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361 Communication, The Location of the Blood Bank and the Arrival of the Fools

 Day 58 - 4:42 PM - University of Perpetual Help System Dalta, Las Piñas Campus, Alabang-Zapote Road, Barangay Almanza Uno, Las Piñas, Metro Manila

A reunion, whether it was between family members, friends or even just between two people who only knew the faces of each other, it was an event that was very unlikely to happen. In a world where the infected invaded everything, even just seeing the dead bodies or the walking corpse of their loved ones was already a huge miracle. No matter how hopeful one was, it would not change that fact.

Yet, despite the circumstances that made it even more impossible, Karlene and Analynn reunited with each other. Due to uncanny circumstances, they still met each other even though they were about a hundred and fifty plus kilometers away from each other when the apocalypse started. A distance and location where the two were enough to be said that they were at the opposite ends of the country.

The reunion of Karlene and Analynn caused the latter's group to lower their hostility for a bit. Like anyone else in this apocalyptic world, they also wanted to see their families, their friends... Their loved ones. Seeing one of them managing to fulfill such wish made them both jealous and happy at the same time.

"Just how... How did you get here?" Analynn asked Karlene not bothering how the wet dirt on her face was very uncomfortable to look at. "Aren't you in Quezon for a drama shoot?"

"Many things happened..." Karlene answered. "I'm just lucky..."

While the two already started to ask about each other's circumstances...


An awkward cough was heard behind Karlene.

"Ladies, I know that the two of you are overwhelmed with emotions but can we do this somewhere else. I don't think that the gallery below likes it."

The one who spoke was Edzel whose face was slightly red from saying such line. It was obvious that he was just pushed to say such things and it was Mark who stood behind him gave the dialogue.

"R-right..." Analynn spoke embarrassed before looking back at her group, specifically, the man in his thirties at the center of the group. "Sir Edward, can we?"

Hearing that, Edward scanned Karlene, Mark, and Edzel for a bit. He sighed.

"Alright. Invite them." Edward replied to Analynn before turning whispering to those around him. "We'll let them in but don't let your guards down."

"There's just three of them though."

Terrence voiced.

"Yes, there are just three people. Lynn's friend and that boy that spoke might be fine but that man behind them is unsettling."

Edward whispered.

Hearing that made the curious boy turn his head towards Mark just to see the latter staring at him with a mysterious look in his eyes. It was unfortunate that he could not see the smile on Mark's face due to the handkerchief he was using as a mask.

That made Terrence immediately withdraw his sight away.


Guided by the group, the three entered the building through door at the back of the building leading to the stairs going down to the second floor and first floor.

Terrence ran off to inform the others inside first about the guests, but of course, it was not to welcome the three but to make their people inside hide and not go out.

Inside, Mark, Edzel and Karlene were guided into a certain room. As Mark surmised, this should be the office of the director of the university due to office table at the center of the room and the lavish-looking furniture and decorations inside. There was also the desk plaque that was already placed on the display cabinet instead of the table.

This indicated how cautious these people were towards them. They brought the three in a secluded room which would make it easier to make moves if the three gave out any sign of threat. Nevertheless, they only did this with no other intentions but to protect themselves.

Without regarding anything else, Karlene and Analynn immediately went to their world making the men around rather awkward.

"Are women always like this?"

Terrence voiced out not minding if the two heard him.

"Boy, just let them be. I know you can understand why right?"

The old instructor, Phillip, laughed.

Now, behind the desk and on the sofa in front of it, Edward and their two male guests sat down.

"Let me introduce myself. I'm Edward, you two can say that I'm the leader of this group. Can we ask what are your business here?"

Edward spoke in a neutral tone which made it sound not welcoming but also not aggressive. It was to show that while they did not want a fight, they were not a pushover either.

Nevertheless, it seemed that he could see through the farce that was going on with Mark's group as he asked that question directly at Mark although the one sitting closer to him was Edzel.

"You can tell that I'm their leader?"

Mark asked even though he already seemed to expect it.

"I don't know why you are putting these two in front while pretending to be a follower. It might be hard to notice if there is no contact between us but as you already see..."

Edward replied while glancing at Edzel and Karlene which Mark nodded to, agreeing with what the former said.

His plan to fake things was just effective without proper contact. Once contact was established, however, it would show how both Edzel and Karlene were unfit to be the leaders of this group. Still, it was already fine since it was very unlikely for the scout observing tailing behind to establish contact.

"Alright, I won't beat around the bush." Mark spoke and took off the handkerchief covering his face. "You can call me Mark, the one beside me is Edzel and that one there, I guess you all know who she is. What we are here for is the location of the blood bank."

Their goal here made the others inside the room surprised. It would not be strange if they were looking for someone or were searching for supplies. Yet, Mark asked for the location of the blood bank which no one in this world would surely want. There was only one reason for this surprise. It was because of the time that had already passed after the apocalypse started. Even though most people would not know of it, they knew how long blood could be stored and it was already past that date.

