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350 The Workshop, They Meant Metal and Tools but He Just Needed Blood

 Day 56 - 9:13 AM - Corporates Building F Rear Parking, Pea Rd. 1, North District, Bay City Settlement, Pasay City, Metro Manila

Three figures entered the parking area what was just on the other side of the road from the military residences. Anyone could tell the two of the three who wore military uniforms as two of the highest figures of the military in this settlement. The two were General Perez and Major Lopez. The third person however, it was very likely that no one would recognize him.

Not because he was not known in the settlement but because he was wearing some odd looking outfit.

He was wearing a black cloak with tattered hem. Aside from that, he was wearing a reddish black metal mask that seemed to have come out of a sci-fi fantasy movie due to the design and the glowing slits on it. On the man's back was an oddly wide looking sword in a metal reddish black colored scabbard.

Of course, the person was Mark who prepared this clothing just early this morning. On his back was Flam who gained a new scabbard for himself.

Due to the people appearing around that wanted to meet him, Mark decided to hide his face and wear this getup when doing things pertaining to his group. It was all because he wanted to be able to roam around freely when not wearing these clothing.

Besides, wearing this outfit could give out a "do not approach" vive on him preventing other people to have any contact with him.

He was not afraid to deal with any of them. However, he just wanted his peace not disturbed.

Right now, he was with the two military officers as they personally escorted him to look at the vehicles currently parked in this place.

Mark and his team would leave after a few days of preparing. Of course, he was sure that not everyone would come with him. Still, he initially planned only to take Mei, his daughters, Jannette, Odelina and her children and his pets away but if any of his friends wanted to go with him, he would not mind as his base still needed more helping hands. It was also easier to do things with other people if he knew them rather than trusting the work that was needed to be done on total strangers.

Because of that reason however, just Chaflar and the MB Sprinter that managed to survive until now was not enough as transport. There was also Aimee and the body of Gar'Vlam that were both too large for a normal vehicle to transport. As such, Mark already requested for a suitable vehicle in advance.

The Corporate Building F of Asia Mall was a building being rented by a Call Center company before the outbreak was already turned into a workshop. This was where the military modified and equipped vehicles they retrieved in a form more suitable for the apocalypse.

Even armored vehicles would not last long in this kind of world and that was why the military secured that they would have a facility like this around. Also with this workshop, the military opened service towards the survivor teams to modify their vehicles in exchange for military merits or [Mutagen Stone].

As they entered, Mark could see a large range of types of vehicles. From motorcycles to large dump trucks, the military had them here. Some were already modified, some were still in the middle of modifications and of course, most of the vehicles were still untouched. The number of experts the military had to work in this field was too few and not everyone that were working in repair shops and vulcanizing shops could be called as experts to be recruited. As these modified vehicles were the lifelines of anyone who would go out of the settlement, the military could not just take anyone who would volunteer.

"You really don't want to take a break just for today?"

General Perez said while looking at Mark with an awkward expression due to the latter's current appearance.

The General was also troubled as he was not able to express his gratitude for the recovery of his wife enough. If Mark did not leave without them knowing, their family would have invited him for a small party. Even though a party was a bit inappropriate since the settlement was yet to recover from the setbacks the settlement suffered these previous days, they family still wanted to celebrate even for just a small gathering.

However, that would only happen if the guest of honor, Mark, agreed to join.

Regrettably, the person in question did not want to waste more time for his preparations.

"Sorry general. I'm already late compared to my set schedule because of the things that happened. I really can't waste more time."

Mark's voice was kind of low because of the mask he was wearing.

"It's a pity. My wife wanted to personally thank you."

"She can do that later. I still have business with her if you remember."

"I'm really curious why you want to know my wife's origins. Even I don't know about it."

The General grumbled which made Mark and Major Lopez turn to him. It was also the first time Major Lopez heard about this.

"You married her without knowing about it?"

Major Lopez could not help but ask.

"What is the matter with that? Her origins did not matter for me at all."

The General answered and it seemed that he was proud about himself while also disappointed that his wife never opened the topic to him. Nevertheless, he did not ask for anything that his wife did not want to share openly.

While on that topic, Mark's eyes fell on a modified Humvee at the back of the parking lot. As his speed slowed down as he watched the Humvee, both General Perez and Major Lopez noticed it.

"That is one of the fruits of labor of our scientists and mechanics. You can say that that Humvee is the toughest vehicle in the whole settlement right now."

Mark nodded. The he already finished reading the research papers handed to him. Among those papers, there was a new research that was brought into fruition.

