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364 Mediocrity, The Fall of the Fools

 Day 58 - 7:28 PM - University of Perpetual Help System DALTA - Las Piñas Campus, Alabang-Zapote Road, Barangay Almanza Uno, Las Piñas, Metro Manila

Following the order given to him by Gifre, Logan jumped down from the rooftop without hesitation. It was despite the shape and size of his body.


The sound of a heavy object was heard crashing unto the parking area. Following the sound was a faint tremor that was felt by the people nearby the point of impact. Even the men that were trying to besiege the rampaging metal beast in the parking area did not expect such thing and were forced to look behind. Seeing Logan, however, the lost hope of the armed men was ignited once more.

"Boss Logan!"

They cheered.

"Get your asses up, you idiots. Take our business here seriously!"

The large man scolded as he stepped forward without fear even if the metal beast they needed to capture was now charging towards him.


A collision between Logan and the [Exceed: Personnel Carrier]. Unexpectedly, it ended up in a stalemate. Even though the vehicle was not in top speed, it would be hard for just anyone to stop it. Yet, Logan was simply forced to slide back about two steps before he managed to stop the vehicle.

It seemed that this man was not only large-bodied but was also unbelievably strong.


The tires of the vehicle screeched loudly as both sides pushed each other back. However, both never budged.

Since the vehicle could move forward, Odelina decided to drive it backward and escape the grasp of the man. Of course, Logan would not let that happen. He held onto the V-Ram of the vehicle and pulled with all the strength he could muster.

Due to the predicament, Edzel who refrained from shooting in the sniper dome finally fired. As Mark wanted the blood of these animals, he refrained from shooting all this time unless needed. And now was the time to do so.


Both the two assault rifles mounted at the sniper dome fired with a volley of bullets straight at large man's face.

Unexpectedly, Logan faced the bullets without fear. The next action he did, however, was to...

...Open his mouth widely.

It was too wide that it looked unsightly. Anyone would surely question how it happened that he was able to open his mouth way larger than his face. What was more disturbing was the layers upon layers of sharp teeth inside his mouth.

As all the bullets fired entered his mouth, Logan closed it and started to chew the bullets like tender meat before swallowing the crushed bullets.

"Tsk, it tastes awful."

Logan complained.

With the vehicle stopped in place by Logan, their men started to surround it.

Unfortunately for them, the armor and the mounted guns were not the only arsenals the vehicle had.

As the enemies approached, the metal plates under all the windows swung up revealing rows and columns of one-inch nail sized holes. Of course, due to the darkness of the night, the men only saw the metal plates raised and not the holes.


A shower of needles with eerie green color blanketed every single one of them including Logan.

Many of them immediately fell and while the remaining ones managed to remain standing for a second or two longer, the also fell afterward with the color of their skin turning into a shade of either red or purple.

Logan was immediately weakened. Yet, he managed not to fall and just kneeled on the ground with his body shaking.


Logan rolled away as his stout body slammed onto the V-Ram of the vehicle.

"Boss Logan, are you alright?!"

One of the lucky people that was not hit by the poison needles due to being stuck in the middle of two vehicles exclaimed as Logan fell to his side.


That was the only word that came out of Logan's mouth before he used the little bit of strength he had left to pull out the concerned man out of being stuck. However, it was not to help.

Even though the man was able to speak just fine, he was in pain like a few others of their comrades. Their lower bodies were not crushed but it was impossible to remove them from their predicament without moving the vehicles first.

When Logan pulled the man out, he ended up ripping off the man's stuck legs behind. Blood spilled and the man screamed in pain but Logan did not care. With an evil but desperate look in his eyes, Logan ripped the man into pieces before shoving the pieces of the man's body into his mouth.

Horror enveloped everyone's faces.

Logan finished the man's body in one go and he seemed to be recovering. However, it was not enough. One by one, he ate the men stuck on those vehicles. He did not even spare their ripped legs as he pushed the vehicle away just to pick up the remaining pieces and shove all of them unto his mouth.

The monster fully recovered and any sign of him being poisoned vanished. Of course, he did not have any notion to blindly charge forward once more. He managed to recover his body but it did not mean that he gained immunity to that poison.

Logan's ability was to be able to turn anything and everything that entered his digestive system into nutrients for his body. The effects on his body varied. Some effects were permanent while others were temporary. An example of these was when he ingested certain metals, he could turn his skin into metal for a duration. On the other hand, ingesting meat or animals could permanently regenerate his body.

Unfortunately for him, the strength he developed was the only thing that could help him here and yet, he could not approach the vehicle anymore.


Inside the Medicine Faculty, Mei who should have been assisting the others outside with her sniper rifle was also facing another enemy.

The queen of Dark Greed, Vem, managed to enter the building with several men.

She should not have been able to because of Iola's barriers but something happened.

