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377 The Blinding Entry, Luring the Mastermind into the Open

 Day 59 - 3:13 PM - Diosdado Macapagal Blvd., Tambo, Parañaque City, Metro Manila

An organized attack, two words put together forming a dreadful term to call a dangerous event in the apocalypse. Saying that the infected did something like this made it, however, sound more absurd than being scary though. Anyone that would mention such a thing could be mistaken as a crazy person by normal people.

Nevertheless, no one could deny what was happening at Bay City right now. If it was not an organized attack, there was nothing else that they could call it with.

[Armor Types] upfront, the infected not trying to fall unto the ditches, and the [Catapults] throwing the other infected into the settlement like there was no tomorrow. It was quite unbelievable to hear, but it was happening.

Mark and Mei flew around while under the veil of [Optical Camouflage]. Flying out in the open would surely cause several consequences. Getting noticed by the infected and had infected being thrown in their direction would be the least of it. It would not be surprising if the panicked soldiers and survivors below started to shoot the two for mistaking them as flying infected.

Looking below, everything was in chaos.

The number of infected was overwhelming. With the exception of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, this was the largest congregation of infected in a single area they had seen. The number of infected might not have reached half a million but it would probably around a hundred thousand or two.

Compared to the number of combatants in Bay City, this number was overwhelming.

The military was right enough to ignore the incoming infected on the group and take out the flying infected first. The situation could have gone worse than the current state if that was not the case.

Nevertheless, it seemed that the number of flying infected before was also large. There was panic among the citizens of the tent city and the number of dead bodies lying on the ground was large. It was for both the flying infected and survivors it seemed.

The military already incurred quite an amount of casualties.

Because of the flying infected, the military had to scatter most of their forces away from the walls. It created the opportunity for the [Catapults] outside to throw infected inside the walls. It created more chaos.

The infected were being thrown everywhere by about a hundred or more almost invulnerable giants. This was the greatest weakness of the military since their number was not large enough to cover every inch of the settlement.

Thus, things had turned into a full-blown war between the infected and the citizens of Bay City.


"There's no way we'll be able to deal with this immediately."

Mark murmured as he and Mei flapped their wings above the infected at the south side of the settlement.

He was thinking of making way for his group first and enter the settlement.



A beam of light shot to the sky from the North District. There was no doubt that even Aimee and Chaflar were participating in the battle and were protecting their current place to return.

As Mark felt Chaflar's connection, it seemed that most of the work to kill the flying infected was done by the dragon. The dragon was already unable to fly from using its flames too much.

Seeing those beams of light, however, Mark thought of a good idea.

"Hey, um, bos- ah no. Should I call you Big Brother instead?"

Suddenly, Jaeya's voice echoed in Mark's head.

"You can call me anything you want, what's the matter?"

"Alright then, Big Brother. The women following us suddenly drove of which caused the zombies to notice us. It's better if you and Sister hurry up. Zombies are already flying towards us."

While Jaeya was saying that, the situation was already apparent to Mark and Mei. Two [Catapults] already had their backs towards the walls of the settlement and were throwing infected towards the direction of the vehicle. Not only that but the infected started to notice the group and started moving towards them.

Not far away, they could see the vehicle ridden by the women rushing away not even caring how loud their vehicle was.

"Better deal with the big ones first."

Mark frowned.

"Mei'er, try to shoot one with your sniper rifle."


Mei aimed her sniper rifle at the head of the [Catapult] nearest to them and shot. Mark had to assist her as the recoil from the shoot made her flight unstable.



A metallic sounding impact could be heard as the [Catapult] staggered a bit. Aside from that slight pause, however, and the distraction from the sound of the sniper rifle, the [Catapult] was not affected at all.

"Gege, no effect."

"The skin of these guys might be made of thick metal." Mark then noticed something. "Mei'er, try one more time. Aim for the knees this time."


Mei nodded and aimed her gun once more. This time, aiming at the same [Catapult] but at its right knee.



This time, the shot had quite an impact. Blood splattered as the bullet entered its knee and shot through it before hitting the ground. Its bones were also strong but not as sturdy as its skin. A nick was created by the bullet and caused its bones to snap because of its weight.

The [Catapult] fell on its knee as its body lost support.

"Good." Mark nodded. "Mei'er, try the shoulder next."

Mei agreed and the same result happened.

Mark had noticed that despite the thick and impenetrable skin of the [Catapults], their movements were not slow at all. A skin that had metallic properties should have made its movements stiff but its steps looked natural and the swing of its arms was fast and wide.

No wonder the soldiers were having a hard time dealing with the [Catapults]. The standard way to kill an infected was to destroy its brain. It did not work on these giants, however, due to their thick skin that covered their heads and body that could even withstand an explosion from a rocket launcher.

