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326 A Corrupted Dream, When the Struggles to Pursue A Dream Pushed The Person into Insanity Instead

 Day 55 - 9:41 AM - North District, Bay City Settlement, Pasay City, Metro Manila

Bay City was getting restless since last night. Soldiers could be seen moving about and preparing for something but it was not a horde of infected or evolved animals. They were preparing for a confrontation with Senator Estrada's camp.

Normally, they would just round up a number of soldiers and apprehend the senator for the alleged crime but they could not do it now. Furthermore, the soldiers in the settlement were in heightened alert. It was because something they did not expect.

In the span of one night, the military lost control of the southwest area in the South District of Bay City.

The southwest area of the South District was a walled area designated for planned factories and warehouses, in short, an industrial area. Although there were already buildings in the area, it was far from being fully completed. During the day, the place was occupied by workers while it was being guarded twenty-four-seven by the military. The development of this area was crucial for the future of the settlement.

Last night however, Senator Estrada and his men made the preemptive strike. They took the military by surprise. With their people that were able to display might that was even more powerful than most Mutators in the settlement, they were able to occupy the area in a short amount of time. Not to mention that they did it almost without noise. The tent city that was just a few hundred meters north of the industrial area did not even notice what was during the occupation and only noticed the disturbance after they heard loud noises that seemed to have come from some sort of aerial vehicle.

Their purpose for this move was still not clear but it already caused a large amount of disturbance in the settlement.

There was something that made the military and the civilians even more concerned about the situation. It was because the soldiers designated to guard the place and the workers on duty last night was not seen anymore. It was not known whether they were still alive or not as the Senator's camp was not making any statements or demands.

The military tried to communicate with anyone inside the walled industrial area but there was no response at all. An infiltration team was also sent to at least scout what was happening inside the industrial area but none of their members made it back to report.

Right now, what the military wanted to know the most was the existence of the vehicle that landed inside the industrial area after it was occupied by Senator Estrada's camp.

There were a lot of questions that needed answers but no answers could be found without the cooperation of the other party. This situation started to drive the officers of the military into a corner.

Not only the military but other political factions in Bay City found Senator Estrada's move alarming. It seemed that they were able to sniff the danger that Senator Estrada could bring and started to support the military whatever decision and move they chose.

At the sky, a couple was flapping their bat like wings while concealing themselves from the eyes of other people. Mark and Mei were also surprised at the current development. Since they were not around to observe the flow of things at night, they only knew of what happened after they returned this morning.

"The military should have made a move before this happened."

Mei frowned as she complained. The military was late to do what they needed to and it led to this situation. If they moved a day earlier, things would have been way easier.

"You can't blame them." Mark stared at the industrial area where he could see silhouettes of robed people moving about. "The military is too cautious about Auraboros and won't make move unless they are fully prepared. Humans are always afraid of the unknown. That is the bitter truth even in the ancient times of Earth. Not to mention that the military had to follow standard procedures. The military had to keep their face for the sake of the government."

"It made things worse though."

"We can't deny that. Still, it's not surprising. Whether it is the military or the police, they mostly respond to things late."

Mark chuckled.

That was an undeniable fact no matter how people might try to deny it. It might be different in other countries but it was a common thing here. Not only the military and the police but even rescue squads, ambulances and firefighters could be subjected to this.

This kind of thing did not only happen in movies but also reality due to a lot of factors.

Mark then turned his head towards the aircraft that was parked in a wide open area of the industrial area. He only had seen such aircraft in the movies, games and internet before. The Philippine military had no capability to afford such aircraft. In fact, the possibility of seeing this kind of aircraft in this country was very small. It made Mark come to a single conclusion.

This vehicle came from overseas. Furthermore, to be able to travel in the air safely, the ones aboard that vehicle were no normal people.

"Gege, you're interested in that aircraft right?"

"I can't say I'm not but we can't approach that area for now. Those people from Auraboros are not human at all. It is very likely for them to detect us since I'm using a psychic ability to conceal us. And even if I'm not, I don't want to risk it and destroy my plans."

"Then, how about getting it afterwards as our spoils?"

Mei suggested.

"I'm interested but we rather not. We don't have specialists to maintain that and the fuel it needed to fly would be a pain to gather. Let's just leave it to the military. If we needed to get something from these guys, their magical robes and strange weapons will do."