Terrence suddenly attacked them. No one was hurt but Iola's concentration needed to maintain the barrier was disturbed allowing the intruders to enter.

However, it seemed that it was not the fault of Terrence. His appearance was strange since his face was flushed red and he was looking at Vem with lustful eyes despite being restrained by Karlene and Analynn. The men Vem brought with her were in the same condition. There was no mistake in that assumption since if they were in the right minds, people like them would surely start drooling after seeing Karlene and Mei in the building.

"Tsk, why are there only girls here? There's only one dog and he's useless!"

Vem complained as she looked at Mei with deep envy and hostility.

The lustful queen was beautiful in a mature standard. However, compared to Mei, three was a large disparity.

"No matter." Vem shrugged. "Men, kill them."

Vem did not want competition even if the girls here would only be put in the collections. She would rather have them killed here.

Hearing her orders, the men charged like crazed dogs. They were not even using their weapons properly.

Vem's ability was to release pheromones from her body. It was too strong that it could turn those that were affected into puppets that could follow her bidding for them to please her. They would become stronger to some extent but it was in exchange for being a bit mindless.

Unfortunately, her pheromones could only affect the opposite sex. Because of that, only Terrence was affected in this building.

Still, Vem knew that her approach with bringing these men was enough. Normally, it was enough. In her thoughts, there would only be those two abnormal beings in their group, right? Anyone would think so since even in their large group, there were only a few of them.

Unfortunately, the possibility that all the members of this group might be abnormal passed her mind. And thus...

"Iola, protect the guests. Miracle restrain these trashes. Your Papa will need them in pristine condition. I'll take care of that filthy thing at the back."

Mei spoke which Iola and Miracle immediately agreed to.

Hearing Mei's words, Vem was infuriated while also looked at Miracle with ridicule. What could a three-year-old something girl do to a bunch of fully grown men? However, the ridicule in her face was immediately covered in wide-eyed shock.

The cute little girl changed into a horrendous monster with numerous fleshy tentacles. Not only Vem but even Analynn was filled with shock in her face.

Without waiting for anyone, the tentacles wrapped in each of the men's necks before their necks were bent in an impossible angle.

Vem's shock, however, was immediately changed to fear. She decided to abandon Gifre's order and jumped out of the second floor through the broken window.

As she landed, she did not even look back and ran away. She also did not bother to meet up with Gifre and their men and ran towards another direction to escape.

Nevertheless, she felt goosebumps on her neck when she heard a loud flap of wings following behind her. Looking back by reflex, her eyes became as wide as it could be. Behind her, the beautiful girl she was envious of was chasing her with bat wings on her back and chilling intent in her eyes.

But then, the girl banished. She vanished instantly from her sight. Confused, she stopped to cautiously look around. She did not found her however until she felt a hard stock of a gun hitting the back of her neck. Everything around her went black.


On the roof of the other building, the battle intensified despite being in a stalemate. Both Abbygale and Royce moved in inhumane speeds but none of the two could touch even the hem of each other's clothes.

In terms of speed, Abbygale was much faster and her movements were more irregular due to her [Psychic Steps]. At the same time, however, her inexperience as a child was reflected in her movements which made the more experienced Royce to dodge her attacks. On the other hand, Royce could not match the little girl's speed and the two of them exchanged attack and defense in a pointless battle.

The winner here would only be determined if one of them finally succumb to exhaustion. Still, that would not anytime soon based on the movements of the two.

It should have taken more time but Royce noticed that Gifre was already defeated. He also saw Vem as she was taken down. For sure, there was no point in staying anymore. He could just ditch these unlucky people and search for others.

Abbygale then attacked. In Royce's mind, he would escape after dodging this one as it would make an opening for him to run away after the little girl's attack missed.

At that moment, he froze. He did not know why but his head felt faint and painful. Blood even flowed out of his ears and nose. Unfortunately, he did not have any time to ponder as the little girl's shoe connected with his cheek. The next thing he felt was that the back of his head was hitting his spine.


On the parking area, Logan was in a predicament.

To be able to approach the target vehicle, he needed either immunity to poison or impenetrable defense. He chose the latter and he started ripping other parked vehicles and ate the metal parts.

Due to that, he managed to turn his skin into metal.

However, the vehicle did not charge towards him anymore but stayed in the distance. Then, for some strange reason, several mutated infected managed to climb over the fence and swarmed him. With his current metal skin, the infected were not able to bite him. Nevertheless, he was also not able to move too much as his skin was hard to move with.

Without a choice, he started ripping the infected's bodies and ate them. He was already bitten once. For sure, it would not be a problem if he ate them, right?


Mark stared at the pig below incredulously as they saw the pig slowly turn into a mutated infected under his despairing wails.

Sure enough, the lack of knowledge could kill a fool.