There was also no way to accurately aim their rockets on the arms and legs of the [Catapults] for greater damage at that distance. It would be good if the military could utilize their tanks but there was no way to get the tanks up the walls.

Knowing now what to do, Mark and Mei disabled the two [Catapults] going after their group and told them to deal with the remaining infected. There, Mark and Mei entered the settlement and looked for the General.


Mark and Mei found the General who was personally leading the fight at the eastern walls of the settlement. This was the worst place to be as there was no moat in this part to separate the settlement from the infected. The largest number of infected was in this area too.

The two landed near the General and disabled the [Optical Camouflage].

The soldiers were surprised seeing the two suddenly appear and aimed their guns. However, the soldiers around the General were the elites. The chances of them panic shooting was lower than other soldiers. They immediately recognized the two and lowered their guns. Still, the surprise in their faces was apparent.

"Mark, Mei, what are you two doing here?"

The General exclaimed trying to hide the stress that was apparent on his face before Mark and Mei appeared.

"Our team needs to enter. We need your permission to open the gates."

Mark went straight to his goal. Although calling through the radio was possible, it would be easier to convince the General by coming personally.

"You two know that I would like to do that. But you should have seen the number of infected there. We can't lower the bridge and open the gate unless you can open a path for entry there."

Mark then smirked.

"You don't have to worry about the way. Just open the gates."

Seeing that smirk, the General was convinced.

"You have a way?"

"Of course we do."

"Alright, I can't leave this post right now. Sir Lopez, please oversee their entry."

The General turned to Major Lopez.

"Yes, General."

The old major saluted.


As time was of the essence, Mark brought the Major along using his [Shadow Mist Movement]. The three soon appeared at the southern wall surprising the soldiers there but that did not matter. Everyone prepared to open the gates as instructed.

"Jaeya, can you hear me?"

Mark spoke while staring at the air which made the soldiers around confused.

"Big Brother, loud and clear!"

"How is the situation there."

"Your team is the best! The zombies can't even come close to the cars!"

Jaeya exclaimed.

"Alright, tell Odel to get everyone ready. I'll open a path between the infected. Just drive through and the gates will open at the same time."

"Okay good!"

With that cue, everyone in the southern walls could see two vehicles and strange enough, a monster being ridden by a fat man could be seen approaching the sea of infected at high speeds. As the road goes straight to the drawbridge and the gates, the only thing getting on the way was the horde.

At that moment, Mark raised his hand facing the infected outside. A crystal floated in front of his palm glowing with all its might.


A ball of light appeared and grew larger and larger further in front of the crystal.

Mark then nodded at the Major as a signal to start lowering the bridge and opening the gates.

At the right timing...


The ball of light shined in splendor as a large beam of light shot forward.

It caused everyone around to cover their eyes due to brightness.

The light only lasted about a second or two and everyone turned back at the scene in front.

All they saw were burnt corpses that had incomplete bodies littered the sides of the road. The road was even scorched a bit and smoke was emitted due to the heat.

As for the middle of the road between the gates and the vehicles in front, there was nothing anymore. All that was left were ashes that started to be blown away by the wind.


The drawbridge connected with the other side and the vehicles drove through at the same time. There were infected that immediately tried to fill the gap but then, needles shot from the sides of the black vehicle. The infected stopped in their tracks as their bodies started to fester and rot into putrid liquid. A few [Catapults] were no exception.

"Yeah! We made it!"

Jaeya's voice echoed in the mind of those she connected her mind to. It seemed she was enjoying the suspenseful ride. The guys in the ambulance were about to die in fear though. Their hearts were almost unable to contain their feelings.

"Well, I won't be able to use this for a few days I guess."

Mark grasped the [Photokinesis Mental Crystal] that entirely lost its shine. It was completely drained of its energy.

Nevertheless, it seemed that his goal of making his team enter first was not only fulfilled but his other goat came into fruition.

Mark turned his head in a certain direction.

"Found you."

He smiled.

With that large amount of Psychic energy being released. It would surely alert the infected. Especially the mutated ones and more importantly, the one behind this mess.


At the roof of the building behind the horde, a man stood. He was wearing rags and was covered in blood. He totally looked like an infected. However, he also looked different.

His skin was not as pale as the infected and looked no different from a human. The color of his eyes, however, it was pitch black. There was no way to tell where his iris and pupil were. It was all black.

The most noticeable thing, however, his body was releasing an ominous black aura that could make anyone feel that this aura could swallow them whole.

Under his breath, it was not just an inhuman growl.

"Queen... Find..."