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470 On the Table and Into the Cabin, The Gifts that Bathala Gave Everyone

 Day ▋▋ - ▋▋:▋▋ ▋▋ - Underground Crystal Basin, Unknown Dimension

Mark held the two crystals that Bathala returned to him. He never expected that he would receive such gifts.

And the most crucial part was that the contents of the crystal for him. It addressed the side effects caused by consuming more than one [Mental Crystals] or when consuming one despite having an existing Psychic Ability.

Like what happened when Freed finally gave his Psychic Ability to him, he lost both his Emphatic Ability and that random Clairvoyance for some time.

Did it mean that he could consume any Psychic Ability as he wanted?

However, before he grew complacent, Bathala spoke.

"Although I gave that to you, you shan't be greedy. Usually, it was as you experienced. People who gained new Psychic Powers from an outside source would need to adapt. They needed to consolidate the already existing and recently attained Psychic Ability. It will lead to being unable to use both Psychic Abilities for some time until the consolidation finished."

Everyone attentively listened to the Old Man. After all, they never heard about this. And by how it was addressed to Mark, he definitely experienced something like this.

"And that Crystal," Bathala continued. "It will allow you to be able to use your existing abilities even though you are undergoing that period of consolidation. However, it will only allow you to use the portion that already consolidated."

"Then, when I consume another one, I will still get weakened?"

Mark asked.

"That is better than not being able to use anything."

Bathala shrugged.

"It may be disrespectful, but why can't you just make something that will finish the consolidation instantly?"

Amihan asked.

Bathala threw a gentle gaze at her and smiled bitterly.

"There is no perfect remedy for everything. Even medicine had its side effects. If the solution for poverty is hard work, it will drain your mind and body in the process. If the advancement of technology is the remedy for the rough life of people in the past, it made the present people lazy and dumb. Even if I, a former God, tried to address things, it will not always be perfect because of other factors."

The Old Man looked at the crystal on Mark's hand.

"As for that crystal, the factor for that is not my limited ability, but the property of the person's Soul, Mind, and Body. A Psychic, no, even other Magical Abilities, it is rooted in the Soul, controlled by the Mind, and stored in the Body. The consolidation is the whole process of the body to adapt. If that is skipped entirely, the person will end up dying. Your Soul will be raptured, the Mind will be Broken, and the Body will Explode."

Hearing that, everyone shivered as they looked at Mark.

"You are lucky that the crystals are made not to kill. I think you already know that."

Bathala added.

This time, everyone understood. Growing your own power was safer, and acquiring what you did not have had its own risks.

Then, Bathala said an awful truth.

"This is also why we, the Gods of the Past, are given specific titles. It is because we can't just acquire any other ability just because we wanted to. If we undergo that period of consolidation, it will be very fatal for us. I was a God of Creation because I can create things. The Gods of War are called that because they can only use their abilities to fight. The Gods of Fire only can control fire. Although it is not impossible, it is extremely rare for Gods to have two or more specialties. If we got greedy and ended up not being able to use our abilities, not only that the worship of people to us would lessen, but those other gods that wanted to replace us will use that opportunity."

Hearing that, Mark wanted to ask the Old Man a question. Since the other Gods were also not around, they could take the opportunity to gain new abilities. But then, he refrained as he realized the answer. Bathala might be able to create a new ability, but it would not be something at the level of Gods. The only way was to snatch the abilities of other Gods, but they were not present at all.

And the worst part for it was the time that the consolidation ended.

What happened to him back then was a worldwide phenomenon. If it happened to a God, it might cause a large scale catastrophe. And worse, the Observer would find them.

"Well then, our fateful meeting will end soon. I can't take all of you away for too long, or that Observer will be able to trace where this place is. In any case, let me give all of you some things as gifts for crossing paths."

Bathala said with a bitter smile.

With a flick of his wand, several items appeared in front of everyone. Each item then flew towards the members of Mark's group.

Mark and Alana already received theirs. And thus, the items were for the others.

Mei received an intricate box made of rosewood. However, the items inside were precious things. There as a pair of metal rings inlaid with intricate patterns. This gift obviously included Mark as Mei would surely have no reason to wear a pair. Sure enough, it was a pair of magical Couple Rings. The rings, as long as it was filled with energy, would allow the owner of the rings to teleport instantly beside each other.

Iola, Abbygale, and Miracle each received different colored balls of stone. At first, it seemed odd, and the little girls felt a bit disappointed. However, hearing what the balls of stone were, the three did not want to let go of it. The three balls were actually cores. It was used as a heart for living dolls. Golems in the magical sense.

Terremillio and his wives also received things. Being a prince, Teremillio received a crown that would enhance his abilities.

Felenia also received the same, but with a different design and more of a feminine one.

The second wife, Dathlia, who was more of a plant manipulator, received a wand made of magical vines.

Malaya received a coronet similar to the one Mark got from the Infected Princess of the pixies.

Angis received a crystal stringed instrument.

