definitely had no authority to order us. The leader told us to follow no one else but Madam Chaaya's orders."


Huo Long Yue cursed as he turned to Chaaya and stared hatefully. Chaaya would definitely not let him. It was clear by her smug expression that could be seen despite her black complexion.

"You two are really funny."

A voice suddenly interrupted the two. As there was no one from the subordinates that would dare to say that to them, they were sure that there was an intruder. Chaaya and Huo Long Yue immediately took a battle stance towards the direction that the voice came from.

There, they saw a small fox sitting on the roof of a classroom, overlooking everyone.

It was a white fox with red markings on its body. The most noticeable was the three tails it had.

Seeing the fox, the two, who were arguing, relaxed their postures. However, the frown on their faces could not be hidden.

"What is an envoy from the Japanese Branch doing here?"

Chaaya asked the fox.

With that question, the fox jumped off from the roof, and with a bright light, it... No, she landed.

A beautiful woman with an alluring body landed instead of the fox. She had white hair, fox ears, and three fluffy tails, indicating that she was the same fox that jumped off just now. Like everyone here, she was also wearing a robe, albeit a white one with a silver lining on the seams.

The woman looked at Chaaya, Huo Long Yue, and panned her eyes across the vicinity. She then spoke.

"I was sent by the empress to search for something."

She then turned towards the East, where the Féth Fíada was present.

"But it looks like you people from the Chinese Branch had beaten me to it. You even employed the Tuath Dé on the field."

"What is it to you?" Chaaya said with contempt. "This place is already under our jurisdiction. You better stay your paws out of it."

"How rude." The fox woman shrugged. "I'm not a busybody to meddle with anyone's affairs. But I can't just return like this, or the Empress will blame me. I'll stay for a while and see what your leader will do."

"No, you better return where you came from!"

Chaaya ordered.


"I'm sorry, I may be of lower rank, but I am still under the direct order of the Empress. You have no authority to order me."

The fox woman said with contempt.


Chaaya heard a snicker behind him. She could not help but send a kick. Unfortunately, Huo Long Yue, who was already laughing, managed to evade. Although he was still angry for the loss of his weapon, it was still mood-lifting to see Chaaya being slapped like this.