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353 The Modified MB-Sprinter, The Birth of Exceed Apocalypse Vehicle Series

 Day 57 - 1:01 PM - J.W. Diokno Blvd., North District, Bay City Settlement, Pasay City, Metro Manila

Outside the wall of miasma, aside from the soldiers guarding the area and preventing overly curious people from touching the wall, there were still a lot of bystanders despite the fact that they were already being dispersed by the military.

Since the rebellion instigated by Senator Estrada happened along with the disclosure of the movements he made that harmed the stability of the settlement, the person that ended it all became one of the main topics of the rumors and talks in the settlement. Nevertheless, with the exception of the military, no one really knew, had seen the face or communicated with the mysterious person.

That person avoided all contact with other people that were not part of the military or his group and the mouths of these people were all sealed about anything pertaining to him. Due to these things, his existence started to become questionable to the people.

Now, however, the same ominous-looking wall that appeared that day suddenly made an appearance in this place once more. That was why the idlers outside wanted to at least get a glance of the person in the rumors. When they saw that the members of [Team Fairy] walked into the area surrounded by the wall, the possibility that the person they wanted to see was really inside which made everyone even more eager to wait.

However, there were not only idlers were here. There were also people who were observing the area for their own purposes.

"Is that person really there?"

A voice could be heard by a radio held by a man hiding in the corner of a nearby building.

"Sir, I'm not sure but the possibility is very high. I just saw your daughter and the [Skeletal Brawler] enter the area. There were other unknown people but one of them was the actress Karlene Bautista which is also rumored to be among that man's team. There was also the [Little Demoness] and the [Military Princess] that had just recovered from her coma. The information said that those two were also related to that man."

The man reported what he had just witnessed.

"Do you think it will be possible to confront that person right now?"

The voice on the radio asked.

"Negative Sir. The soldiers are securely guarding the area and it would be hard to assume a possible meeting or even just handing an invitation."

"Alright, just continue to monitor and find a good chance to invite him personally. I don't think that we can rely on the military to send the message. Our family really wanted to meet this man who took my daughter and see if he will be of use to us."

"Affirmative Sir."

Aside from that man, there were also other scouts within the crowd. They were either hiding or blending in with the civilians. They all belonged to different factions within the settlement.

Fortunately, not all of them were here for the sake of getting on the good side, proposing alliance or roping that man in. There were also those that were trying to meet him because of goodwill.

Like a man and woman who personally arrived in a vehicle after hearing that he was here.

"Senator, Madam."

The soldiers saluted at the couple that surrounded by their own guards.

"Who is currently in charge here?"

The Senator asked.

"I am, Senator."

A soldier in a formal uniform approached the couple. He was no other than Master Sergeant Keene Dela Rosa. As someone who personally knew that person and being the son of Captain Dela Rosa, he was tasked to manage the current situation.

"Oh, it's you. You're Captain Dela Rosa's son, right?"

The madam, Congresswoman Lanie Villa spoke. She still remembered Keene and their family maintained good relations with the military due to many reasons. One of those reasons was that she owed her life to Major Bautista and Captain Dela Rosa's team before. Of course, most of the life debt she had was towards the actual person who helped her and her people not only once but twice.

"We heard that Mark is inside this thing, can we speak to him?"

Madam Lanie told their agenda for coming this time. Normally, they would just send a message or send someone to invite the person they wanted to meet but not only that Mark was not entertaining anyone but the Villa Family did not want to make a contest to those with ulterior motives.

All they wanted was to express their gratitude especially Senator Ramon Villa, her husband. Which husband would not want to express their gratitude to the person that helped their beloved wife in the time of crisis?

"I'm sorry Madam, Senator. I can't do anything about that. Sir Mark said that no one should disturb him right now since he is busy with something."

"Is that so?" Madam Lanie seemed to be disappointed as she turned to her husband. "It seems like we came in a bad time."

"It looks like it."

The Senator was also disappointed.

"I apologize. Sir Mark is really avoiding meeting anyone."

"Don't worry about it. It's not your fault."

Madam Lanie smiled.

However, before the two could say that they would just try again next time, a ball of black smoke flew out of the wall towards the two. They were shocked as they already heard that the ominous black wall was harmful and if it was an attack, the two would surely suffer serious injuries or worse, die. The guards around them hurriedly rushed forwards to block it in whatever way they could. Contrary to their suspicions however, the ball of black smoke stopped in front of everyone before materializing into a reddish-black slime-like creature that immediately plopped down to the ground.

Despite that, they were still ware as they had never ever seen such thing before. Then, before they could utter their words of shock, the slime extended out a tentacle which made the guards even more cautious. It was until they saw a piece of paper folded at the tip of the tentacle.

