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380 Going Even Further Beyond, The Rising Morale and Fighting the King

 Day 59 - 3:28 PM - South District, Bay City Settlement, Parañaque City, Metro Manila

The swarm of flying infected outside the settlement took the attention of almost everyone inside the south district. They already thought that the combined forces of the military and the survivors already killed them all. It was fortunate that the infected being thrown over the walls were lessened considerably. If not, their attention being split could cause fatal consequences.

They were thankful that these infected did not seem to have the aim to attack the settlement. At least, not currently. It was because the army of flying hybrid infected was entangled with two winged and armored figures.

The battle in the sky was intense that those were free and those that were positioned in relatively safer areas could not help but watch. Furthermore, the display of the armored figures dealing with the flying infected army and the gigantic flying infected left everyone in awe.

From the sky, the corpses of the flying infected fell one by one. When the black-armored figure kicked the gigantic infected into the building, everyone watching yelled and cheered.

Slowly, their fear started to transform into hope. The two people in the sky were dealing with the army of flying infected on their own. Just what were they doing below? Why were they struggling with such measly ground lurking and almost incapacitated infected?

Their blood began to boil. The exhilarating battle in the sky started to affect their minds and hearts.


Who was it that shouted?

Where did that shout filled with vigor and fighting intent came from?

No one knew the answers to those questions but one thing was for sure. That shout started it.

Coming out from their hiding spots, the scared survivors took what they could use as weapons. Some took picked up the guns of the fallen soldiers and survivors from the ground. The scene immediately became chaotic. Nevertheless, they were all now working for a single goal.

As the first ones came out, the others started to follow. Like how being infected was highly contagious, the current vigor everyone had was the same.

They only had one place to call home now. Living here might be hard and everyone was feeding off from the hands of the military. Nevertheless, they had nowhere else to go. Once this place fell, a lot of them would fall together with it. Those could be their families, their friends, their lovers, or someone they just knew.

Those things, they wanted to prevent it from happening. Hiding behind others would not do to. They had to step forward by themselves.


The familiar roar was heard as they saw the rumored dragon. It was the dragon that helped to thwart a lot of the first flying infected.

As they saw the dragon join the fray once more, their hearts felt even more elated.

Not only the dragon but another group of combatants could also be seen rushing towards the southern walls. They were no other than the rest of the group of "Team Fairy". There was even the huge woman with tentacles with them that was already shooting lasers at the flying horde as she slithered forward.

The morale of the people inside the settlement rose rapidly. They charged towards every infected they saw and mobbed them to death. The scared people started to forget the feeling of fear they had before.


Day 59 - 3:29 PM - North District, Bay City Settlement, Pasay City, Metro Manila

On contrary to the situation in the south district, the north district was struggling.

It was because, in this place, only the ones affiliated with the military, the VIPs and government were settled. The unity was almost none existent as most the politicians and businessmen kept their hired people around them to protect them. As such, the hands needed here was not enough.


Those that were living close to the south district suddenly heard loud cheering and vigorous shouting.

When they checked, they saw the positive chaos happening at the south district.

At the government official's residences, many among the stationed private soldiers saw the same commotion. They saw how the should be noncombatants vigorously fought.

Inside the residence of a congressman, some of the hired mutators watched the scene from the window.

"What idiots. They could just hide and wait it out till the military sort everything out."

The captain of the group ridiculed. He did not notice that the young ones of their group were looking at him sternly.

Looking back at the people in the south district, one of the young ones could not help it anymore.

"Nils, where are you going?"

The captain asked as he saw the young man started to walk towards the door.

Hearing their captain's stern voice, the young man stopped. Nevertheless, he did not want to face their captain anymore.

"Sorry captain. I am not a cold and heartless bastard like you."

The young man then removed the badge that indicated his group and threw it on the floor.

"Nils! What are you-"

The captain did not finish what he was about to shout as he became speechless. Three more men followed behind Nils and threw their badges on the floor.

"Everyone, are you sure about this?"

Nils asked the others that followed behind him.

"Well, there's use asking that now, right?"

One of them smirked.

With that, the group of hot-blooded young men stormed the streets killing every infected they saw.

They were not the only ones. There were others.

Their numbers may not be too many, their participation slowly turned the tide in the north district.


At the northern walls, Nia and Allen finally revealed themselves to the public. Furthermore, they were fighting alongside the young driad and her spriggan little brother. The four were busy fighting the infected that made it to the walls while also maintaining the situation as best as they could.

Then, they heard the commotion inside the north district.

The private army hired by the government officials and the VIPs joined the fray.

"Just what in the world is going on?"

Not only the four of them but the soldiers and other mutators started to wonder.



From where they stood, they heard a loud sound. The source of the sound could not be told whether it was an explosion or not. Nevertheless, it was not hard to see where it came from.