Daniya, the golden-haired Bukaw, actually received a coconut fruit. However, everyone knew that it was not a normal one when they saw her hugging that large fruit as if afraid that it would be taken away.

And for Reilynne, the Pixie, and Kokoro, the Koropokkuru, the two received a crystal ball for some reason. The two could not understand what the crystal balls were. But when they learned what was the crystal balls are for, they almost teared up.

Space Crystals, that was what these crystal balls were called. Shattering it would open a portal that would lead to the place imprinted in the crystal. In this case, these crystals would open a portal to the respective homes of the two.

The two who were lost in another country because of the accidents they had been through, could finally go home.

However, they were not that happy. The Crystals were one use and the portal would only be opened for a short time. Their new family was here and if they used the crystals, they would be able to return here.

But then, Mark looked at Bathala as he realized the Old Man's purpose. Bathala was trying to bind this odd group of Spirit Races to his group. It was true that the crystals were one-use items. But if they let Spera into the portal, the problem was solved. In that way, however, two of Teremillio's wives would not be able to do anything but rely on Mark as Spera's Master.

Pefile, on the other hand, was staring at the thing given to him in shock. He was speechless. It was a wooden medallion that looked like nothing but a trinket. Tracing the marks on the medallion, however, anyone would feel unique energy.

To Pefile's state, Bathala spoke.

"I already know your circumstances. That thing is from the ancestors of your tribe. Use that to end your business with your tribe."

"Thank you."

It was a genuine reply from Pefile. It could be said that his preparations for several years had been wasted, but it was wasted in a good way.

Edzel and Pearl, on the other hand, received a pair of bracelets. Both bracelets not only told the wearer where the other one was but also protected the wearer from curses and evil intent.

Next was Amihan. She had the strangest thing to receive. What she got was a crystal box with a gold lock. The box was small as it fit her hand perfectly. Nevertheless, she could not open it at all.

"Don't bother opening it right now," Bathala teased. "That is something very special and will only open when the right time comes."

Amihan was confused. Her childish mind could not comprehend it exactly. Nevertheless, she could feel some connection from the box for some reason.

And that was all the items that appeared in front of everyone. Although they felt happy to receive such gifts, they also felt awkward.

It was because Aephelia, Karlene, Mara, and Janette did not receive anything. This also made the two feel a bit disappointed. As for Janette, it was understandable as she was Infected.

But the disappointment did not last too long. It was because Bathala spoke.

"Do not worry, you two. It's not that I forgot about giving you all anything, I have something more suitable."

Bathala then stood up from the seat and waved his staff as he beckoned the Karlene and Aephelia.

"You two first, follow me."

The two looked at Mark. They did not know whether they should follow or not. However, Mark nodded as he could tell that they would really receive something good for them.

Standing from their seat, Karlene followed while Aephelia flew beside her.

Led by Bathala, they entered the shabby looking cabin.

Aside from Karlene and Aephelia, the others sat down while drying the tea on their earthen cups.

While everyone else was waiting for the two to come back, Mark was mulling about something else. He was trying to comprehend the actual reason why Bathala called them here. Although it looked like Bathala was showing them that he was just trying to inform them about things, Mark could feel that it was not all.

Furthermore, all this time that they were talking, no, even when they appeared inside the crystal cave, there was a wave of energy from Bathala that was surrounding everyone. It was as if he was searching for something from his group.

But without being able to tell what Bathala wanted, it was all nothing but speculations.



Two odd sounds where heard from the cabin. The two different screams made everyone stiff.

Furthermore, Mark almost choked when he heard the second scream.

The first scream was of pain, the second was of shocked embarrassment.

Alana almost stood up and wanted to check. However, Mark shook his head making her sit down. Even though he could detect strange things happening from inside the cabin, he was sure that nothing bad was happening.

Still, why did it feel like Karlene's consciousness was split into two?

Everyone waited restlessly. Although it was just several minutes, it felt much longer than it actually was.

Soon, with a creak, the door of the cabin opened.


Everyone choked as they almost laughed. If it did not feel inappropriate, the might have done so.

However, even though there as a red mark of a palm on Bathala's left cheek, he was still a former God. It was very disrespectful to laugh.


Bathala coughed as he stepped aside.

There, a figure emerged which surprised everyone, even Mark. A figure that they saw from the scene in Eriellis, the woman in maid clothes went out of the door.

Seeing that figure, both Mark and Iola felt very happy.


Aephelia bowed towards Mark. Although she was red in her face and had an embarrassed look while holding her reddish palm, she was definitely back in her own body. It just made the others feel confused though as aside from Mei and Iola, the others did not know about Aephelia's past.

As Aephelia went back to Mark's side as if it was natural, the next scene further shocked everyone.

A little girl, about nine years old, with violet hair and eyes ran out of the cabin and went straight towards Mark. She then took Mark's hand without hesitation and put it on her head under everyone's gaze.

On the other hand, Karlene went out of the cabin in an unstable manner. She was holding her head and as if she had undergone a painful operation.

Alana could not help but blurt out as she looked at her best friend and the little girl.

"Bessie, did you gave birth or something?"