The smile extended the paper towards the guards as if asking them to take the paper. Realizing the intention, one of the guards bit the bullet and reached for the paper. Once the paper left the tentacle, the slime turned into smoke once more before flying into the wall again.

After the smile vanished, the guard opened the folded paper and turned to the political couple.

"Madam, this is for you."

Madam Lanie took the paper saw that it was actually a message. After reading the contents silently, she smiled and turned to her husband.

"Dear, let's go."

Everyone was confused but as the Madam said, they all left after receiving the message.


Mark shook his head as he sensed that the political couple left. Of course, he did not know the man but he could tell who the woman was. But by how he sensed the relationship of the two, it should be the popular senator who was once a multi-awarded star. Well, Congresswoman Lanie was also the same.

"Gege, are you going to meet them later?"

Mei asked as she saw Mark write the contents of the message.

"Well, their personality is known to be good. It would be good if we can count them to also keep an eye on everyone that we will leave behind here. I don't want my hard work in looking for them before to end up badly. They are also sincere unlike the others lurking outside. They really think that I can't tell, huh."

"Hah, of course, everyone will try to rope you in. Not only Mei and the other members of your group are well known here, but the rumors about you are also getting more and more exaggerated as the time flew by."

Paula spoke while Angeline nodded.

Among all the people here, these three girls were the only ones who knew that he was a powerful Empath. That was why they could understand where he was coming from.

"They can wait all they want as if I will meet them."

Mark said as he stood up. They finally finished lunch and it was time to continue working.

"Alright, Angeline, Paula, it's time to go out."

Mark smirked.

"Hey, don't chase us out like dogs!"

Angeline replied in annoyance. However, she did insist on staying. She understood that everyone had secrets to keep especially since they were not really Mark's people.

Soon, the utensils were cleaned up and everyone that came during lunch left aside from Mei who stayed behind to help.

As they left, Mark watched Edzel who seemed to be reluctant to leave but still decided to. Mark could only shake his head. It seemed that Edzel was still undecided about the things in his mind.

Now together with Mei and the little girls, Mark went back to modifying the MB-Sprinter, no, right now, it did not a single resemblance to the expensive car model it had before. Because of this, Mark decided to give it a new name. He now called it...

[Exceed: Personnel Carrier]

He decided to give it this name as it exceeded its previous appearance and capability as an armored vehicle. Furthermore, its main purpose was to transport people with comfort.

After three more hours passed and he finally finished the first vehicle. Not only that the needed things to install were finished but there were also places that were made to mount other things that were still unavailable now.


[Exceed: Personnel Carrier]

Vehicle Model: MB-Sprinter (Bulletproof Model)


Protection and Utility:

Shock Absorbent Full Armored [Blood Metal] Plating (including Windows, Wheel Guard, and Lights)

Solar Panel Slots (Roof) Covered with Transparent [Blood Metal]

V-Ram Front Bumper (One-Hundred and Twenty Degrees, Convertible with Night Mode)

Combat and Weapons:

Three-Hundred Sixty Degree Rotating Sniper Dome (Roof) with Two Sniper Mounting Slots

Slip in Gun Mounting Slots (Windows and Side Doors)

Poison Dart Launchers (Windows)

Spring Controlled Rocker Panel Blades (Both Sides)

V-Ram Shredders


Looking at the vehicle, Mark felt proud.

Aside from being bulletproof due to the good durability and strength of [Blood Metal] he also made it more resistant to shock from unexpected crashes by adding hundreds of springs under the metal plating of the vehicle.

Since it was more convenient to have electricity on the go, he added slots of solar panels on the roof which was made of transparent [Blood Metal]. However, it was still empty since he had not requested for a solar panel yet.

In front of the vehicle was a V-Ram to shove obstacles in front of the vehicle aside. Not only it was sturdy, but he also applied the same principle that the armor plating had to make it more resistant to shock and impact. Also in front of the V-Ram, three pairs of dull blades were installed. The blades were dull enough to avoid accidents but with enough speed, it could turn into blades that could cut people in half. It was also made that if pressed by a heavier object, the blade would be pushed back inside the ram making scenarios where the blade would get stuck on the obstacles nearly impossible.

At the Sniper Dome on the roof, he made two sniper slots that could be moved in different angles depending on the need.

The windows were also installed with gun slots enabling the passengers to shoot while inside the vehicle. Not to mention the dozens of needle launchers installed in a row under the windows which used poison needles made by Ivy as bullets.

At the sides of the vehicle were two one meter long blades installed under the rocker panels. It could be controlled by the person manning the sniper dome to snap out to attack anyone standing at the sides of the vehicle.

With this, he already finished the first model of [Exceed: Personnel Carrier].

As Mark turned towards the still untouched Lorry, he looked at the design he made last night he was currently holding.

At the top of the paper, it was named...

[Exceed Convertible Transport Type-1: Disintegrator Fortress]