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352 Modifications, Working On the MB Sprinter

 Day 57 - 10:22 AM - Workshop Parking Area, North District, Bay City Settlement, Pasay City, Metro Manila

It should have been a normal day after the outbreak in the settlement. However, something caused quite a disturbance at the parking area of the workshop. Everyone who passed by the area could not help but stop while those that saw the bizarre scene could not help but mention it to those they knew. Those who then heard about it would go see the scene themselves and the cycle continued.

Still, no matter how bizarre the event was, no one tried to approach it. Not only that there were soldiers guarding the area, what they were seeing was rather ominous looking.

And the thing they were seeing...

... There was as a wall of black smoke surrounding a part of the workshop's parking area.


Inside the wall, there was Mark and the little girls. There was also Amihan and Aephelia and the assistants for the current work, the [Blood Children].

Mark was currently working on the two vehicles that they would surely use when they leave, the Lorry and the MB-Sprinter.

He actually wanted to start yesterday afternoon but gathering the blood bags he requested took more time than expected. It was already late in the afternoon when he was told that the blood he requested were ready. Because it would be hard to start the work at that time, he decided delay it for the next morning.

This morning, he saw the two freezer vans parked beside the Lorry which contained the blood bags. It was quite a large amount and it seemed that the military scavenged a lot than necessary causing most of the items to become wasted.

Nevertheless, even though the two freezer vans were filled with unused blood bags, Mark doubt that it would be enough. The quantity of blood would decrease after the conversion after all. Of course, this amount of blood was more than enough to do the initial modifications.

Before he started however, he secured that no one would be able to witness his work. For one, he did not like strangers watching him work. No body aside from those who wanted to boast and put airs would want something like that. Second, he wanted to hide the actual things he needed to use here. Although his work would be seen by others after it was done, they would not know the process and the abilities Mark used would be concealed from their eyes.

Of course, it was the wall now that was causing quite an unnecessary commotion outside.

Right now, Mark was measuring the proportions of the MB Sprinter. This vehicle had already been modified and fixed several times and was already an armored vehicle, to begin with. However, because of the same reasons, it looked worn out as the paint was scraped at many locations and the body was dented here and there due to battles this vehicle had gone through.

The solar panels they initially installed on the vehicle were already removed as the solar equipment was very vulnerable during missions. What was left were the railings they installed and the other things they added at that time back in the mall.

There were other additions after the military fixed the vehicle but fortunately, they left the insides intact.

Now, the vehicle would undergo a deserved makeover.

"Alright Flam, get to work."

Mark said as he stood at the roof of the MB Sprinter. He held the cursed flamberge pointing at the installed railings. On his command, Flam's blade started to glow red. It was not releasing flames but its temperature was very high. Mark could even feel the heat despite he was using miasma to protect his skin and clothes.

For normal people, they would need an angle grinder or metal saw to cut the metal needed to be removed. Mark, however, he found a good use for Flam aside from fighting.

With several swings of Mark's hands, the unnecessary metals on the vehicle fell on the ground. Since he was planning to change a lot of things along with the glass on the windows, he removed the railings and metal screens that covered the glass windows.

Next, he removed the windows and some unnecessary parts like the front and back bumpers and the installed ram.

It took quite some time but he managed to return the outside of the vehicle to what it was when he received it.

There was no need to remove the already bulletproof body. Instead, he planned to coat the outer part with [Blood Metal] along with the design.

"Alright, Oracle, you do the windows. Miracle, help me."

Mark called on Oracle and Alaula to help him with things.

With his [Blood Whips], Mark started to pierce open the blood bags inside one of the freezer vans. Oracle also did the same.

Mark and Oracle worked together. He carefully instructed Oracle on how to make the shape and thickness of the windows. He then used Flam to drill holes on the vehicles body where he would peg the outer layer he would make securely. As for the other details, he made Alaula help.

A few minutes past noon, the MB-Sprinter had already taken shape. There were no signs of the MB-Sprinter outside anymore. Rather than an armored van, it was now a sci-fi transport vehicle. With the sleek futuristic military design pared with movable mechanisms and glowing parts of the vehicle for camouflage, it looked both amazing and intimidating.

Mark did was not only content on changing the appearance but also added a new feature, a rotating sniper post on the roof at the back of the front seats. It was like a dome with metal roof and three-hundred and sixty degree transparent [Blood Metal] window. Since Mei had a sniper rifle as a primary weapon, they needed a good place for her to show her skills on the go. Nevertheless, it made the MB-Sprinter look more like a tank without cannon equipped on top.

"Master, isn't this going overboard?"

Aephelia could not help but voice out as she looked at the current appearance of the vehicle. Others might think that it was just a sci-fi inspiration but Mark actually took some bits of design from the vehicles Freed's kingdom had back then. Of course, the ones they had were actual levitating cars rather than ground-based ones like Earth had.