The research was named [Supermetal]. It was about the development of a strong metal with the use of a ratio of different preexisting metals and a ratio of crushed [Mutagen Stone]. After a month and a half since the start of the project, the research succeeded and the result was brought into testing.

Now, this vehicle finally existed. A gray colored Humvee that was harder to damage compared to previous armored vehicles the military had. Of course, this single vehicle was not enough but they could not accelerate the production since the metal was hard to shape without large custom machineries.

"I'm sorry but we cannot give that to you."

The General preemptively said before Mark could say anything. However, Mark was really not that interested in the vehicle. He had his [Blood Metal] and it was easier to shape and had different varieties due to the [Blood Children].

There was a problem right now however as he did not have enough amount of blood to use.

"No, that vehicle is too small for us. I need a bigger one."

Mark said as his eyes fell on a Lorry. It was a Twelve-wheeler Fifty Ton Cargo Truck. The carried on the back was already covered with a metal cage similar to those trucks that transport live farm animals. What took Mark's attention was that the Lorry was in good condition and looked brand new compared to the other trucks in the vicinity.

"How about that one?"

He asked while pointing at the Lorry. There was really no need for him to be picky as he only needed a vehicle that could transport

"I think that is fine." The General replied. "Let's go ask Reymond if that one is already checked."

They all went into the noisy building. It was noisy due to metal cutting and welding that was happening inside. Even this early in the morning, the people here were already busy.

When they entered, a volunteer hurriedly approached.

"General, Major, what brought you two here." The volunteer's eyes then fell on Mark and could not help but make a strange expression. "And this one is?"

The General looked at Mark if he needed to answer the question but the latter shook his head.

"Just don't mind me."

Mark spoke which made the volunteer let out and strange expression.

"Is Reymond already in?"

The General interjected.

"Sir Reymond is on the back. He's working on a vehicle personally. Do you need me to call him?"

"No need, well go."

"Alright, if there is something else you need, you can call me."

The volunteer retreated. Of course, he still gave Mark a last look.

"Your appearance right now is really eye-catching."

Major Lopez spoke but did not receive a reply. Mark already told them the reason for this.

Along the way, it could not be helped that the three took the attention of the workers of in the workshop. The General and Major were greeted warmly but the same people could only whisper when it came to Mark who was exuding an aura of aloofness.

At the back of the workshop, they saw a burly man with tan colored skin. He was wearing a black tank top and had a towel hanging around his neck. The man was currently welding some parts of a motorcycle that had its parts taken off.


The General called out.

It seemed that the burly man called Reymond had a rather keen hearing. Despite the loud sound from his welding machine, he managed to hear the general.

"General, what brought you here?"

Reymond put down his tools and removed the welding mask he was wearing before approached them. Unlike the other workers, he noticed Mark bit did not seem to mind his appearance.

As Reymond stood in front of them, the three had to raise their heads. He looked small while sitting but when he stood up, he was a seven foot tall giant. With the muscles and tan skin he had, if not for his lively looking face, he would look like a brute.

"General, Major, who is this strange looking guy here?"

It seemed that he was quite a frank person.

"Remember about the thing I asked you yesterday morning?"

"Ah, about someone who wanted a truck right?"

"That's right. This is the person who wanted that. You should already know the rumors circulating right now. This is the person in that rumor."

"Oh, I see." Reymond replied enthusiastically and approached Mark. "I'm Reymond, the head mechanic here. Other people also call me as the first Mutator in Bay City."

He then reached his right hand forwards for a handshake.

Mark did not accept the handshake however and just stared at the hand.

Reymond then realized, his hand was black from the dirt, rust and oil from his work.

"Oh, sorry about this."

He awkwardly pulled back his hand.

"Just call me Mark."

Mark introduced himself.

After the introductions, the General inquired about the Lorry. They learned that it was already checked and it was perfectly operational. Of course, it was yet to be modified.

"Do you want me to modify it?"

Reymond asked which made the General and Major to look at Mark.

Surprisingly, Mark shook his head.

"I will do the modifications myself. I need materials."

The three were surprised as they had no idea that Mark knew about this kind of work.

"What materials do you need?"

To surprise the three people even further, Mark spoke in a mysterious manner.

"Blood, a lot of it."


The three were speechless.

"You three don't have to know much. All I need is blood. Just tell me if you can provide it or not."

"What kind of blood?"

Major Lopez asked.

"Any kind of blood. Whether it is humans' or animals', it doesn't matter. Even stale blood is fine."