Mark replied as his eyes landed on some of the hooded figures below that was holding strange looking weapons. There were different kinds of weapons but all of the weapons were black colored and seemed to have been made with the same kind of material. While looking at those weapons, Mark could not help but remember the bullets that managed to hit him even when he was using his [Shadow Mist Movement] back in Death Valley Settlement.

Those weapons and those bullets could be made with the same kind of metal.

Mark was really eager to know that truth about it.

While Mark and Mei were observing in the air, the first group of actors finally arrived.

The main forces of the military finally arrived. Of course, there was no way for the military to mobilize their whole force while neglecting the safety of the settlement from the infected. Not to mention that there were still those that were injured because of what happened in NAIA.

Right now, there were only about two thirds of the available forces of the military here in this place. It amounted to about two thousand people.

Is it already many? In Mark's eyes, it would not be enough at all.

Mark could tell that each and every single one of the robed figures inside the industrial area was either as strong as or even stronger than the leader of the people that tried to abduct Mei in NAIA. The energy their bodies were emanating told him so. If that was really the case, a single robed figure might be able to kill more than a hundred people alone and might still not be killed at all.

Not to mention that Mark found three people that was on a different league compared to others.

In Mark's estimate, each of these three individuals were dangerous and the danger they could bring was on par with the Alpha Infected Mark had Aephelia control. If not, they might even be stronger.

While Mark was thinking those, several individuals came out of an armored Humvee and walked towards the frontline. Among these individuals, Mark could recognize two of them. One was Captain Dela Rosa while the other was Major Lopez. Both of them were soldiers he met back in Queens Row Elementary School before it fell into the hands of the infected.

Holding a megaphone, the show was started by General Perez.

"Senator Estrada! This is General Miguel Perez, please come out!"

The General shouted.

Of course, this opening speech that was made as polite as possible was just included in their S.O.P.s. It was like how a police should fire a warning shot first before actually shooting the suspect that tried to escape arrest. No one here expected that Senator Estrada would respond to the call. After the General shouted, everyone was already preparing to storm the industrial area.

To everyone's surprise, the gates of the industrial area opened.

There, four people stepped out of the gates up to a certain distance.

The one that led the group was obviously Senator Estrada. Behind him was his known bodyguard, Devon and two unidentifiable people that wore strange looking robes.

Even though more than a thousand guns were pointed at them, the four did not show any tense action. Even the Senator was totally relaxed and started to speak.

"General, what could I do for you early this morning?"

The Senator spoke with total sarcasm.

"Senator, don't try to turn things around. What is the meaning of your actions right now? You are yet to be sentenced for your malicious schemes and now, you are actually doing a criminal act in the open."

"Criminal act? What is it? Don't make me laugh." Senator Estrada mocked. "The government had already fallen and the laws of the previous world are not applicable anymore. Now, it is the survival of the fittest and the stronger always win. You all, the military is too weak to maintain this settlement. That is why I decided to call upon those that can."

"Are you talking about Auraboros?! Are you now wagging your tail towards them?"

"Hmm? No. They are only here to push me into leading the settlement. They will support me at the same time. That is why... You people in green uniforms are not needed anymore."

Senator Estrada looked at the soldiers with a grim smile.

"Why are you doing this?"

This time, it was Major Lopez that asked.

"Is there really a reason? Of course there is. Since the start, I wanted to rule a nation. A country. That is why I tried hard to work up from below. I did not try to seek for help from my family that is already a political dynasty. With my hardwork, I will rise from a mayor to a governor, from a governor to a congressman, from a congressman to a senator. And finally, be a vice president and a president in the future. But what did I get? The politics is dirty and I had to dirty my hands several times just to maintain my position. Even my family tried to oppress me for achieving a lot without them benifiting from my achievements."

Everyone went silent as they listened to Senator Estrada's speech. They all wanted to know the root of it all.

"Now, where are all of them? My family all followed the president to the secret bunker and I'm left here in this rotting settlement full of imbeciles and incompetent people. No power to decide things and had to wait for the decision of those that were supposed to be lower than me just to get my share of food. Luxury? What luxury is that? I own nothing here. I have no power here. I have my subordinates but that is far from enough."

"Since the world had already ended, my dream was already impossible to come true. In that case, there is still this settlement. I will lead it. A place only for everyone to follow me. That is why you soldiers of the old government are not needed here anymore."