"Isn't it fine?" Mark answered. "It doesn't only look strong in Earth's standard. It also gave a nostalgic sense, right?"

Saying those words, Mark smiled and turned to Iola who was also looking at the vehicle with a homesick expression on her face. After all, even though she was surely a resident of Earth, most of her memories came from Keeper who was also a resident of Eriellis.

Patting Iola's head, Mark turned his head towards the entrance of the parking area. He shook his head. It might be bad to say but there were a lot of his country folk who were idlers every time they encountered an unusual event despite how dangerous the event was. In the least, he would not think that they would be people taking selfies now like what happened in a scandal in a certain hostage-taking crisis before.

"Hmm? Lunch is coming."

Mark spoke as he could hear some commotion on the idlers outside. He was sure that it was because the idol of the settlement was coming. As he willed, a part of the wall of miasma opened up letting several people outside enter. He could not help but sigh when that opening even caused a commotion outside.

From that opening, Mei, Odelina, Edzel, Karlene, Siegfried, Odette and Spera entered. Aside from the seven, there was also Angeline and Paula. Unexpectedly, Mara also came with Janette in tow. After they all entered, Mark immediately closed the wall as some annoying pests now tried rushing to enter despite not being invited.

It would not be Mark's problem if they accidentally touched the wall in their rush. They would surely die since Mark did not hold back in creating that wall. It was the very same kind of wall he used to trap the members of Auraboros. They could die by carelessly touching it.


The three girls who sat beside Mark waved their hands as Mei approached.

"Isn't there a lot of you?"

Mark could not help but ask. He did not mind letting the others enter since they were currently on break but there were a lot of them just to bring lunch.

"Gege, they wanted to come. Is it fine?"

"There's no problem right now but I have to chase them out after the break."

"Why are you so secretive?" Angeline interjected. "Just what miracles are you do... Holy s-mmff!!!"

She was not able to finish talking. Because of both shock and the hand that covered her mouth.

"Don't try to swear or I'll immediately kick you out. There are children here. Also, try it again and I'll tell your father."

Mark sternly spoke.


It was incomprehensive but Angeline seemed to have realized her blunder as she nodded.

"Seriously, Ange. I know it's shocking but watch your mouth will you."

Paula bitterly smiled as she reprimanded Angeline while looking at the current appearance of the MB Sprinter.

Not only the two but everyone else was agape while looking at the still unfinished vehicle.

"Master, this is still the previous vehicle, right?"

Odelina asked. Since the outbreak, she had been driving that vehicle. Despite the appearance it had right now, she could still tell.

"Yeah. It's still not done though. The inside is still untouched and the other equipment is still not there."

Mark said.

"That's still not finished?!" Angeline exclaimed. "That's already a tank. What are you building? A spaceship? Where are you even getting those parts you used there?! OW!"

Mark flicked her forehead.

"Stop asking questions you shouldn't ask. I will really kick you out."

"Do you really have to flick me?"

"Yes, because you are annoying."

"Paula, he's bullying me."

"Why are you even putting me upfront?"

Because of Angeline, things became chaotic in a positive way.

The lunch became a large parking lot picnic. Apparently, aside from Spera and Mara helping to cook, Angeline and Paula also helped with preparing this much food.

"So, what's your business here Mara?"

Mark asked as it was quite unusual that she came here with Janette in tow.

"Um, nothing much. I heard that you will leave with Mei and Odelina but you did not mention about taking everyone else."

"Ah, I see." Mark nodded. "It's because none of them wanted to go. Well, I guess, aside from you, Nikky and Rollan. I can tell that much."


Mara could not help but ask. Mark turned to her with a shrug.

"You three all saw your families turn became infected. Like you, Rollan and Nikky are sure that they don't have any family left. The others, however, didn't. Although the possibility is very slim, they wanted to think that some of their family members were alive somewhere and will appear here in the future."

"I see... I never really had the thought to ask them." Mara smiled bitterly as she looked at her older sister beside her. "Then, you are going to take anyone who wanted to come?"

"I do. I know you will say that since I'm taking Janette with me even if you wanted to stay."

"Yeah. I will."

It seemed that Mara felt relieved that Mark allowed her to come. She would still be with her sister.

While eating, Mark was paying attention to two people. It was Edzel and Spera.

Spera was starting to integrate into his team and she was moved by the hospitality Mei gave her. If fact, Mark could tell that Mei started to treat her as a younger sister.

Edzel, on the other hand, seemed to have something in his mind. He was looking at the people around Mark, the people that the person that took him in was protecting.

Mark was rather glad about this. Finally, Edzel started to find his purpose.