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366 The Mutator Experiment, The Results and the Unexpected Harves

 Day 59 - 12:22 AM - University of Perpetual Help System DALTA - Las Piñas Campus, Alabang-Zapote Road, Barangay Almanza Uno, Las Piñas, Metro Manila

The day of the attack passed already by midnight.

While everyone else stayed behind in the Medicine Faculty, Mark and Aephelia were currently At the rooftop of the high school building, northwest of the Medicine Faculty. The two, of course, brought the two remaining members Dark Greed. Gifre and Vem. And lastly, a Biter also stood behind them while being controlled by Aephelia.

"Please! Let me go! I'm only forced to do this!"

Vem begged.

She had already gained consciousness a while ago. Since then, she had been begging. It made Mark annoyed and gagged her replacing her voice with moans of despair. As Mark removed the cloth that blocked her mouth, she desperately pleaded once more.


"I already told you before. There's no point in you begging."

Mark tried to shut her down to the nth time.

Vem cried. She was not lying. While it was true that she was a lustful sl*t even before the outbreak, she did not want to be a part of a group like Dark Greed. However, to survive in this cruel and dangerous world, she had to use anything she could. It was even if she had to sell her body and dignity.

She just did not want to end up like those women put in the collection of Dark Greed. Dolls without a will and to be used until they broke.

Using her ability as a Mutator, she climbed up and became the queen of that greedy group. She had to feed Gifre lies after lies while under the influence of her ability to keep her by his side.

Everything she did had gone down the drain.

While she was gagged and restrained, she tried to use her ability towards the man in front of her. To her horror and disappointment, it was useless for some reason she could not fathom. And worse, it seemed that he noticed what she was doing. He turned to stare at her with ridicule after she tried that time.

Nevertheless, she could only continue to try and beg for her life.

On the other hand, Gifre was oddly silent. His mentality was already half-broken. Not only was that Mark made him watch his men as they dried up and died while hearing their painful despairing screams, but he also put him under continuous [Emotion Induction] filling his mind with fear and horror.

With all his energy drained and mind not working properly, Gifre could only look down on the floor without moving.

"Aephelia, we're starting."

Mark spoke which the royal maid nodded to.

Aephlia already heard what Mark was going to do and why he came to this idea. She agreed with his thoughts immediately. What had happened to Logan might not be just a one-time thing. Since many people in his group were Mutators, it was better to understand the situation as early as possible.

With that, Mark started the experiment without saying a single word. The first to go under the experiment was Vem.

As Mark's eyes glowed red which gave chills to Vem who continued to beg, he started to affect her subconscious emotions.

One minute, two minutes...

A few more minutes passed. Emotions build up at a constant rate inside Vem.

Logan before was suddenly filled with hunger due to his Gluttonous trait, on the other hand, Vem started to show a different state.

Her skin was flushed red with the worst being her face. She looked like a drunk woman. She was shivering severely. And for the worst part...


Vem moaned. She was not in pain or what so ever. Instead, that moan was filled with desire and passion.

Aephelia flushed red as well. An erotic scene was too much for an innocent girl like her.

"Ahhh... What are you doing to me... Ohhhh..."

Vem stared at Mark. Instead of confusion and fear on her face, however, it looked more like she was trying to seduce him.

Unfortunately, Mark's blank emotional trait was stopping him from such unwanted emotions. It was also the reason Vem's ability failed to do anything to Mark before.

While Aephelia's eyes started to swim around avoiding the scene in front of them, Mark stared straight at Vem and strictly monitored the changes in and out of her body.

As her lust continued to build up, her condition became even worse. She struggled and to try and remove her restraints. Every time she moved, however, she released a moan filled with pleasure. It seemed that her body started to release an aphrodisiac inside her which made her more sensitive and feel pleasure than pain.

Her body started to release a faint mist that made Mark and Aephelia retreat.

On the side, Gifre could not move or even care to move as he inhaled the mist.


Gifre suddenly roared. His eyes fell on Vem and immediately tried to approach her even to the extent of crawling with his restraints.

Unexpectedly, someone else was affected by the mist which surprised Mark and Aephelia. Especially, Aephelia was shocked as she lost control...

Of the Biter they brought for the experiment.

As the Biter was not restrained, it immediately pounced on Vem. It was not to bite her however but to rip her clothes apart.

"Hah, what the hell is going on." Mark scratched his head. "Aephelia you should turn around and cover your ears. This is not for kids."

Of course, Aephelia was nowhere a kid. However, she was as innocent as one. Her mental age should be around eighteen to nineteen even though she should already be more than a thousand years old. And as a royal maid, she never engaged in such affairs.


Aephelia replied with a red face and a muffled voice. She hid behind Mark and tightly covered her ears. It was more appropriate if she left but Mark could not have her do that. If something happened to the Biter, he needed her here.