As they could not see it clearly, Emika and Mikio used their abilities to create a rampart raise them high with Nia and Allen. It was quite dangerous but they wanted to see what was happening.

There, they finally witnessed.

Dust and debris scattered from far away as they saw the corporate building of Aseana One crumbling into pieces.


Day 59 - 3:31 PM - Airspace, Baclaran, Parañaque City, Metro Manila

Mark charged downward leaving Mei up in the sky. He was aiming for the gigantic infected below.

His wings created shockwaves as it flapped. However, it was not enough.

The veins in his body glowed along with his eyes. Adding adrenaline to the mix which he circulated all over his body, blood started to seep out of them and transformed.

As his whole body transformed, his predatorial instinct started to awaken. Nevertheless, it was still not enough.

As such... He disappeared into a puff of smoke and entered his created subspace. Inside that subspace that could double or even triple his speed, he continued to charge downward. The moment he exited the subspace, he was moving even faster.

Still, he felt that it was not enough.

Once, twice, trice... he disappeared and reappeared repeatedly. Each interval was shorter as he gained several times more speed.

There was nothing that could be seen anymore from him but a slight black blur.

Mark could not hear anything anymore. The resistance from the wind started to make him feel burning. His skin started to become reddish. Nevertheless, he was not stopping. He even accelerated further. As they said...

"Go even further beyond."

The giant then stopped midair. It seemed that its instincts told it how dangerous it was to continue upwards.

It tried to fly away leaving its comrades and defying the will of their king below them.

However, it was already late.


A shout was heard.


The giant lost stability in the air as it felt a heavy impact on its back which even dented his metallic winds and skin. And it did not end there...


Mark's wings flapped faster and started to push the giant down along with him. They traveled at a speed that their figures could not be seen clearly.

And then...

Mark looked at the blurry surroundings and saw a glimpse of the top of the building where the [King Type] resided. He smiled despite the pain he was feeling in his creaking body.

Metallic scales fluttered in the surroundings creating an effect of a meteor falling.


Mark and the giant crashed unto the roof of the corporate building like a meteor.

Rooftop, eleventh floor, tenth floor...

Floor by floor, Mark and the giant created holes on the floors of the building.

Until the two crashed unto the ground floor creating a large crater.

It had dents on its skin but the giant was intact. At least in the outside. Inside its skin, everything already turned into mush.

Mark, on the other hand, felt pain all over his body. Nevertheless, it was not the time to bother with it.

He grabbed the lifeless giant by its neck and vanished into a puff of smoke one last time. They left the crater empty and made it out as the whole building started to collapse.

Gray smoke crated from falling debris and scattered dust covered the area. The collapse was rather strong as it created a small tremor that affected the nearby buildings.

Outside the vicinity of the collapse, the black smoke waved away and Mark appeared. He threw the giant on the ground and looked behind him.

There, a figure clad in black aura came out of the cloud of dust looking at Mark with sinister eyes.

It was no other than the [King Type].

Mark smiled. His transformation was not undone by the pain he was feeling. Instead, the pain started to stimulate his predatorial senses further.

He was in pain, he wanted to release the pain in his body.


Two explosive sounds were heard.

Mark disappeared from his spot as he kicked the ground. Nevertheless, the [King Type] seemed to have the same idea.


The fists of the two clashed.


Unfortunately, the [King Type] was at a disadvantage.

It was not injured but it was pushed backward and slid its feet on the ground. Unlike normal infected, it was sure steady on its feet.

Nevertheless, it was not the real attack.

He appeared to the side of the [King Type]. His eyes glaring red and his mouth shaped like a crescent moon with his smile.

A kick was unleashed on its stomach.


The [King Type] flew backward for about a dozen meters before crashing unto another building causing glass and pieces of furniture to fly around.

Mark then landed. He walked towards the building with deep breathes. Control, that was what he needed. He wanted to capture this infected. In the least, he wanted to know who was the queen this guy was looking for. If he lost control, he would probably end up killing it.

He looked above and saw Chaflar swooping towards Mei to let her ride on its back. The lasers also kept firing which meant that Aimee was already by the south district to help.

As the remaining flying infected were being dealt with, the only one left was the [King Type].


The fight was not over yet.


A loud roar came from the building and a figure came out.

Of course, it was the [King Type] who was not only unscathed. It was even emitting a more dangerous aura.


Its body started throbbing. The muscles on its body started to grow larger, sturdier and stronger.

Soon, the normal sized infected turned into a two-meter muscled infected.

It glared at Mark with an unhidden desire to tear him from limb to limb.

"Human... No..." It spoke in a deep voice. "Not... Human... Still... DIE!!!"


It kicked the ground and leaped forward leaving a meter wide crater in front of the building.