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455 After the Meeting, And Odd Night and the Departure to the Destroyed Kingdom of Sylphs

 Day ▋▋ - ▋▋:▋▋ ▋▋ - Guest Rooms, Stone Fortress, Eastern Mountain

The night in the Spirit Dimension had finally fallen.

Nonetheless, it was the time of the day for many kinds of elementals and spirits to be active. It kept the place lively despite the dark sky.

Bright glowing stones, magical fruits, glowing mushrooms, and even balls of light made of magic illuminated the whole place. Not all the races needed light during the night, but for the sake of safety, they tried to light up the entire area where the survivors lived.

Of course, since the whole place was surrounded by tall trees blanketed with illusion magic, the light could be barely seen outside. It was unless the attackers came from above. Still, even if that happened, everyone was ready to defend this place. To make the fortress fall, the infected would need a thousand horde of flying ones, that was unlikely to happen for now.

Inside the Stone Fortress, the meeting had already ended. Everyone, except for Danaya and Hieromano, who still had to discuss things about the fortress, had already left the room.

Mark and Pefile arrived at where the rest were brought to. They were being led by one of the King's aides who immediately left after leaving a message to the queen that was still within the guest room. Shortly after, the queen also left together with her guards after bidding goodbye to Terrimillio's wives. The husband, of course, was still ignored.

"Gege, how is it?"

Mei asked after she welcomed Mark back with an embrace.

"Let's sit down first. I'll tell everyone later."

Mark said as he patted Mei's head.

He looked around, it seemed that they were brought to a guest area with several bedrooms. It was not a very classy looking one but was surely pleasing to the eyes. For something like this to be built in this fortress, it looked like large groups of guests would frequent this place.

Everyone was waiting in the lobby, except for Amihan and the three girls. Mark could feel that the four were inside one of the four rooms and were already asleep.

Mark and Pefile sat down together with everyone and told them about what happened here in the Spirit Dimension. Amidst the story, dinner was brought to them. The food looked too different from what they usually had in the Mortal World because of the uncanny ingredients.

It was just soup and grilled meat. However, the meat was colored red, while some of the vegetables were something that they never saw before. Fortunately, Teremillio, Felenia, and Pefile were here to say that these things tasted good, or else, none of them would have eaten a single bite.

The story continued while they ate. Of course, Mark hid some details in the story, specifically, his connection with all these accelerated ruckuses in this dimension. The others might not get it. However, Edzel and Karlene were present at that time. Mark trusted them that they would not babble to anyone, but at times, walls had eyes and ears.

Furthermore, they were in a place that magic was not rare. Even if he could not detect anyone spying on his group, there might be some magic concealed anywhere.

It was better to be cautious as Mark rather not have any conflict with the races at this moment.

Pefile seemed to be confused as to why Mark hid some details. Nevertheless, he was able to read his intentions. Thus, he decided not to speak anything about it.

Mark also told his plan on dealing with the situation in the Kingdom of Sylphs. The ones that would accompany him were Aephelia and Logan.

Hearing that, anyone in here knew what he was planning. And thus, everyone agreed in his decision, even Mei was the same. No one here wanted to hold Mark back.

"By the way," Karlene spoke. "Queen Malabinia said that there is a trade area outside the fortress every morning."

"Trade area?"

Mark tilted his head.

At his question, Felenia explained.

"Mother said that they allowed this since not everyone here can fight and hunt. Those people can use their things to barter for extra food and also other things."

"I see. So, while I go out tomorrow, you all want to see?" Mark asked.

"Of course we do!" Alana exclaimed. "Who knows what kind of unusual things we can find there!"

"And what are you going to trade with them?"

Those words from Mark made the others stumped. They thought about trading some of their food, but that was unlikely since it was human food, after all.

"How about weapons?"

Spera suggested.

"We don't have that many, though."

Edzel voiced.

"Let's just window shop. There's no problem with that, right?"

Karlene finally suggested, and they all decided to just do that. After all, no one here was sure about what they would be able to see there.

Soon, they turned in for the rest of the night.

The night was strange, though. Even though they just slept for a few hours, and it was just past midnight, they all woke up and could not go back to sleep.

They all ended up idling in the room till morning. The time they spent this night, for some reason, felt like ages.


When morning came, Mark and Aphelia prepared for departure.

Everyone came to accompany the two out as they were called out by an aide of the king for departure.

At the courtyard, they met Danaya and the representatives that were already waiting.

Mark told Aephelia to call Logan, which caused a bit of commotion. After all, Logan and Gifre were not moving at all ever since they were left there. Many individuals even poked and made fun of the two. It was normal as many elementals and spiritual beings were playful in nature. They disregarded the fact that the two were Infectas since they were not moving.

When Logan moved, there were still some individuals playing around him. That caused these creatures to scurry around while screaming in fear.