Knowing their surprise, Mark spoke once more.

"You all don't need to know why. The blood bank is not important to any of you here right? I doubt that there will be implications with asking this."

Hearing that, Edward nodded. There would not be any implications towards their group and there was no problem telling them the location of the blood bank.


"The blood bank?" Analynn exclaimed and turned to Karlene. "You cannot go there!"

"What is wrong?"

Mark asked.

"You might be looking for the blood bank on the campus right?" Phillip spoke. "Unfortunately, that blood bank had already been temporarily moved to the Medical Center after some problems occurred on the main campus building. Some leakage in the freezer, you see. Well, the repair was never done so the only blood bank here now is in the Medical Center."

Hearing that, Mark sighed. It felt like he was going around on a continuous RPG quest where he needed to go somewhere far after reaching the current goal.

Nevertheless, they now knew why Analynn did not want Karlene to go to a place like that.

"Do you know what is the situation in the Medical Center?"

Mark asked once more.

That question made everyone droop their shoulders.

"The Medical Center is much worse compared to the school field in front."

Edward sighed. It seemed that they went there before and things ended up badly.

"The Medical Center is filled with zombies." Terrence spoke. "Also there are a lot of strange ones than the normal kind there."

"A hospital filled with Mutated Infected..." Mark nodded in contemplation. "It's not surprising I think."

He then turned to Edward.

"Anyone know where the blood bank there is located. Draw a map if possible."


Everyone was confused. They already said how dangerous it was and yet, Mark was not perturbed at all.

"You people don't have to worry about us. Just give us a map of the location of the blood bank and we won't disturb you guys anymore. Also..." Mark unstrapped the black colored katana he had on his back. "I'll give this to anyone who can give me the map. You guys have guns but your melee weapons are shabby."

Seeing the deal, everyone's eyes lit up. To entice them further, Mark even unsheathed the sword to show them the black colored blade.

However, not all of them were fully familiar with the location. They could only turn towards the old instructor.

"Alright, I'll draw the map."

Phillip shook his head with a bitter smile. He was also interested in the sword. Who would not want more assurance in this danger-filled world?

As such, Phillip drew the map in an unusually detailed way. It seemed that he not only familiar but it was not wrong to say that he lived his life here for more than a decade. He was not only an instructor here but was also a doctor in times of emergency.

In the middle of drawing the map, however...

Mark stood up and walked towards the window facing the school field. He was not looking at the school field was gazing towards the direction of the street at the back of the school.

Everyone was confused as to why he was behaving his way. They only thing they could hear was Mark murmuring numbers as if he was counting something.

"Boss, did they arrive?"

Edzel asked a question that was easily misunderstood. It made some of the men heighten their alertness. Fortunately, Edward and Phillip managed to read Edzel's worried expression and if Mark's people were really planning something sinister, Edzel would not voice it here.

"Yep, those idiots arrived. They seem to be going full force with ninety-six people in their group."

Mark's words made the others realize that what Edzel asked about were not their allies but enemies. Just the number was enough to make them shiver.


"Do you need any help?"

Edward asked.

"You want to help even though we are outnumbered and you don't know us at all? You can also blame us since we brought them here in a sense."

Mark asked.

To that question...

"The conduct of criminals is not the victim's fault."

Edward replied while biting his lip. Not only him but the others also had unsightly faces hearing his words. They might have experienced something bad that was inlined with those words.

To those reactions and speech, Mark smiled.

"You guys are rare kind of people in his world."

There, Mark faced them with a sinister smile.

"You people don't have to do anything. We knew that they are tailing us all this time."

"If you knew... then..."

Phillip spoke with an unbelieving expression.

"That's right, I planned to deal with those people here. So you guys don't need to do anything but watch the show later."

Mark looked at Phillip.

"Also continue drawing the map, please."

After that, Mark faced the window once more and closed his eyes. No one knew what he was doing.

Nevertheless, they noticed. Not only Mark but Edzel and Karlene were not afraid at all even when they knew that enemies with a large number were coming.

Edward also walked towards the window and tried to see if the would be able to see anything. Nevertheless, he could only see the infested school field because the parking area and the street behind the school were not in view at all.

While Edward was wondering, he heard Mark speak in a small voice.

"You people look decent. Especially you. Want to join my base?"

"Your base?"

The man was interested. Rather than being trapped here in this school, joining a survivor base should be better.

"Yep. It's in the mountains of General Nakar."

Edward was surprised. He could only shake his head.

"That's too far away. I don't want to risk it. Especially since..."

His voice trailed off.

"You don't have to decide right now. Also, the offer is not only for you and I won't mind if your whole group joined us."

Mark's voice then turned mysterious.

"You can decide after witnessing everything that will happen tonight."