And thus, a passionate session ensued between Vem and a Biter. It was a very unprecedented thing. No one would surely imagine such a disgusting scene to happen. No, there were some in fictions but those scenes should stay in fiction. Watching something like that happen in front of anyone could make their stomach churn.

Even Mark did not know anymore whether he should continue watching or not. However, he still insisted on watching. Even though the passionate but disgusting scene was happening, Vem was still in the process of the experiment.

Rather than her lust going down from what was happening, it started to rise faster instead.


"Huh?" Mark scratched his head. "The hell am I supposed to do now?"

An unexpected event happened. He should have separated Gifre and Vem if he knew that this would happen.

Gifre was also affected by Vem's mist but was not able to go to her on time. Because of that, he ended up watching an infected do her in.

Vem belonged to him. Yet... yet...

Gifre's greed started to rise on its own. Even faster than how Vem was doing.

"I see... a natural way for their emotions to build up is way faster than manipulating it. Probably, a more desperate situation like what happened with Logan is the fastest."

Mark murmured. However, there was still the fact that things were getting out of control.

It a few more minutes and the reaction Mark was looking for happened.


One last moan from Vem was heard as her head drooped down. It was not the natural exhaustion from the session but her consciousness collapsed.

"Aephelia, try to control the Biter and make it retreat."

Mark spoke to Aepheli behind him.

Fortunately, the Biter was controlled once more and it hurriedly left leaving Vem slumped on the ground.


It was not the sound of any liquid but came from inside Vem's body. Two short horns grew out of her forehead, her eyes turned red. Her tongue became similar to a snake's and sharp curled claws replaced her nails.

Aside from those non-human traits, her complexion became whiter and her body grew more attractive. Her hair started to sway under the moonlight.

Parts of body like her wrist and shoulders grew blue-colored armor seemingly made of bones. Unfortunately, none of those armors tried to cover parts that were needed to be covered.


Her increase in strength enabled her to break free from her restraints and stood up sluggishly.

"So, that's how it is."

Mark got the conclusion he wanted.

Vem was no more. The one in front of him was a failed Mutator.

And Mark did not like the look she was giving him.

There was no hostility or killing intent at all but it was giving him goosebumps.

Licking her lips, the mutated Vem lunged at Mark.

Facing the lunge however, Mark stretched his palm forward while covered in black smoke. The smoke turned into a ball that Mark pressed into the head of Vem after he dodged.


Vem held her head in pain as she raised a grimaced roar. It was before she fell on the ground unconscious.

Mark had no time to deal with her or think of any use for her. He needed to deal with the other one first.

Shortly after Vem mutated, Gifre's started.

He transformed into his Snakeman form once more. However, it took a different turn from Logan and Vem who retained their human forms.

Gifre's legs were torn from his body as a new lower body grew in its place. A large slithering snake tail replaced his legs. Looking at it, it was about four meters in length.

Unexpectedly, the skin on his hands and armpits broke down before an almost clear film grew on those making his arms and hand webbed. Furthermore, his tongue changed from a snake's into something similar to a frog's. Even the colors of his eyes changed into a red one with a black pupil similar to a snake's.

His scales fell to the ground and was replaced with scales with a golden sheen.

"Aephelia, make the Biter bite him. We already have the results we need."

Mark spoke while staring at Gifre with a frown. Letting this guy's transformation continue would be dangerous. Not only his body was humongous but his features were dangerous in many ways. Also, his trait was not something good to deal with.

As he was in the midst of his transformation, Gifre was defenseless. It also came with the fact that Mark was interfering with his mental state.


The Biter bit Gifre successfully. There, his transformation took an even more eerie turn.

New pairs of legs burst out of his lower body but it grew in the midsection of the tail that grew before. His arms grew large that his knuckles touched the floor.

Lastly, his head distorted into a shape that looked like a fusion of a snake and a frog's.

Nevertheless, Mark knew that the guy turned into a Mutated infected successfully. It was because of the new consciousness inside him collapsing into nothingness.

"Aephelia, control him before he goes on a rampage."


Aephelia immediately complied with Mark's instruction. However, with a swing of its tail, the infected Gifre smashed the Biter that bit him into meat paste.

Then, while Gifre roared repeatedly, Aephelia turned her head towards Mark with a very troubled expression.

"What is wrong?"

Mark asked. It seemed that Aephelia was having a hard time and Gifre was still not under control.

"Uhm, Master... Can you distract it for a bit?"

Aephelia replied.

"Is it resisting?"

"Yes... I think... We got an Alpha here. Even more powerful than the previous one."

Hearing that, Mark's eyes brightened. Who would have thought that Gifre would become an Alpha? It was an unexpected harvest. Without any further ado, Mark charged forwards to distract Gifre.


That night, the whole barangay was disturbed. Especially the infected and the two groups staying in the University Campus.

It was because, in the short distance, the highschool building was being demolished.