Fortunately, everyone was already here in the courtyard to see all that happening. There was no misunderstanding that could happen. Of course, the representatives of the races and Danaya were surprised that one of the two individuals that Mark decided to come with him was this large, fat Infecta.

"Is everything ready?"

Mark asked.

"I am just waiting for your people, and we can go."

Danaya replied.

"Let's go then."

There, they all walked towards the forest outside the fortress. It seemed that the news of Mark and Danaya, going to deal with the monster that occupied the Kingdom of Sylphs, had already spread outside. Many individuals on the way joined to bid good luck.

Before leaving, Mark bid goodbye to everyone. Of course, not without receiving a hug from Mei and the little girls. Karlene tried to line up as well only to get her ears pulled back by Alana.

That scene actually had a positive effect on the people around them. Seeing how this supposed family of Blood Demons behaved and cherished each other, it was hard to think that they were up to no good at all.

Under everyone's watch, Mark, Danaya, Aephelia, and Logan passed through the forest of illusions.

While inside the forest, Danaya spoke.

"You are serious about this, right?"

"I think, you can see that I'm not joking."

Mark replied.

"But that Sylph on your shoulder..."

Danaya pointed.

"She's Aephelia."

He introduced the royal made, who flew and bowed to the Diwata.

Although the gesture was nice, it made Danaya even more curious.

"Her body is a Sylph, but the soul is not... Why is that?"

Well, of course, Danaya would notice that.

And thus, Mark told her the story about the Deity of Bloodshed and the last protector of his seal while they left the eastern mountain, and proceeded on their current journey.

Of course, Mark left out his part in the story. The only thing he told Danaya was how the Sylph's body was intact without a soul after being possessed. Since Aephelia, who dwelled in someone else's body, needed a new body, it was the perfect chance at that time.

Danaya was distraught about what had happened. A guardian who was diligently guarding the seal of an evil individual died like that.

It did not take too long and they reached the distance where they could already see the Kingdom of Sylphs. In Mark's estimate, it was just two hours since they left the Stone Fortress. It was faster not because they were moving to a small group. The reason was because of Mark and his team that already dealt with the enemies they could see along the way yesterday.

There were many new ones but were dealt with swiftly.

"What are you going to do now?"

Danaya asked.

"Say, there is no issue to kill all the Sylphs there, right?"

Mark asked in return to confirm.

Danaya was confused but still answered.

"Those Sylphs already became Infectas. Although it hurts my heart, there is nothing that we can do but put them out of their miseries."

"Well then, there's no holding back." Mark smiled. "Miss Diwata, you stay here in the safe distance and watch. Aephelia, let's go."

Hearing that, Danaya was confused and wanted to tell Mark to explain. However, before she could say anything, Mark had already flown off with Aephalia. Logan also followed while running on the ground, causing quite a tremor in every step.

Of course, Mark and Aephelia's presence in the air as they closed into the Kingdom of Sylphs, agitated the hornet nest.

Like a cloud of green-colored bees, the majority of the infected Sylphs flew to intercept Mark. On the other hand, the rest remained around the pulsating flesh, as if protecting it.

"There's no doubt, that thing is a [Leader Type Alpha]."

Mark deduced as he saw the orchestrated movement of the infected Sylphs. Aephelia agreed to his assumption.

Actually, Mark wanted to get the attention of all the Sylphs. However, this much should already be fine. In his estimate, there were already around two thousand five hundred Sylphs trying to swarm him.

Danaya, who was watching, became nervous. Even she did not know whether she would be able to deal with something at this scale. And the scariest thing happened.

It was the instinct of the infected to use anything at their disposal. As long as their bodies had the ability, they would use it without any regard for anything.

Thus, an overwhelming amount of magical energy started to gather in the area. The amount was enough to make Danaya gulp and shiver.

The sky started to darken, and clouds started to gather, moving in a large spiral.

What made Danaya even more shocked was even her had no idea that this was possible. Before, these infected Sylphs were only throwing clumps of air towards their prey. The current happening before her eyes were beyond everyone's knowledge.

If it was like this, even if the survivors gathered in the Stone Fortress to deal with this situation, there was a very high chance of them being wiped out.

This was practically a suicide. She wanted to call Mark back to abort this mission.

That was when she noticed. Mark was just flapping his wings while watching the infected Sylphs create an orchestra of growls and moans.

He was smiling without fear. It was a bizarre scene.

Mark was not doing anything. Danaya was sure that he was not feeling fear, but he was just there in the air while flapping his wings calmly. Evading some of the Sylphs charging towards him.

No, it seemed that rather than watching, he was waiting for something.

Then, the amount of magical energy in the air reached its peak.

Mark also made his move.

Together with Aephelia, he turned into black smoke that charged towards the center of the tornado that started to form in the sky.

Then Danaya witnessed a scene that shook her soul.